Nov 02, 2022 I Brent Swancer

Alien Abductions, Poltergeist Activity, Possession, and the Bizarre Case of Brian Scott

Sometimes alien contact and abduction cases are really hard to adequately classify. It can be hard to know just what we are dealing with, to the point where there have been various classification systems devised for just what sort of encounter a witness has had. They can really run the gamut, ranging from those who have just been in close contact, to those who have been abducted or have had physical effects from their encounters, but there are others still that seem to defy any rational or easy method for which to judge them. One such case must surely be a series of incidents that supposedly happened to one man that marries together elements of UFOs, alien contact, poltergeist phenomena, spiritual possession, and practically everything in between. 

The UFO abductee known as Brian Scott reportedly had his first taste of the world of unearthly visitors and weird phenomena on October 12, 1959, when he was just 16 years old. As he was walking his dog home from a birthday party in Phoenix, Arizona, he claims that there suddenly appeared an orange ball of light about the size of a basketball hovering over the head of his dog. The orb seemed to be translucent and semi-solid, and as he stared on in bewilderment it apparently moved towards him to hover right in front of his face. As it did so he would claim that he had received a cascade of strange images and thoughts in his head before it shot up into the sky to leave him with the distinct impression that the object had been trying to somehow communicate with him. He would try to put the whole bizarre incident behind him, but it seems that this was just the beginning of what would be a lifelong series of very strange encounters and phenomena.

Scott’s next brush with the otherworldly would come in early 1971, as he was hiking in the desert of Arizona’s Superstition Mountains, just outside of Phoenix, along with his friend Nick Corbin. He would claim that they had felt a sudden compulsion to go there that evening, and that he had had no idea of what had possessed them to decide to go hiking there all of the sudden. At one point, Scott saw a strange craft with a purple light emanating from its underside fly overhead, after which he felt a “pulsating, pulling feeling” course through his body before he lifted off the ground and towards the object. The next thing he would remember is being inside the craft and being surprised that Corbin was also there. They were in some sort of small room that began to fill with a fog or mist, and then they were confronted by four or five “very horrifying creatures” that stood 7 feet tall and had three fingers and gray, reptilian skin. Scott would explain that they looked like “a combination of Earth animals,” some sort of hideous humanoid chimeras. 

These creatures allegedly then had the two men disrobe and they were separated. Scott would be led to a room where he was held to the wall by some invisible force field as he was physically examined. During the strange ordeal, one of the entities stood in the center of the room shining some kind of laser on him, and as the beam of light moved over his body he had the distinctly odd sensation of “warm and cold fluids” flowing through him. The light then shone into his eye’s and he felt a burst of pain in his head, after which he felt his mind go numb. The laser was then turned off and another of the creatures, this one larger than the others and standing 9 feet tall, came into the room to stand in front of him. It placed one of its hands on his head and there was suddenly an intense telepathic connection, with all manner of thoughts and images projected into his head. Scott asked it what it wanted, to which it supposedly telepathically replied, “I will tell you, I will show you.”

Just then, the walls of the room melted away and they were surrounded on all sides by some sort of hologram depicting a planet of jagged peaks in a misty atmosphere, where he could see domed cities looming about through the fog. The entity explained that this was their home world, and that they had become the victims of a deadly virus that was wiping them out. The being also said that the physical form Scott saw was merely a projection and a shield against dangerous biological agents, after which it transformed into a more appealing human looking being around seven feet tall with long red hair and “piercing blue eyes.” It introduced itself as “Voltar,” after which Scott was reunited with his friend and they were dropped off where they had been taken. They got out of there as fast as they could. 

As soon as he got home, Scott claims that his memories of what had just happened to him were already fading from his mind, as if being erased, and soon he remembered nothing of the account, the memories buried and only years later recovered through hypnosis. He would have another encounter with the entities in the desert near Phoenix on March 22, 1973, and at around this time he began experiencing various strange phenomena in his own home. He would say of it:

There are streaks of light. A white light just streaks its way through the house, filters, and then just goes very quickly. Then there is the ball of light itself in the house and outside the house. There have been pure flashes, as if you put a flash cube right up to your eyeball. The light blinds you. You see it for just a few seconds, and then it disappears. There is another object, a rather odd, brown-shaped thing that has from time to time shown up. It dashes around the room in crazy directions, and every time that it does, it creates some damage to the home. All the electricity and all the circuits in the house have melted, frozen, and burned up.

Even more frightening was that his wife began to exhibit odd behavior such as mumbling nonsensical things or fainting inexplicably, going into trances from which she could not be roused and which during which she seemed to be another person, and there were instances in which she said she had been accosted by unseen hands. This got steadily worse until one evening there was an incident that would send her to the hospital. Scott would say of this in an interview with UFO researcher Timothy Beckley:

She had been to work, pretty much handling everything that was going on around her. Then I got a call that she wasn’t feeling very well. I brought her home, and after about fifteen minutes of sitting there talking with her, she was saying several things, none of which made any sense to me or to her. She said that she had been in the bathroom and suddenly felt hands all over her body. It was as if someone had broken into the house and molested her. When she calmed down and started making explanations to me about what the hell was wrong with her, it was as if, from her description, the aliens I had seen aboard the craft in 1971 had visited her. This is odd, because she has never even seen any sketches that I made of those entities.

