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Twin Brothers Were Abducted by Aliens and One Fights for UFO Disclosure

Some of the most horrific stories to come out of World War II are those involving Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who worked at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland and conducted cruel pseudo-scientific medical experiments on as many as 3,000 sets of twins, of which only about 200 survived. While we thankfully have never again seen the likes of Mengele’s twin experiments, a story has popped up recently about twin male brothers who claim to have been kidnapped and experimented on … by extraterrestrials. Who are twins Philip and Robert Kinsella, what do they claim happened to them in the ships of aliens, and why has Philip returned to the UFO investigation spotlight?

Twins abducted? 

“There must be a reason why this has been happening to both my brother and I. I think the authorities know about the aliens but don’t want to scare people.”

Philip and Robert Kinsella were interviewed by The Sun in March of 2022 and revealed a timeline of their experiences with UFOs and aliens – a number of incidents which happened to them individually and together. The brothers from Kempston, England, were 52 at the time of the interview and began with their first UFO experience in 1983 when they were 13. That incident was the sighting of a silver orb in the sky. That orb left without any further encounter with the brothers, but Philip was not that lucky in 1989 when the level of the next encounter went way up … as did he.

“I remember sitting in my home and the atmosphere changed and it became static. The hairs on my back went up and Ronnie went into a trance — he froze and raised his head up to the ceiling."

Forget that old adage about twins always looking out for each other – Ronnie was no help as Philip tells The Daily Star what happened next.

"The next thing I recall was I found myself in a kind of medical environment. It was a bit dingy, it was very hot. And I found myself naked. When I turned to my right, there were what I can only describe as - as ridiculous as it sounds - three reptilians, that didn’t communicate but they were in this kind of thicker mist. I was absolutely horrified, even more so when I found that there was some sort of implement that had been placed in the lower part of my region."

At age 19, Philip Kinsella claims he was taken to the spaceship of reptilian aliens and subjected to the classic ‘probing’ described in so many similar abductions. These ‘reptilians’ were not friendly – in fact, they could have easily been the ET equivalent of Dr. Mengele conducting a new level of experimentation on a human twin … possibly to compare the results to the other one frozen in place back in England.

"I was absolutely petrified and I started to scream and yell because I wanted them to take it out of me. I just wanted this thing out of me because it felt organic within the lower parts of my anatomy. These beings, whatever they were, had no compassion, no love, no sense of empathy at all.”

The surviving twins at Auschwitz were rescued from the experiments of Mengele in January 1945 by Soviet soldiers. Philip Kinsella was also rescued from his cruel reptilian captors … by another alien – a grey one.

"As it appeared, the device that was inside me was slowly retracted, the straps came off and I noticed that the three reptilians had just gone, they’d just disappeared."

The grey alien telepathically instructed him to get dressed and escorted back to his bedroom. After it disappeared, Robert was unfrozen and examined his brother, who had three triangular marks behind his right ear and three marks on my right arm. Philip said he suffered from severe nosebleeds from his right nostril for two years. In an interview on Coast to Coast AM, Ronald told of his own abduction where he was also taken from his bedroom to an alien medical facility where three beings hidden in space suits examined him. Upon his return to his bedroom, he claims he saw an image of the Cheshire Cat projected on the wall.

All told, the twin brothers had four alien encounters. As a result, they have become heavily involved in UFO investigations and the push to force governments to disclose what is known about these encounters. Philip is a member of the U.K. National UFO Reporting Center and an author in the field. “YOU - THE PUBLIC DECEIVED: 'The Grand UFO Deception'" was published in 2021 and in it he talks about how the public has been lied to about the real existence of UFOs and aliens.

“The evidence presented within this book clearly demonstrates that the phenomenon at hand is more complexed than we first imagined. Therefore, a new perspective within our awareness might answer some truly, extraordinary claims. We are NOT alone – never have been.”

That brings us to his recent interview with UFO investigator and reporter Dean Caporella. In the discussion, Philip blames the media as well as the government for refusing to tell his own stories and those of other contactees and abductees in their entirety and without redaction.

“But the way that the media and the governmental establishment and beyond deal with it is even more of a travesty because they dangle the carrot and say, ‘look, this has happened’. And then they throw a spanner in the works and say, ‘oh, ignore it or turn the other way’ or something else. So we’re still no nearer since the Roswell incident to fathoming out just exactly what we’re dealing with. We know it’s real, it’s very real and it exists. But it’s like chasing shadows.”

Kinsella also warns of false information being planted about the subjects to confuse the public. Finally, he expresses his frustration in the fact that interviews with abductees are conducted like any other interviews, which he believes is wrong because the experience of the UFO encounter is far different than the experience of abduction and experimentation on a spaceship.

“It’s a highly complex process and one that’s not easily categorized or put into a box. It’s just not going to fit in there.”

Greys may want something other than our bodies.

In one interesting side note, Kinsella talks about how grey aliens are not just interested in human bodies – they are also fascinated with human souls. Could the government and the media be hiding this in order to avoid panic among religious believers?

Caporella’s full one hour interview with Philip Kinsella can be heard here. Listen to it and decide for yourself. Will it move the ball forward in the quest for full disclosure of UFO and alien encounters? Probably not, but every little bit helps.

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