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Vanished People Who Met Strange Entities and Then Reappeared Mysteriously

Cases of mysterious disappearances are already strange enough as it is, but sometimes there is an extra layer of the bizarre laid over everything. In some cases those who have vanished without a trace come back, and they often do so with odd tales to tell. Here we will look at some very weird such cases, which involve signs that these individuals have been pulled into another world during their vanishing to interact with forces beyond our understanding. 

In May of 1753, a respected local craftsman and gardener in the town of Takoni, in Sicily, Italy, by the name of Alberto Gordoni was allegedly walking through the town square when he suddenly and inexplicably just completely vanished into thin air right before the eyes of numerous stunned witnesses. When the area was searched there could be found no sign of Gordoni, and there were no grooves or hollow pits that he could have fallen through. It was as if he had just ceased to exist, and as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months and years with no sign of the missing man the town sort of forgot about him. However, it would seem that he was not really gone after all. 

Exactly 22 years after his disappearance, Gordoni allegedly reappeared out of nowhere in the exact spot from which he had vanished, seemingly without having aged so much as a day. When asked what had happened to him and where he had been for so long, Gordoni insisted that he had not disappeared, and to him it seemed as if no time had passed at all. Years would pass before he finally confided in a local priest by the name of Father Mario to tell of what had really happened to him. According to Gordoni, on the day he had disappeared he had come across a strange, glimmering tunnel and gone into it, and one report of the events would say of it:

Alberto suddenly got into the tunnel and took it to "white and ambiguous" world. There were no items, only fancy accessories. Alberto saw something similar on a small canvas, covered in stars and dots, each of which throbbed in his own way. There was one long creature with long hair, saying he had fallen into the "crack of Time and Space” and to deliver him back would be very difficult. While Alberto waited for his return, and he fervently asked to be brought back The entity told him about "holes which open in the dark about some white drops and thoughts that move at the speed of light, about the soul without the flesh and body without souls, about flying cities with eternally young inhabitants.

He had then been finally returned to the spot he had been at, but for him very little time had passed, certainly not 22 years. Father Mario was apparently convinced that Gordoni was telling the truth, and took him back to that spot to see what would happen. As they were there, Gordoni purportedly vanished into thin air once more, this time permanently. Father Mario then crossed himself and ordered the location to be fenced in, calling it “The Trap of the Devil.” Was this some force from another planet or even dimension?

An attempted abduction by possible aliens or inter-dimensional interlopers fits in well with our next case, which was related by David Paulides, this time in a Coast 2 Coast AM interview with George Knapp. In this weird account, a 3-year-old boy known only as John Doe went missing on Oct 1 2010 at around 6:30 PM along a popular fly fishing river near Mt. Shasta, in California. Shortly after his reported disappearance, authorities conducted a search of the area and found the boy 5 hours later sitting in a stand of trees and seemingly dazed and confused. He would later come forth with quite the odd story to tell.

According to the boy, he had been taken into a cave deep within the mountain by a woman who he had thought was his grandmother. Once they had reached their destination, the boy claimed that he had found himself in a cold, dark room full of human-looking robots that sat or stood around in various positions, apparently motionless, as well as some form of guns or weapons scattered about accruing dust, not to mention giant spiders skittering about in the gloom. It was then that the boy allegedly realized that there was a strange light emanating from his grandmother’s head and that she too was some sort of robot. The “grandmother” apparently ordered him to defecate upon a sheet of paper and got agitated when he refused. The grandmother also told him that he was from outer space and had been planted in his mother’s womb. The boy was then taken back outside and told to wait in a thicket until he was found.

When the whole incredibly bizarre tale came to light, the grandmother confessed that a year before the incident she had been camping in the area and had been inexplicably pulled from her tent and deposited a short distance away. When she had woken up, she claimed to have felt a pain in the base of her neck, and had discovered two puncture marks surrounded by red skin. The grandmother had no idea if this had anything to do with the boy’s far-out tale, but it does seem rather odd. Paulides has claimed that this is one of the more bizarre disappearances he has come across, and the whole tale seems rather absurd if not for the fact that everyone involved has continued to maintain that it is true.

One such case that is rather completely off the wall concerns a man who was whisked away to be held prisoner by a strange race of people for years before being spat back into our reality once again. The tale concerns a pilot only known as Eddy, who was out on a mission and approached Howland Island, eerily in the vicinity where Amelia Earhart notoriously vanished, where he claims to have seen a vast expanse of green fog, which upon entering caused his aircraft to malfunction and his communications with the outside world to cease. As he emerged from the fog, Eddy reported that he had come into visual sight of an island that was not supposed to be there, and which did not show up on any charts.

Eddy was able to land the jet, and was supposedly approached by a young woman of seemingly Polynesian descent, who apologized and stated that the island had a habit of pulling in planes such as his. Eddy would purportedly end up living on the mysterious uncharted island for around 6 months, where he claimed the inhabitants lived a simple lifestyle, all while intensive search efforts were being made to find him. None of the island residents seemed to have the slightest awareness of nor concern for the outside world which Eddy had left behind, and they seemed to be perfectly content with their reclusive existence.

Yearning for home, Eddy became despondent, after which he was told he could finally return to from whence he came. As he put distance between himself and the strange island which had been his home for months, he allegedly suddenly regained radio communications and was found by a passing fishing vessel. It was at that point that the entire island reportedly became veiled by a green mist and blinked out of existence in a flash of brilliant white light. Did this pilot manage to punch through some barrier between dimensions and make contact with a parallel universe of some sort? Would he have remained forever vanished like so many other aircraft if he hadn’t been allowed to leave? Was this aliens, a lost civilization, or what? Could it be that numerous other pilots who have seemed to have flown off the edge of the earth have wound up in realms like these, perhaps some sort of pocket dimensions? It is unclear just what the answers to these questions are.

