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Bizarre Cases of Encounters with Alien-Human Hybrids

The UFO field can be a pretty strange place. Here we have all manner of reports of alien spacecraft, alien entities, abductees whisked away by these beings, and everything in between. One seriously bizarre corner of all of this, sitting out there on the fringe and where even some UFO researchers doin't want to go are those cases of these aliens producing hybrids with them and humans for inscrutable purposes. These are cases that are just about as weird as can get, and here we will look at actual encounters people have had with such abominations. 

One rather creepy story comes from the book Strange Intruders, by David Weatherly. It revolves around a pair of sisters called only “Justine” and “Catherine.” The two were very close, having supported each other through their parents’ divorce and forging a rather strong bond over the years, so it was a surprise for Justine when Catherine told her that she had to leave, and that she wouldn't hear from her for a while. She gave no reason, no rationale for it, she just merely said she was leaving and then disappeared without a trace. The weeks turned into months, the months into years, and Justine began to wonder if her sister was even alive anymore. Then, three years after she had vanished, Catherine contacted her out of the blue and told her that she had been living in Colorado and she wanted Justine to visit her right away. This is where things would get very weird, indeed.

When Justine made the trip to Colorado to see her sister, their reunion went smoothly at first. They talked and reminisced, and it was like she had never been away at all, but when Catherine was asked about what she had been doing in the past three years she shut the conversation down and refused to talk about it. However, the next evening Catherine came clean and told Justine that she was in fact a UFO abductee, and that the aliens had been abducting her for many years, and that it was her reemerging memories of these incidents that had caused her to move away to Colorado and try to work through things. It is unclear just what connection this has to what was about to transpire, but Justine was about to have a very strange encounter that would change her life forever.

On the drive back home, Justine stopped at a gas station along a lonely stretch of desert road. It was a clear, calm day, and as she filled her car us with gas her thoughts were interrupted by the sight of a young girl standing in front of her car on the island where the pumps were situated. The girl was rather eerie and odd looking, wearing an old, weathered cream-colored dress, gaunt to the point of being almost skeletal, with extremely pale skin, thin hair that was blonde to the point of being almost white, and most startling of all oversized eyes that seemed to be completely black and without whites. Since there was no one else at the gas station it seemed impossible that she could have missed the girl on the way in, and there was no one there so she could not figure out where her parents could possibly be.

She could not figure out why this little girl should be out there in the middle of nowhere and those large black eyes just staring at her was not a little creepy, but Justine nevertheless said hello and waved. For a moment, the girl merely stared at her with an inscrutable expression and then she simply said, “We’re halfway there.” For a few moments they stood there in silence, Justine trying to figure out what that meant, and then the girl spoke again, saying “Your sister Catherine will understand; it's for all of us.” At the mention of her sister Justine felt a sudden pang of shock and fear, and she approached the little girl, but as she did she felt the fear turn into terror and had the distinct feeling she should go no closer. The girl merely stared at her with those black doll eyes before repeating “We’re halfway there.” Justine slowly got back into her car and fumbled with her keys, and when she looked up she noticed that the strange little girl had vanished. Now practically shaking with fear, she drove away as fast as she could. Weatherly would say of what happened next:

She was horrified by her encounter, and had to take time to calm herself down before phoning her sister and asking her about the upsetting little girl who had mentioned her by name. Catherine told her point-blanc that she had 'seen a hybrid' just like the ones she had previously mentioned that weekend. They hadn't discussed hybrids in great detail - Justine had trouble accepting that her sister had been abducted by extraterrestrials, let alone that said extraterrestrials were using abductees in a hybrid breeding program of some description. Although Catherine had hinted that she had experienced something like this violating procedure, but Justine couldn't bring herself to ask about it. Overall, she says that she doesn't know if the girl she was a hybrid - but she knows that she wasn't imagining it.

What was going on here? A perhaps more well-known case is that of Marisa Littrell, a legally blind woman who one day got a new roommate named Raechel. According to Little’s mother Helen, the new roommate was very odd, indeed, always wearing scarves, thick clothing, and wraparound sunglasses, no matter what the weather or time of day. Although this was rather strange, Helen just sort of wrote it off as an eccentricity and didn’t think much of it until one day when she was visiting Marisa and Raechel slipped and almost fell down. Helen allegedly reached out to catch her arm and steady her, and that was when she could feel that the girl’s arm was almost impossibly thin and felt “as if there were no bones in it.” At the same time, her sunglasses had also fallen down to reveal large, avocado-green eyes with vertical slits in them. 

