Nov 14, 2022 I Brent Swancer

Bizarre UFO Encounters on the Desolate Lonely Roads of Australia

Lonely dark roads at night are already spooky and creepy enough as it is. The lane wandring off into the murk, the lane lines flickering by through the light of the headlights as the wasteland passes by around you. Where does that road beyond the darkness lead? It is all enough to really get the imagination going. In some cases it seems as though these roads can bring with them some very strange things indeed, and here we will look at some eerie cases of UFOs lurking and prowling about the desolate, empty roads of the wilderness of Australia. 

In August of 1955, three witnesses by the names of Max Clow, 23, Alex Rose, 29, and Peter Johnson, 25, were driving along through flat country covered by scrub and tall trees in the vicinity of Eucla, Australia when they claim to have not only seen a UFO crash, but to have seen its occupant. It started when they heard a loud bang that they at first took to be a tire blowout, but then they noticed a shiny object falling to the ground about three miles away over the rough moonscape before them. Curious about what they had seen, they went to investigate, and after about three hours of searching through the scrub they allegedly found jagged pieces of shining metal strewn about and then saw a moving figure around 50 yards away. They crept closer, at first thinking a plane had crashed and that this might be a survivor, but it soon turned out that this was no plane, and this was no human being. Clow would say of what happened next in an edition of Daily Telegraph:

It was like a frog from the back and a semi-human from the front, with a green cloak hanging to just above its knees. The two curved horns on each side of its head gave it a devilish appearance. Its feet and hands were armor-plated and, to make it worse, it was wriggling and swaying like a fish out of water. Rose then plucked up his courage, moved nearer, and took photographs. Then to our amazement, it began to disintegrate before our eyes.

Very strange, indeed. In late December of 1967, a Silvo Milno was driving near Bilcala, Queensland, Australia, along a desolate, lonely road in the middle of nowhere in the evening hours. There were few cars here, no houses, no people, and so the last thing he expected to see come blooming out of the dark into the headlights was 3 men in silvery uniforms standing in the middle of the road. He tried to swerve out of the way, but he allegedly ended up smashing into one of them and at that moment he could also see that they did not seem human, with large oversized heads and huge, vacant black eyes. The frightened man sped off, but this was not the end of the weirdness that night. An hour after this strange encounter, a car was seen by a witness carrying two women and three strange looking men in silver suits. The car purportedly stopped and the two women ran out screaming before the men drove away. That same evening another witness reported seeing a number of small men in silver uniforms putting an overturned car right side up. What in the world was going on here?

Another strange case comes from early January of 1973, when a witness only known as “Elizabeth C” was driving with her family along a remote portion of highway near Nowra, New South Wales, Australia returning from a Christmas holiday. At some point they noticed a light ahead, which they thought was merely a truck approaching, but as they drew closer they could see that it was a large, disc-shaped object flying just over the road. It kept up its approach and flew right over them, after which it turned around and took up a parallel position to their left, matching their speed and apparently following them. The object was described as very large, with red lights like “a thin ribbon of light” under portholes, and there appeared to be a distinct ‘searchlight’ beam effect that rotated around its bottom. They would even claim that figures could be seen moving around past the portholes. The mysterious object maintained a parallel course with them for approximately the next 24 kilometers before flying off and vanishing. Interestingly, this wouldn’t even be the end of it, and UFO researcher Bill Chalker would write of it:

Later that morning, one of the group saw something decidedly odd at their campsite at Shoalhaven Heads. A large number of holidaying campers were gathered at the ocean edge. They saw a number of helicopters passing low over the campsite, heading out to sea. The helicopters were flying over a fiery mass in the water. Yet the Navy later said it knew nothing of this incident. Because of their earlier experience and the campsite events, three members of the group, including Elizabeth, went to HMAS Albatross to report their experience. They feared a light-hearted or even an unwelcome reception; instead the group was the subject of a high level and detailed interview. They were told that the UFO had had numerous witnesses, and that the base radar had been affected by the UFO during the incident. The army officer in the group said that after he had returned to his unit he was interviewed about the South Coast experience by intelligence officers.