Later that evening, it seemed as if she was okay. I was on the phone, and the baby was getting into everything so I couldn’t carry on the conversation. I got up and went looking for my wife. I heard a bumping sound and a moan coming from the bathroom.  My wife was on the floor, hyperventilating. I got her up and onto a chair in the living room. I was on my way to call her mother when she just fell flat on her face. I called the paramedics, and while they were on the way, she got up and fell down again. Then she began to become hysterical. It took four paramedics to hold her down. She was throwing people around as if they were tissue paper. Men were through backward against the furniture. Finally, they loaded her up in the ambulance. I came back in the house, and the baby was not in the playpen. I panicked, because I couldn’t find our one-year-old child. I ran back in the house. The dog was yipping at the back door. We finally found the baby sitting over in a corner of the patio. A one-year-old baby who got out of a playpen!

What in the world was going on here? They would also often hear disembodied voices speaking a strange language and see objects moving about on their own, and there were often seen fleeting apparitions and shadow figures around their home. One type of entity that would appear were humanoids with frail bodies, milky white skin, large bald heads, thin lips, and eerie enormous eyes, which Scott believed were another species of alien. Particularly bizarre was an entity Scott refers to as simply “The Host,” as well as another called “Ashtar,” and he would explain of it and some of the other weird phenomena:

There is one entity that comes through that calls itself the Host, whatever that means. It speaks in what sounds like some kind of computerized language. The voice seems to come out of me, an inner voice that is not mine. The entity says that I am one with it. It says, ‘I am; I am’ or ‘You are one with me.’ When asked if it has a name, it will just come back and say, ‘I am; I am.’ The other night we heard some strange sounds coming from the bedroom. I began to speak in a foreign language that we later found out was Greek. Where that came from, I don’t know. I wrote in Greek backward. On top of that, I was writing with my left hand, and I am right-handed. This voice was talking. We asked who it was, and the name Ashtar came out. Then it began to use the name Ashtar and speak to my wife. It told her things about her past that only she could know. This went on for a while, then it went on to say it would give her all the money in the world. It only wanted one thing in return–her soul.

Spooky stuff, indeed. The Host would one day apparently tell Scott that it would return on December 24 in the year 2011 at the spider figure in the Nazca lines, and that he would go to other ancient city sites where Scott and other concerned parties were meant to construct pyramids. Scott would allegedly frequently channel The Host, always speaking in an odd, mechanical voice when he did so, sometimes in other foreign languages, and when Beckley did an examination of this voice it was found to produce an exact 1000 cycles per second on an oscillography, which should have been impossible for human vocal chords. Beckley would also note that the voice “lacked all harmonics and seemed to be nothing but a series of small ripples,” and furthermore that the “voice print” was different than Scott’s own, which he claimed would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fake. This voice would usually come through Scott, but on occasion it would emanate from somewhere else in the house. The Host would also sometimes make strange predictions that allegedly came true and further convinced Beckley this was the real deal, such as one occasion when the entity said:

Of The Host. Open run 1. From the sky now comes a ball of fire for all mankind to see. Of this, 1,000 particles of this I am I am. Look to the west. Given in trust Lat 38 01’ North Long 119 50’ West. Of this, seek of I. Of this, he asked of I. A sign. Given!

It didn’t make much sense until 20 hours later, when a ball of fire “sparkling like a thousand bright lights” was witnessed by many crossing the skies between Canada and Mexico ejecting bright sparks and particles as it went, and one of these would supposedly crash at a location The Host had predicted. Scott would also scrawl out messages from The Host through automatic writing, including supposed diagrams of advanced science and technologies, and he would claim that he had been tasked by these extraterrestrial intelligences with the mission “to master quantum displacement physics and begin to develop a mind transference machine to unite all of humanity.” Scott allegedly was told one time to go to Tiahuanaco in Bolivia to receive further messages, a trip from which he returned noticeably more knowledgeable than before, and having quit smoking and become a calmer person. Scott also during this time seemed to have acquired various psychic powers, apparently able to move objects with his mind or read people’s minds, and it is all pretty far-out stuff. 

It is unclear if there is any connection to any of this and Scott’s previous experiences with UFO abductions. Was this all connected or were these separate mysteries? Beckley believed there was a connection, and indeed it fit into his theory that there was a link between the paranormal and UFO phenomena in general. However, he would later admit that although the messages Scott was channeling were certainly mysterious in many ways, the actual content was nothing of very much substance, or anything that Scott couldn’t have been just making up. Nevertheless, he thought that something truly extraordinary was going on. As word of Scott’s experiences got out to the greater UFO world, reactions to all of this were pretty mixed, to say the least, and he became quite a controversial and much discussed case, with some believing it was a truly amazing abductee account while others condemned it as delusions at best, if not a straight out hoax. 

It is all a very strange and unique case for many reasons. What relation does the supposed alien abduction aspect have to the paranormal activity and spiritual channeling and possession side of it all? Is there some link, is it seperate, or is it, as Beckeley believed, all related somehow? Did Scott ever really experience anything at all, or is this all just tall tales or delusions? If real, what could these entities be and what do they wnat? No matter what the answers may be, it is all certainly a very odd and off the beaten path tale of alien activity and perhaps something else. 

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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