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Haunted Doll Week: They're Moving, They're Falling and They're Breaking Out of Displays

It is often said that bad luck and bad news come in threes, and few things are unluckier or worse news than haunted dolls. From Robert to Annabelle to Chucky, haunted dolls are among the most scary entities in real life and in fiction. That may make this week an unlucky one because it ends with three haunted doll stories from the past few days that involve an old ‘favorite’ and a couple of new ones. Turn down the lights, grab a flashlight and hide under the covers as you meet a new trilogy of terror dolls.

“She’s in a glass cabinet, and the door is quite stiff, so you’d literally have to pull it open.”

‘She’ is a haunted Raggedy Ann doll of the type first introduced by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren and made famous worldwide by films like “The Conjuring” and “Annabelle” which are based on its haunting antics. This particular Raggedy Ann doll is owned by Lee and Linzi Steer, married paranormal investigators themselves who run the Museum of Haunted Objects in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The Steers have shared stories of other haunted dolls in their collection of over 200 wreaking havoc in the museum and their lives over the years – many have been caught on CCTV security cameras. Like other haunted doll owners who know the capabilities of their objects, the Steers keep the Raggedy Ann – which they call Annabelle since the famous one is also a Raggedy Ann – in a cabinet … a cabinet they they may have to start locking.

Is a locked cabinet enough to hold a haunted doll? 

“She shouldn’t have fallen legs first because her head is heavier than her legs. It looks as though she’s sort of twisting her legs to come out first, stepping out, it wasn’t a natural way to fall. It was very, very bizarre.”

Linzi tells The Mirror that their Annabelle’s latest haunted antics occurred at 3 am on Halloween night – according to the security camera in the room. It shows the doll falling out of the cabinet in a very awkward manner … almost as if she was trying to climb out rather than fall over. (Watch the video here.) The Steers have seen dolls in the museum move before, so they apparently just picked it up and returned it to her cabinet. While the camera hasn’t recorded any other falls, they think Annabelle is manifesting herself around the museum – which is in their home – in other ways.

“We’ve got some cap balls, which basically flash if somebody touches them, and all of a sudden they just come flying down the steps. And it’s just bizarre. It’s like the last two weeks, since Annabelle stepped out of the cupboard, the museum is getting more and more dangerous and things are getting physical. We’re used to dealing with this kind of thing, however, it is getting more and more intense – it’s building up energy, big time.”

Linzi tells The Mirror she recently felt “something” grab her neck and “squeezed it quite tightly.” While it didn’t hurt, she says she left the room … not scared but thinking. It wasn’t painful, but I didn’t want to be in that room. And it did make me think.

“So, something major is going to happen, but she’s not scaring us. There’s a theory that if you’re scared and the spirit can feel it, it can be worse for you.”

That sounds like good advice for the other haunted doll owners in the news this week. The Steers plan to keep Annabelle but say they may have to call in a ‘demonologist’ if the doll’s ‘energy’ gets stronger and manifests in other ways. Someone who can certainly relate to their experiences is Zak Bagans. He’s the well-known "Ghost Adventures" host, owner of The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, and source of this week’s haunted doll story number 2. Bagans tells TMZ that he, like the Steers, keeps his haunted dolls in a room by themselves with a 24-hour security camera aimed at them at all times. That came in handy recently on a day the museum was open for visitors. After a tour group walked by the doll room, the camera recorded one of the dolls – unlike Annabelle, it was anonymous – falling off of a shelf. Heavy-footed tourists shaking the floor? That would be a likely possibility … except for this:

“What's creepier, he says it rolls over -- without anyone touching it -- after a few moments on the ground. The only explanation in Zak's eyes ... there's some scary business going down!”

Scary business indeed – which you can view for yourself at TMZ. Zak Bagan’s will surely be promoting this new haunted doll for a while – and keeping his eye on the security camera for more scary antics.

That brings us to unlucky haunted doll number 3.

“I've never seen anything like it. Without a doubt it is the most haunted item in the UK. A lot of people have experienced it. It is highly active and has never dipped in activity since gaining its attachment.”

Back in 2019, paranormal investigator Danny Moss recorded what appeared to be a haunted or possessed doll talking through an SBox Ghost Scanner and saying she wants to burn his eyes out. Moss believed the doll named Grace was possessed by the spirit of a witch from the 1600s. Like the Steers’ Annabelle, he kept the doll in a box (you can see it here) at Tatton Old Hall, a historic building in Tatton Park in Cheshire under the care of his paranormal organization, The Haunted Hunts. Grace is back in the news this week because the group plans to risk moving her to a new location – the haunted Ye Olde Kings Head hotel in Chester where it will be monitored 24/7. HiggyPop reports that Grace will be relocated in January to Room 8 of the hotel where it will be made available for serious paranormal investigations.

"I must state clearly to anyone wishing to attend when Room 8 opens... this item is NOT here for entertainment purposes and there will be serious precautions put in place.”

Can just the head be haunted?

Moss calls Grace “one of the biggest cases I’ve ever dealt with” – even though he claims he is not a believer in “demonic manifestation” but still calls the doll “the closest thing to what can be described as ‘demonic’.” It should be noted that Moss is involved with the weekly web series “My Haunted Hotel” in which members of the public spend one night in one of the hotel’s haunted rooms while under the constated eye of 16 CCTV cameras and anyone watching on the Internet. It is obvious he expects the Room 8 episode to be a big one.

There you have it – a trio of haunted doll stories … each with a different spin on these bad news yet enormously popular paranormal entities.

Now are you afraid of haunted dolls? 

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