Nov 23, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

This Man Thinks Einstein and Da Vinci Were Aliens From a Parallel Universe

It is often said that a genius like Albert Einstein only comes around once in a lifetime. That is certainly true for the 20th century and the first two decades of the 21st. The same could be said of Leonardo da Vinci – a multi-talented painter, engineer, scientist, sculptor and undisputed top genius of the 14th century. Why are such geniuses so rare? A popular British priest, entertainer, journalist, television presenter, author and lecturer says it is because both of them are from a parallel universe. Before you scoff, this man is a member of Mensa and a longtime paranormal researcher. There are many who believe this parallel universe theory or a variation of it about genius, world leaders and religious leaders like Jesus, Buddha and Confucius. What leads them to this conclusion? Could they be right?

Which one are we on?

“I think very much life from other planets has been here. Let’s take great geniuses like Leonardo da Vinci, or Plato or Socrates. Are they terrestrial beings? If we think of Einstein, the brain capacity there is absolutely colossal. Did he grow up and it was just the natural development of his brain or is he from somewhere else?”

The Daily Star this week presented an introduction to Lionel Fanthorpe, who described his parallel universe origin theory about great geniuses on Earth. Fanthorpe is better known in England, where he was ordained as a non-stipendiary Anglican priest in the Church in Wales and is also a minister of the Universal Life Church. He is the author or co-author of more than 250 books and is a past President of the British UFO Research Association and the current President of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena – those last two have put him on many paranormal programs which helped introduce Fanthorpe to the rest of the world.

“Amazing people who have something like three or four times the normal human IQ and do these miraculous things - are they from elsewhere?”

It is in his paranormal investigator and deep thinker capacity that has Fanthorpe delving into the idea that great minds and great leaders may be from somewhere else. His reference to the “colossal” brain capacity of someone like Einstein sounds like those who marvel at the brain of the octopus – which is both physically and mentally large and has caused some to propose these cephalopods might be from another planet. Could that same logic be used for large-brained humans like Einstein and da Vinci?

“If there are a great many planets in our universe and a great many more in every other universe, then we’re very likely to have intelligent aliens.”

Fanthorpe doesn’t think it is farfetched to accept the idea of other beings more intelligent than humans living on other planets. However, it’s obvious he increases the odds by throwing in the possibility of other universes as well. This is where he deviates from the idea that extraterrestrials are far ahead of humans – that is the argument made to explain who they could have faster-than-light spacecrafts to travel around the universe in. Fanthorpe sees these other universes as being parallel to ours … with a tweak.

“If any of these universes is anything like our Earth there could be a slightly different version of everyone. And there’s a possibility that if these parallel universes come too close, the alternate versions could appear in our universe.”

And that is how geniuses like Einstein and da Vinci appear in our space – they sneak in from another ‘almost parallel but slightly smarter than us’ universe. Of course, this doesn’t not address the fact that they and other geniuses and exceptional people were born to human mothers – not exactly the way we’d expect to traverse the multiverse. Then again, Fanthorpe is not exactly a physicist, so a science fiction explanation like this is within his realm of possibilities. It turns out that many others agree.

“Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations exist on other planets in this solar system. Science as we know it has not detected this life because it exists at higher frequencies of vibration on these planets. In The Aetherius Society these beings are sometimes termed “Cosmic Masters”, or even “Gods”, in deference to their high state of spiritual evolution.”

An organization which fits in Fanthorpe’s way of thinking is the Aetherius Society. It was founded in the mid-1950s by George King – a London taxi driver who claimed he was contacted by a Cosmic Master from Venus named Aetherius. King’s communications with Aetherius gave the society the beliefs that the great religious leaders are also extraterrestrial Cosmic Masters who came to Earth from other planets – Krishna from Saturn, and Jesus and Buddha from Venus. Before you point out that we haven’t found life on Saturn or Venus (or any other planets), the Aetherius Society joins with Fanthorpe in believing that they exist on those planets in a parallel dimension or plane. Their explanation for moving between dimensions is that these higher beings exist on a spiritual level by maintaining a 'higher vibratory rate' which can be lowered, allowing them to be seen – this is used to explain why UFOs appear to blink and disappear.

While the Aetherius Society is more focused on religion founders while Fanthorpe talks about scientific geniuses, they seem to join paths in the idea that these geniuses and Cosmic Masters have an influence on world governments. Einstein was employed by the U.S. government for various projects while da Vinci worked for both his government and the more powerful Catholic Church. The Aetherius Society believes claims that the Cosmic Masters or 'Space Beings' have been in contact with the leading governments of the world in many ways – both benevolent and sinister.

Why are these visitors from other dimensions or universes never women? (Asking for a spouse.) 

Have either Lionel Fanthorpe or George King presented sufficient evidence to support their theories that great geniuses and religious leaders are from other planets, dimensions or universes? Not by a long shot. In their own ways, they charismatically offer hope to those looking for answers to great questions that they can’t find in real science. In a way, it is depressing that so many cannot imagine humanity having the ability to achieve genius or create spiritual organizations without outside help from extraterrestrials. Must we always look for answers or hope from otherworldly beings?

What would Albert Einstein or Leonardo da Vinci think?

Paul Seaburn

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