Raechel quickly put the glasses back on and tried to act like nothing had happened, but it was too late. When confronted about what had just happened, Raechel would purportedly tell them that she was in fact an alien-human hybrid from the planet Zeta Reticuli, and now was trying to blend in on earth, choosing a blind roommate in order to better remain undetected in such close quarters. She further explained that she had a human handler named Colonel Harry Nadien, who worked at Masters Air Force Base and played the role of her “father.” She also said that she had been born and raised at Area 51 before returning to her parent’s planet of origin, and that aliens and hybrids were being raised and taught at several military bases around the world. Not long after this, Raechel disappeared without a trace and Marisa mysteriously regained her eyesight. The case was extensively researched by Linda Moulton Howe and made into the book Raechel’s Eyes. Who was this person and where did she go? Who knows?

There have been accounts out there of not only encountering alien-human hybrids, but having given birth to them. One such odd case is a woman from Puerto Rico known only as “Delia,” who claims that as she went to sleep one night a hand covered her face and she then felt herself lift into the air and out of her home. She claims that she could look down to see trees and houses below, and that she was being transported to a UFO. Just as she reached it she blacked out, and when she woke she was back in her room again, and she started vomiting for reasons she could not understand. She also felt a strange sensation in her vaginal area and pain in her joints. At first she thought it surely must have all been a trippy dream, but as the months passed she began to think differently. She says her period became irregular and that she was plagued by nightmares, her stomach also began to enlarge, even though she had no reason to believe she was pregnant, and then she had another odd experience. She claims that she woke in a metallic room surrounded by 12 small humanoid creatures all dressed in grey, and she says of what happened next:

In this room I was lying in a metallic bed where I can clearly remember giving birth to a child, just like a normal birth to this child, because my two other children had been born by Cesarean. Then suddenly I fell asleep. when I woke up I saw one of the extraterrestrials with a child in his arms. When I saw this child something deep inside of me told me he was my child, but I also remember being afraid. I remember telling one of the extraterrestrials that I considered this child strange (because he was “half human and half” extraterrestrial). Also, I can remember telling myself that even though this child was strange I had to accept and love him because he was my child. Also, the way he looked at me and the expression on his face confirmed this to me. After a moment, the extraterrestrial brought the child to me so that I could hold him. Even though I know he belongs to me, I cannot have him. And, because of this, my pain and sorrow cannot go away. They told me that he could not live with me because he could not eat the food that we human beings eat. While I held him in my arms I didn’t want to let him go. I held him very tight. Then the extraterrestrials took him away from me and escorted me to the entrance of the flying saucer.

She says that she was visited by the aliens several more times and that she was allowed to see her child, but that after that they disappeared and never came back. It is a bizarre account to be sure. Aliens using humans to make hybrids doesn’t only happen to women, but men as well. Take the case of a witness called “John,” who says that he was driving along the Murwillumbah Highway, near Lismore, NSW, Australia, when his car broke down and he started walking off to find help. As he did so, he claims that he suddenly felt a strange tingling sensation in his spine and looked ahead to see two bright lights as his ears were hit with a sound like “an arc welder.” He was then approached by two “Gray” aliens and taken to a ship that looked the “Egyptian Eye of Osiris” where they walked right through the wall inside. 

Once in the craft one of the first things he noticed were what he calls “baby aliens” floating in glass cylinders filled with a “red, green-orange solution,” but before he could even register what was going on he was then dragged to a metallic table and tied down as a female alien who he described as a hybrid, with the body of a woman, long arms, 5 fingers and very dark black eyes approached him. The aliens then explained that they wanted him to bear children for them, after which the woman descended onto him and proceeded to rape him. They then took DNA samples from him and sent him on his way. He claims that after this he had several encounters with alien hybrids who he is convinced are his children, and that he has five male and one female alien hybrid offspring. Weird, indeed. 

Perhaps just as weird is that it seems that the aliens are not the only ones making these crossbreeds, and that the U.S. government has been involved with breeding alien-human hybrids as well. One of the most bonkers cases having to do with these supposed alien hybrid programs is the tale told by a woman from Apache Junction, Arizona, by the name of Cynthia Crawford. She claims that there was always something different about her since birth, born a fraternal twin, yet oddly missing an amniotic sac when brought into the world, something she says the doctors had no record of ever happening before. She was also found to have unusually porous bones, and throughout her life she had frequent health problems that her sister never experienced. She also had various purported psychic powers, and on top of this she had many frequent nightmares of being abducted by aliens, which she often suspected were fragments of real memories that had been suppressed in her mind and were bubbling up to the surface. It would not be until she was in her 30s that she says her father would apparently come forward with the truth about her bizarre heritage and the likely answer behind her physical issues and nightmares.