What was going on here? Who knows? The following year brings us a report from 1974, when an unnamed witness was driving with her sister along Hamilton Road, Quakers Hill, NSW Australia when they would have a very bizarre experience, indeed. She says of what happened:

My sister and myself were driving along Hamilton Road, Quakers Hill, NSW Australia when the car I was driving suddenly shook violently then completely stopped, nothing worked, not even the radio, the motor just stopped. I was scared something was really wrong with the car. I started to get out of the car to get my to babies out of the back seat when something made me look up. That’s when I observed this massive circular disc shaped object, it didn’t seem to be much higher than the power pole. It was surrounded completely by lights and had a dome in the middle on the top. We watched it slowly move over the dairy adjacent to the road, there was no sound then it seemed to stop then shoot up into the air. I was actually standing under this thing, it was a gun metal grey in colour and the size of half a football field. Once the object shot up in the air my car started again with no problems

A particularly harrowing incident allegedly occurred on January 20, 1988, to witness Faye Knowles, her 3 sons, and the family dog. They were driving in a desolate stretch of desert on the Eyre Highway, in Nullarbor, on their way to visit some relatives when they suddenly saw a strange light ahead of them, described as pale yellow and “zigzagging around.” As they approached, they could see it was an object that looked “like an egg in an egg cup,” and as they stared on in wonderment it suddenly shot right towards them to hover over their car. They then heard a high-pitched humming sound, and the vehicle began to shake and sway violently, as if they were in the middle of a hurricane. As this was happening a grey mist apparently began pervading the interior of the car, and they could smell the strong odor of electrical burning. They then realized that their car was no longer on the ground, and that they were a few meters up over the road. After some time of this, the object dropped their car to go crashing back to the road and it sped off. Apparently some grey powder was found on the car, that when analyzed was found to the material that NASA uses to coat the surface of the space shuttle. What did they encounter out there? From the 1990s we have a case from September 14 1994, when an unidentified witness was driving along Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. He claims he was driving alone at dusk and pulled into a caravan park to rest and because he was scared of driving the dangerous road at night, and it was as he sat in his van looking out at the night sky that something very weird happened. He says:

The window at back of van facing back into valley was permanently blocked. I slept under full width front window, millions of stars out of the big city, framed between the valley sides, narrow valley with flat grass and only a handful of vans. All empty except mine apparently. The width of the valley opening to the sky was maybe a footy oval diameter…In the middle of the deathly quiet night, a very low humming vibration woke me, I could feel it in my stomach. It got more and more intense and strong. I have never heard anything like it and was terrified. At its loudest point the windows were vibrating and I felt it in my whole body. I then saw out the window an immense very neat straight edged black shape blocking out the stars completely over entire width of valley, travelling slowly over my van, I was literally frozen with terror, it passed over and straight out to sea, taking the vibration with it. My mind still can’t comprehend how gigantic it was, or what it was.

On October 8, 1996, a father and son were driving in the vicinity of North Croydon and Wonga Park, when they noticed two very large, bright lights, which they at first took to be car headlights, but it soon became obvious that this was no car. The witness would report to VUFORS (Victorian UFO Research Society) of the events that followed:

The object was then at its closest point to us. It had a large bright light at either end, with 4 Possibly 5 smaller lights in between. At either end, behind the large lights, there were very small red and blue lights that were not easily visible. These smaller lights looked like portholes. The large light on the leading end went out and there was a dimmer light coming from inside, similar to an interior light of a car shining out the windscreen. We then lost sight of the object. We spotted it again in front of our vehicle as we were travelling in a Northerly direction on Yarra Road, Wonga Park. The object appeared to be travelling North then headed West. We parked the car and watched it travel West towards Warrandyte. It was at this time, through binoculars that I noticed a row of 5 or 6 small green lights under the object. No matter what direction the object was travelling in, the same side appeared to face us. It made no sound. Just before it disappeared the sound of a distant jet engine could be heard. This sound did not come from the object as the object was so close and had been for some time. This sighting lasted 5 to 9 minutes.

