Dec 19, 2022 I Paul Seaburn

Investigator Warns Us to Beware of the Killer Bigfoot

Is Bigfoot a cold-blooded killer of humans? If it is, why is the creature a murderer – does it kill out of fear or vengeance … or for food? A Bigfoot investigator who has claimed in the past to have found Sasquatch graves, unusual Bigfoot hiding places and evidence of its strange dietary habits now warns that Bigfoot has been known to physically harass, kidnap, and even kill humans. Does this change our image of the hairy cryptid? Should it change the focus of the many Bigfoot festivals and events held around the country? Do companies need to stop using Sasquatch as a spokesperson?

"Without a doubt a bigfoot could easily kill a man if it wanted to. The size and strength would be unmatched by a human.”

That warning comes from Thomas Marcum. If his name sounds familiar, you may know him as a Bigfoot investigator, founder and leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. He is also the writer and director of “Bigfoot: The Legend is Real,” a documentary film which follows the Crypto Crew team as it searches for evidence of Bigfoot and interviews witnesses. Marcum knows his way around the wilds where Bigfoot lives and hides – he is a nature and wildlife enthusiast and a trained wild land firefighter. In 2021, while hunting for ginseng in his native Kentucky, Marcum found broken branches made by something he believes was creating a trail, and extremely large footprints leading up to an odd place to find a Bigfoot.

“Now, let me talk a little about the tracks that were leading into or out of the mine. These tracks, while lacking a lot of definition, were larger and much wider than my size 12 boot. These where in a straight line with the exception of one track at the top of the bank. This could have been a slight side step to maneuver over the hump in front of the mine opening, I don't know. This opening may be used more at different times of the year, it is just hard to say.”

Kentucky is one of the top states for Bigfoot sightings and has plenty of abandoned coal mines, but it is unusual to find evidence of a Bigfoot using one to live in or hide out – investigators and witnesses say they prefer instead to build nests or tent-like structures out of branches. Marcum is also one of the few people to claim to have found, in that same year 2021, the graves of Sasquatches – most skeptics are quick to point out that Bigfoot hunters never seem to find any bones or skins of dead cryptids.

“This photograph shows a large mount of dirt and rocks. It is also the one used at the top of the post. There are actually two of these that are probably 30-40 feet apart. This hump of dirt resembles a grave more than many of the other ones I have found.”

Marcum refuses to disclose the locations of the alleged Bigfoot graves (photos here) for fear that humans attempting to find them would desecrate the area that an intelligent being that buries its dead might consider sacred. That would anger humans … so it seems safe to assume it would also anger a big hairy humanoid as well. And, if angry humans resort to violence, would we be surprised if an angry humanoid cryptid does the same? Marcum thinks these people desecrating Bigfoot graves would be making a big mistake.

"If Bigfoot was a killing machine, they would never make it out."

In his interview with The Daily Star, Marcum mentions historical reports of attacks after a person has shot at a Bigfoot, and "tales of Bigfoot abducting" women of a Native American tribe. He also recalls what is the most famous tale of a Bigfoot kidnapping a human – the story of Albert Ostman. In the oft-told tale, Ostman was looking for a lost gold mine near Toba Inlet, British Columbia, an ignored the warning of an indigenous guide who claimed a Bigfoot killed the last man who found the mine. Ostman claimed to have been abducted and held captive for six days by a large male Bigfoot with a couple of other Sasquatch companions. As the story goes, Ostman was able to distract the Sasquatch with snuff and escape unharmed.

One crime rarely discussed in Bigfoot abduction stories is rape, but it probably should be as a warning based on these stories. In 1871, a 17-year-old young woman named Serphine Long claimed she was abducted by a large, male Bigfoot while hiking on Morris Mountain in British Columbia, held captive by the Bigfoot and its family for a year, and raped by her abductor – some accounts say she later gave birth to a deformed baby. In Russia, a 19-year-old woman named Oksana Terletskaya claimed she was kidnapped by a hairy wild man or Yeti in St. Petersburg, held captive in a cave and raped daily for a year until she escaped and was found in a mentally distraught state.

Confirming Marcum’s warning that Bigfoot can be very violent, 48-year-old Jason Richardson was hiking in South Lake Tahoe at Mount Tallac when he claims he heard what he thought was a human “baby voice” crying and was bashed over the head and knocked unconscious. He came to briefly in a cave bleeding from the head and being watched by two 10-foot-tall Bigfoot-like creatures. When he woke up again, he says his hands were tied with vines and the two creatures tossed him around like a sack of potatoes. When they accidentally tossed him out of the cave, he escaped – finding out later he had been held by the Sasquatches for 10 hours.

Finally, as Marcum warns, a Bigfoot allegedly killed a man in the Marble Mountain area of Washington State who vanished while working for a lumber company. His fellow workers found him naked and incoherent, claiming a female “gorilla” had abducted him and kept him in a pit where she attempted to mate with him. After he escaped and told his tale, the man allegedly died of his Bigfoot-inflicted injuries.

As is generally the case, these stories of alleged abduction, captivity, rape, violence and death have little supporting evidence but it is hard to fake strange injuries and panicked states. Thomas Marcum is one who has provided photos of what he says are Bigfoot graves, footprints into caves and other evidence. Putting those together, along with the real knowledge that there are plenty of dangerous humans out there, it is well worth it to take serious precautions before going out into the wilderness where your list of possible kidnappers and murderers now includes Bigfoot.

Paul Seaburn

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