You see, according to her, she is the result of an elaborate, secret experiment to mix alien and human DNA in order to create a hybrid. In fact, she says she has within her the DNA of not one alien race, but two in her genetic makeup. Her father allegedly told her that she had been created in a petri dish and placed within her mother’s womb, and it was for this reason that she was apparently abducted throughout her childhood in order for them to study her progress. She was also purportedly often whisked away by the government as a young child to a top secret facility, where they would also do medical tests on her and poke, prod, and examine her. She says of all of this:

I came from a government experiment. My father told me about it. He had operated with the government in Korea and experimented with alien devices found in their crashed ships. My mom was drugged as part of a program and impregnated with me. For that reason, my DNA is only 34 per cent human and I’ve got very porous bones, which are typical of my alien family. There are many races — Zuma Zeta, Tall White Zeta and Blue Archturian. I love them all. I channel their energies into my sculptures.

Indeed, Crawford became well-known for these mysterious sculptures, as well as for her talks at numerous UFO conferences about her experiences. Rather tragically, Crawford passed away in 2017 from a brain tumor, so any truth her story may hold she took to the grave with her. Another similar case that has made the rounds is that of Eddie Page, who was born as Tommy Coleman Jr. in Florida. He was adopted at a young age, and went on to have a life full of various strangeness. It began with numerous sightings of a “boomerang shaped” UFO he had in his youth, but things would get more colorful upon joining the U.S. Marines, being shipped off to the Vietnam War in 1972 as a part of what he calls an “special Elite secret service group” on a mission to assassinate the Vietnam Premiere.

According to Page, something went horribly wrong, and he was engaged by the enemy and then blacked out. When he awoke what he thought to be a few minutes later, he was in a rice field wearing a new green uniform and without any of his weapons or equipment. As he stood there wondering what had happened, he says he was approached by military helicopters, captured, and interrogated. It would turn out that the rice field was over 500 miles away from where he had blacked out, and that a full 11 days had passed, time he had no memory of. The military also informed him that he had unusual organs and an anomalous blood type, and Page claims that they had stamped his medical records with “Not of Human Origin.” He would eventually be released and allowed to return to normal civilian life, never being told why he had ended up in that rice field or what had happened during that missing 11 days. Pretty weird stuff, but it gets even weirder.

Years later after being constantly haunted by this past, Page would undergo hypnotic regression to try and recover what had happened during those missing 11 days, and would find that his mission had failed, all of his unit had been killed, and he had been abducted by aliens from the Pleiadian star system, who had swooped in to save him from certain death. Why had they done this, you ask? Why, because he was part of their hybrid program, which was being carried out with the cooperation of the U.S. government. According to Page, he learned that he was one of 32 clones who were part of the experiment, consisting of 21 females and 11 males, of which only 8 had survived into adulthood, making him one of the last. He says that he would be constantly harassed by unidentified agents from then on out, and that he has the medical documentation to prove his story. Is this guy for real? Who knows?

In 2016 we also have the story of a group of women who claim that they are the mothers of alien hybrids spawned through such programs. Bridget Nielson and Aluna Verse both claim that they were abducted by aliens on numerous occasions and forced to conceive hybrid babies as part of a top-secret program, with Brigette alone claiming to have had 10 such offspring. The women have said that these children live with their alien fathers aboard massive motherships in space, and that they have regular contact with them. They also claim that there are many other women out there who have had such children and aren’t even aware of it, as it all happened in a type of dream state. These two women have both claimed that the fathers are of the reptilian variety of alien, and that their children display reptilian features and big, black eyes. Alright, then. Interestingly, such outlandish cases have been written of by author Jujuolui Kuita, who also wrote the book We Are Among You Already, and just so happens to be a self-proclaimed alien hybrid. Kuita’s story is perhaps even more off-the-wall than Crawford’s, and she told one reporter at a UFO conference:

My planet is Faqui in the Andromeda galaxy. Since birth I’ve known I was from another place. I felt isolated and different, that this wasn’t my home. I am half reptilian and can shape-shift into another species called Fajan. It’s scary when it happens in public. Although other people don’t necessarily notice because it happens at a higher frequency than they can see.

If there is any truth to these tales of alien-human hybrids, then why would anyone want to create such beings? One idea is that they are trying to blend into our society for purposes unknown, perhaps to help along our society or conversely infiltrate it in preparation for an invasion. Another is that they are trying to improve their genetic lineage in order to combat some disease that has decimated their world. Still another idea is that the aliens are producing hybrids that can better withstand the rigors of climate change either on their own planet or ours. It could also be because they wish to bridge our two worlds as a show of solidarity and peace. Who knows? We are left to wonder, are alien-hybrids living among us? It might be easy for people to laugh and snicker at such reports, easy to judge these as the tales one finds in tabloids at the checkout counter, to be scoffed at and shunned, and indeed perhaps they are nothing but the product of troubled minds and the imagination. Yet such reports skirt about on the periphery of the UFO field and have increasingly attracted a sizeable number of those who would entertain such thoughts.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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