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Reincarnation Researcher Thinks American Girl Was Once a Famous French Opera Singer

Many people believe in reincarnation – the idea that a person’s soul, spirit or non-physical essence can migrate or be reborn after death in a new physical form that could be another human (hopefully) or another life form. While the concept is rooted in a religion (like Buddhism and Hinduism) or a philosophy (Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato believed in reincarnation), the memories of a past life that an alleged reincarnated person often claims to have can be researched, along with a careful analysis of the person’s current life, to eliminate or identify opportunities for them to learn about their ‘past’ life via conventional means – reading, television, etc. is an organization which preforms such studies, which brings us to Dorothy Angelica. The story of this 12-year-old girl is in the news because she claims to be the reincarnation of the famous Metropolitan Opera singer Alice Joséphine (Lily) Pons, who passed away in 1976. studied the claim and came to some interesting conclusions. Are the coincidences, a hoax or proof of Lily Pons’ reincarnation as Dorothy Angelica?

Why does Dorothy think she was once an opera singer?

"While Dorothy was sitting on the floor meditating, she suddenly opened her eyes and said: 'Mom, I know who I used to be in a past life. Her name was something like Lizy or Lily, but her REAL name was Alice Pons.'”

The U.S. Sun recently recounted how Kira Angelica finally began to solve a mystery that involved her young daughter but dated back to when Kira was eight months pregnant in 2010. Just weeks before the birth of her daughter, Dorothy, Kira claims she was sewing a baby blanket in her home’s dining room when she heard a voice from the kitchen calling "Mommy, Mommy". Upon investigating, she found no one there. Returning to the dining room, she again heard the young voice calling, this time from the family room. She investigated and again found no one, so she returned to the dining room.

“She is a spiritual person and speculated that the soul of her future child was communicating to her. After working on the blanket for a few more minutes, Kira looked up at the door going to the kitchen and saw a girl, who appeared to be about 10 years of age. She then saw a young girl in a plaid dress smiling at her before fading away.”

This account was told by Kira Angelica to Walter Semkiw, MD, the founder of  Dr. Semkiw is an Occupational Medicine physician who began researching reincarnation in 1995. He is the author of “Return of the Revolutionaries: The Case for Reincarnation and Soul Groups Reunited” and “Born Again.” His education biography notes that he is trained in “disciplines concerned with establishing scientific proofs” and his website includes an interesting quote from astronomer and paranormal skeptic Carl Sagan:

“There are three claims in the [parapsychology] field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study,” the third of which is “that young children sometimes report details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any other way than reincarnation.”

What did Dorothy report about her previous life besides that her name was Alice ‘Lily’ Pons? Kira told Semkiw that she had taught Dorothy how to meditate before she was six. It was during a meditation session that she told her daughter about her own vision of the girl in the plaid dress. This is when she began to discuss a past life for the first time, and at one point said her name was Alice Pons. Semkiw notes that she had just started kindergarten, had not yet learned to read, and did not know how to use a computer or search the Internet. However, Kira did, and at this point she researched Alice Pons.

Alice Joséphine Pons was born in 1898 in France and had a nearly half-century career as an operatic soprano and actress. Besides performing internationally, Pons performed with the Metropolitan Opera in New York City between 1931 and 1960. She also performed in musical films for RKO Pictures and made numerous appearances on radio and television variety shows. Alice Pons died of pancreatic cancer in Dallas, Texas, in 1976 at the age of 77 and is buried in the Cimetière du Grand Jas in Cannes. All of this happened long before Dorothy was born and Kira claims she knew nothing of Lily Pons before her daughter mentioned her name. According to Semkiw, Kira revealed none of this to Dorothy as she continued to probe about her ‘past life’.

“Dorothy said that her husband’s name was “Cos Liams.” She said that they had pets and described other details of this past lifetime. Over time, Dorothy added that Lily Pons spoke many languages, played piano, loved to sing and was a professional singer by the age of 22. Dorothy said Lily had a music room in her house, loved wild cats and the singing of birds.”

Pons was married to August Mesritz and later to Andre Kostelanetz, which may be the name 6-year-old Dorothy was attempting to pronounce. Kira claims that Dorothy suffered from frequent, very painful stomach aches that only started when she began to remember her alleged past life. She said, “It feels like I had a bad stomach in my past life.” Kira claims that during one of her painful episodes, Dorothy suddenly said,

“Now I know what Lily Pons died from, Mom. She died from a bad stomach ache!”

Kira said this was the last time Dorothy had a stomach ache and this was before Kira found out Pons died from pancreatic cancer. At that point, she shared an adult photo of Pons with Dorothy, who said:

“Hey! That was me! Now you’ve seen me with short hair, mom!”

Did she? Kira also reveals that Dorothy showed musical singing ability at age 3 and a music teacher said she had perfect pitch. Taking all of this into account, Dr. Semkiw notes these points as evidence Dorothy could be the reincarnation of Lily Pons.

  • The facial features of Alice Pons and Dorothy Angelica are similar. 
  • The singing and acting talent of Alice Pons is being replicated in the persona of Dorothy Angelica.
  • Alice Pons was born in England, while Dorothy Angelica was born in the United States – a feature of reincarnation in which changing nationalities between lives can lead to a more peaceful world.
  • Kira Angelica had a vision of her daughter to be born – she eventually realized the that the girl in her vision in the plaid dress did resemble Dorothy.
Did these traits pass from Lily to Dorothy?

Does this add up to positive proof Dorothy Angelica is the reincarnation of Lily Pons? It is interesting that Semkiw did not say more about Kira teaching Dorothy to mediate at such an early age. Could that not leave her susceptible to receiving information while in a meditative state? Neither The Sun nor seem to have done a follow-up with Dorothy and Kira – their session with Semkiw happened in 2019. Does Dorothy still believe she was Lily Pons? Has she revealed anything new that only Pons would know? Has there been any contract with Pons’ family to verify incidents and share more information or pictures?

Carl Sagan is right … reincarnation is a parapsychological phenomenon that can be investigated deeply and analyzed scientifically. For this writer, the case of Dorothy Angelica and Lily Pons is interesting and has potential, but needs much more research.

Paul Seaburn

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