Dec 03, 2022 I Nick Redfern

Aliens & Paranormal Creatures: To What Extent Can They Camouflage Themselves From Us?

It's an important question, because there are various human-like creatures that always find ways to hide them from us. And Vice-versa. We'll begin with the Men in Black. Although most people associate the M.IB. with the Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith movies, the fact is that the Men in Black are very strange: they hide their appearances - and for one specific reason: normally, they really don't look like us. Tinsel Town did a very good job of creating a series of M.I.B. movies that entertained and excited audiences the world over – and made those same audiences laugh loud and hard, too. But, there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to the real Men in Black. In the movies, the M.I.B. are in the employ of an agency more powerful, and far more secretive, than even Edward Snowden’s old “friends” at the National Security Agency.  But, we should not forget that the Men in Black movies are fiction. As is so unfortunately often the case, the real world often outdoes the domain of fiction – and seldom in a positive fashion. Although the latter part of the 1940s proved to be a period in which sightings of apparent unearthly craft abounded, it wasn’t until the early 1950s that the Men in Black stepped out of the shadows – in force –and set about snaring us, manipulating us, and ultimately digesting us. And, no, the “digesting” term is not an exaggeration. They are known for sucking us of our energy. There's their appearances, too: white skin. And I really mean completely white. Wigs, wraparound sunglasses, and make-up help to hold their appearances back. You got the story? These are most definitely not people, but they do their best to look like us. And, also, to infiltrate us. Now, onto the Black-Eyed Children.

(Nick Redfern) M.I.B. terror

There can be no doubt that one of the creepiest phenomena to have surfaced in the last two decades is that of what have become infamously known as the Black-Eyed Children. It would be overly simplistic to suggest they are merely the offspring of the Men in Black and the Women in Black. Admittedly, though, there are deep similarities. And, also like the M.I.B. and the W.IB., the B.E.C. are definitive drainers of energy. Before we get to this aspect of the story, let’s first take a look at how, and under what specific circumstances, the Black-Eyed Children came to prominence. We’ll also take a look at a few classic cases. None of them are particularly heartwarming. As if you really needed to be told that. Although, today, we have people who claim to have seen the B.E.C. in the period from the 1930s to the present day, the very first reported case didn’t surface until January 1998. The location was the Lone Star State, specifically the city of Abilene. The story revolves around a man named Brian Bethel, a journalist who works for the Abilene Reporter News. It was late one night when Bethel’s life was changed and he came to realize that there are dangerous, supernatural entities in our midst. 

It was close to 10:00 p.m. when Bethel had the kind of close encounter that one never, ever forgets. He had pulled up at a mall not too far from his home, to deposit a check in a mail-box. All was quiet and dark. Bethel, using the lights of the mall to illuminate the interior of his vehicle, was writing the check when he was rudely interrupted. He jumped with surprise at the sight of a couple of kids who were standing next to the car, on the driver’s side. But, there was something about these kids that rang alarm bells in Bethel’s head. In fact, as Bethel would imminently learn, things were wrong in the extreme. Bethel stared at the pair and couldn’t fail to see just how incredibly pale the face of one of the boys was. The other had what Bethel described as olive-colored skin. Both boys were around ten to fourteen years of age, Bethel estimated, and both were dressed in pullovers. Only one of the two boys spoke – he claimed that they wanted to see a movie, Mortal Kombat, at the local cinema. But, there was a problem: they had left their money at home. Could Bethel take them to their homes to get some cash? Bethel near-instantly realized that this whole situation had an air of dark and disturbing theater about it. There was an undeniably unsettling agenda at work, and it had absolutely zero to do with movies. 

(Nick Redfern) The B.E. K.: keep away!

Bethel awkwardly hemmed and hawed for a few moments, something which caused the talkative boy to become ever more insistent that Bethel let them in the car. Then, things became downright eerie and chilling: Bethel found himself almost mind-manipulated, to the point where, to his horror, he could see that his hand was heading to the driver’s-side door – with the intent of opening it, but without his control. Bethel, fortunately, broke the enchanting spell and didn’t open the door, after all. This clearly incensed the talkative boy, who amped up the pleas to allow them into Bethel’s car. It was then, for the first time, that Bethel finally got a good look at their eyes. In his own words - referenced in Pararational’s May 16, 2013 article titled “Brian Bethel – The Black Eyed Kids” – Bethel stated: “They were coal black. No pupil. No iris.” Like the Men in Black, these creepy kids are not human, bu they strive to look like us. And to get into our civilization.