Another report from VUFORS apparently occurred on August 27, 1998, in the area of Echuca. The witness, identified as “M.D.” claims that he was driving home from South Australia along the Murray Valley Highway with his wife when they noticed a red light approaching that they first thought was a helicopter or some other aircraft, and since it was flying low they had the impression it was coming in to land. The object continued to head right for them, and they got the alarming sense that it was an aircraft that was about to crash and it was headed right their way. The witness explains of the series of strange events that would unfold:

This object was approaching us on a tangent and I believed that it was going to intercept us on the highway about 250 meters in front of us. I still thought it was an aircraft and was going to land. At this point I was worried that an accident was about to happen. I swerved to the left and went into the bush. At the same time the Semi swerved to its left which put the whole semi trailer onto the gravel verge of the road. I would say that it travelled about 400 meters before regaining control and returning to the bitumen surface. The Semi nearly came to a stop, but kept going. I had come to a complete stop and it was then that the object was hovering over us. I still thought that it may be the Police helicopter. It was about 75 to 150 feet above us and completely still. It had no normal navigational lights. It had a red glow on the top and what appeared to be a red flashing light on what I thought to be the rear. It was hovering over us for about 30 to 45 seconds. I was watching it out of the window. At this time I couldn’t discern the shape of the object.

I got out of the car to have a closer look. My wife wouldn’t get out as she was frightened. I watched it for about a minute. It was not a conventional airframe. It was large and had what appeared to be four wings like in a cross. I estimate the size at about 60 feet across. Each wing would be 20 feet and the centre canopy was also about 20 feet and glowing red. The red light on the back of the object didn’t appear to have any origin. It was making no noise. No engine noise. It was perfectly still and there was no downward rotor wash that is caused by a helicopter. There was no movement it was perfectly motionless it didn’t sway on it’s axis. There was nothing that was sustaining it in the air. I was concerned that if it dropped it would crush the car and us. I commented several times to my wife that it was not making any noise. There are no engines and it is not a helicopter. A white light appeared on the front and was pointed downwards but had no beam. It was bright. It later went out. Whilst the light was on, it seemed to illuminate the craft and I noticed that the bottom appeared to be hammer beaten and regular in displacement, concave, about 5 to 7 inches in diameter, like beaten copper. It was not a copper colour but a semi satin dull grey but obviously metal. The craft then moved away. No noise and I had a clear view with no interruptions between the craft and myself. As the object moved away it tilted allowing me to view the top section. I also noticed that another car had come to a stop and when the object flew in their direction they left very quickly.

After the object left us, it flew for a kilometre and then made a very rapid descent and made me believe that it was going to crash at the rear of the industrial estate. I then got back in my car and did a U turn and drove down a road to the industrial estate. I thought that we would have seen a fire ball because I truly believed that it would have crashed. I parked on a level crossing and watched for the object and after about 2 minutes it reappeared from our right. It was very low about 50 feet off the ground and I estimated the speed at about 300 to 400 kph. It travelled from right to left across the screen of the car. We would have watched it on and off for about 8 minutes. My wife watched the object and described its behavior. I was also watching as we drove along. I then saw the object pull into a very steep climb and accelerate quickly away, into the stars. It only took a couple of seconds to disappear.

The witness was certain that he had seen no ordinary aircraft, either rotary or fixed wing, and that it “defied all logic.” It would later turn out that other witnesses in the area had seen something strange as well at the same time, and these were investigated by VUFORS. One of the VUFOR representatives, James Owen, has said of this:

We located numerous witnesses to objects on the same day along with reports prior to and after the M.D sighting. A gentleman who resides in the vicinity of the M.D sighting was able to describe an object approximately 60 feet in length in the area at the same time and date. He was also able to relate information of a semi trailer under heavy braking at the time of the sighting. Further to this he observed a large object hovering over or in the vicinity of the SEC sub station that is described by M.D as being near to where he had come to a stop.It is also of interest to note that around that period of time a small aircraft was also in the sky along with the object. Inquiries are pending as to the identity of the pilot.

What was going on in these cases? Is there anything to any of this? It is hard to know what to make of them, but they certainly make the lonely, quiet roads of our world all that much spookier. It all definately makes one more willing to keep one's eyes to the sky when venturing down a lonely expanse of highway at night, and so that next time you are traveling along just sort of a road, those lane lines flickering by and the night passing by the windows, maybe just occasionally look up. You never know what you might find. 

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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