Now, to the Women in Black. Within the world of UFO research, the Men in Black are about as legendary as they are feared. These pale-faced, ghoulish entities have for decades terrorized into silence both witnesses to, and researchers of, UFO encounters. Theories for who or what the M.I.B. might be are legion. They include: extraterrestrials, government agents, demonic creatures, vampires, time-travelers from the future, and inter-dimensional beings from realms that co-exist with ours. There may very well be more than one explanation for the unsettling phenomenon. While much has been written on the sinister and occasionally deadly actions of the M.I.B, very little has been penned on the subject of their equally bone-chilling companions: the Women in Black. Make no mistake: the W.I.B. are all too real. And they are as ominous, predatory and dangerous as their male counterparts. In the same way that the Men in Black don’t always wear black, but sometimes wear military uniforms or specifically beige-colored outfits, so do the WIB, who are also quite partial to white costumes. In that sense, “W.I.B” is, just like “M.I.B,” a term that is somewhat flexible in terms of actual nature and description. The W.I.B. may not have achieved the iconic status of the M.I.B. – until now - but these fearsome females, and their collective role in silencing those that immerse themselves in the UFO puzzle, as well as in the domains of the occult and the world of the paranormal, are all too terrifyingly real. Not only that: the W.I.B. have a long and twisted history.

(Nick Redfern) Women in Black: Look out

In 2015, Dr. David M. Jacobs’ book, Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, was published. As the title alone suggests, this is an extremely controversial book. Although it is heavily focused on so-called “alien abductees,” it is not actually about abduction events, at all. Rather, its focus is on how abductees are allegedly being used to assist alien-human hybrids whose role it is to infiltrate human society. And, yes, that word “infiltrate” is intended to suggest that nothing good can come from all of this. Or, from any of it. We’re talking about the way in which potentially hostile aliens – with no real regard for us, the Human Race – are working towards a certain, fateful day. A day when the Earth will be so heavily infested with these part-ET/part-human things that the invasion, take-over, and/or extermination, will be completed before we’ll have even a single chance to do anything about it. Yes, I said it was controversial. Even Jacobs notes this when he says: “My research has uncovered a substantial presence of hybrids living on Earth…This book tells how I came to this seemingly ridiculous conclusion.”

Indeed, many will find it ridiculous. After all, Jacobs provides details of hybrids seen at a baseball game, yearning for pizza, and visiting Kmart. And that’s just the start of things. As Jacobs also states: “I began my journey in the mid-1960s being thrilled that the UFO phenomenon might signal contact with another species. It did, but not in the way that I imagined. The abduction evidence has forced me to evolve into a fearful investigator. I have uncovered the alien reality, as much as I dislike it.” The back-cover of the book gets even more to the point: “Jacobs’ human observers have experienced a concealed reality that is literally next door to some of us, and that he believes is about to interact, secretly and insidiously, with the rest of us.” This interaction, suggests Jacobs, is leading towards what is referred to throughout the book as “The Change.” For us, it’s allegedly not going to be a good change. For them? Yes.It must be said that unlike the vast majority of books with an alien abduction component to them, the cases that are cited in Walking Among Us cannot be relegated to the worlds of bad dreams, nightmares, and sleep-paralysis – which are often suggested by skeptics as the root-causes of so many abduction stories. The reason being, as I said, that this book is not strictly about abduction events. We’re talking about abductees assisting the hybrids in the real world, driving them around, feeding them, teaching them how to dress and blend in, and ultimately preparing them for the day when who knows what might happen.

(Nick Redfern) The modern day monster

One more "thing"  that tries to infiltrate our world: the Slenderman. Imagine the scene: it’s the dead of night and you are fast asleep. Suddenly, though, things change radically and you find yourself far from asleep: you are now wide awake but unable to move. You are completely paralyzed. You try and cry out but it’s no use. Your heart pounds and your head spins chaotically. Worse still, you see hunched over in the shadows of the bedroom an eight-to-nine-foot-tall, skinny and emaciated creature. It is dressed in an old-style black suit, has a pale face that lacks eyes, a nose, ears and a mouth. As for its arms and legs, they are almost like those of a spider: long, thin and spindly. Rubbery, octopus-like tentacles protrude from its torso; they wave and flicker ominously in your direction. To your horror, the night-fiend slowly moves toward you and leans over. Its foul breath makes you wretch. It whispers that you are about to die. Or, that it is coming to take your soul. Maybe you will be its eternal slave in its forested, ancient abode. Now in a state of complete terror, you finally manage to cry out and wake up in a cold sweat. The terrible thing is suddenly gone. You have just had a trauma- and fear-filled encounter with the Slenderman. But, mark my word, he will be back. He always comes back eventually. 

The Slenderman has curious origins: he began “life” purely as an Internet creation, specifically the work of a man named Eric Knudsen. In June 2009, Knudsen, via the pseudonym of “Victor Surge,” uploaded a couple of doctored photos of the Slenderman to the forum of the Something Awful website. In no time at all, others began writing – and posting online – their very own tales of the Slenderman. Short stories, blogs, novels, online games, chat-rooms, and more soon followed. Then, something menacing and sinister happened: people, all across the world, began to see the Slenderman. Not just on the Internet, not in novels or in the pages of comic-books, but in their homes. In their bedrooms. In mysterious woods. In dreams that rapidly escalated into full-blown nightmares. The Slenderman had come to life. All of these creatures - extraterrestrial or paranormal - referred to in this article need to be kept away from us. And, we need to make sure that we know these "things" when we see them. They are 100 percent our enemies.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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