One of the most bizarre mysterious disappearances and reappearances involving strange entities is one that I have covered before but which seems worth mentioning here again all the same. The case was told by David Paulides in an interview for Paranormal Central, and comes from the year 1868, when 3-year-old girl suddenly went missing in Northern Michigan as she was at a lumber camp run by her father. According to the father, she had been there one second and then simply gone the next, as if she had simply blinked from existence. A search was launched, during which the panicked father enlisted the help of two hunters to try and find his young daughter lost out alone in the woods. The girl’s name was called over and over again into the thick forest as night and shadows slowly crept up on them, yet no answer came back. It was as she had vanished into thin air. With the onset of darkness, the search was called off until the next morning, with no trace of where the young girl had gone off to.

The next day the search continued and the hunters were hard at work scouring the woods for any sign of the missing girl. As they trudged through rugged, dense wilderness, they allegedly heard the shouts of a young girl from nearby, which sounded muffled and muted somehow, like sounds coming from farther away than they were, as if through some veil or blanket. The hunters claimed that they followed the source of the shouts to a river, and that as they fought through brush to approach they could hear a large splash after which they saw an enormous black shape that they took to be perhaps a bear entering the water and swimming towards the opposite shore. As they stared in shock at the retreating beast, they noticed the girl standing upon a nearby log, minus some articles of clothing. When the girl was recovered, she seemed to be rather shaken up, and claimed that the creature they had seen was named Mr. Wolf and that he had been holding her prisoner there. She claimed that this Mr. Wolf had eaten her hat, taken her shoes, and had refused to let her leave under any circumstances, although he had also provided her with berries to eat. It is unclear whether this was a bear, a wolf, or something else, and the story certainly seems rather bizarre. What was this “Mr. Wolf” and what did it want? Just what is going on here?

There has been some doubt as to the veracity of this particular story, with skepticism cast on Paulides’ reporting of the events. According to paranormal investigator Theo Paijmans, Paulides may have exaggerated some elements of the story and even confused the case with the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, as there is very little corroborating evidence in the news of the time to suggest that there was ever this mysterious “Mr. Wolf.” Paijmans told me:

In regards to Paulides’ retelling of the 1868 missing girl case, his version is not supported by any of the original sources. The story was widely reported in various US newspapers. Not in the timeframes Paulides claims, but in 1868, 1882 and again in 1903. Each time the retellings of the story consistently remain the same. None of the many articles that appeared in the American newspapers from 1868 to 1903 mention a “Mr. Wolf”. A bear is mentioned though – but that’s it, plain and simple. Paulides may have been confused by the old German-Dutch European fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood (the girl Little Red Riding Hood visits her grandmother in the forest and meets with a wolf in disguise who wants to eat her) in this account.

It is hard to say what is going on here, but it is a wild story all the same. Another bizarre case involving a child happened in 1922, in the wilds near the small village of Orsta, near the south-west of Kolsva, in Sweden. Here 8-year old Östen Engström lived with his parents, and one day he was walking home from school as usual along with a classmate, with the two deciding they would go to the classmate’s house to play with some other kids. When they were done it was about 3:30 PM, and Östen began his walk home alone. It wasn’t too far to his place, and it was something he had done many times before. It should not have taken long to get home, but he never arrived, and when 7:30 PM came and went the family began extremely worried, sending Östen’s older brother Gustav to go find him. Gustav spoke with the classmate, who told him that the boy had left at 3:30 and should have long been home. Gustav would look around the entire route but see no sign of his brother, but when he returned home with the bad news, Östen was there with his parents, shivering and with a strange story to tell.

According to Östen he had been walking home when he took a detour through a wooded area and a bizarre series of events began to play out. The boy explained how the forest had suddenly come alive with myriad wildlife crawling from the trees and bushes to scurry about, and as this happened the day turned dark, as if there were passing storm clouds, but the sky was still clear. He then noticed a strange, acrid smell permeating the air, and when he looked up again, he saw something very weird, indeed. Östen would explain:

I looked up and noticed three gray objects hovering silently above me. They were so close I could have thrown a stone at them. The objects were pulsating as if they were breathing and I saw two dark lines on them. A bit further away, over the woods, another two objects were floating. They were bigger and darker than the ones above me.

He explained that the next thing he remembers he was lying on the road in the dark a short distance from his home, freezing cold and disoriented. In the sky a pulsing light was retreating into the night and everything around him had been deathly silent. He then walked to his house to tell his parents about what had happened, and they thought it was just his wild imagination. Oddly, Gustav said he had thoroughly searched the road his brother had claimed to have woken on but had not seen him anywhere. Of the intervening 4 hours from when he left his friend’s house to when he stumbled up to his home, he had no memory. The boy would in later years be interviewed by Swedish uflogists Clas Svahn and Andreas Ohlsson, and they would get a little more information out of Östen, who would explain to them:

Where was I during those hours? I estimate having been gone around four and a half hours. I didn´t arrive home until half past seven or eight o´clock in the evening. I almost got beaten because they believed I was lying. They sent me to bed and I was bedridden four days in fewer. Probably I had caught a cold lying on the road. It looked as if the objects were pulsating simultaneously all three of them. Just like octopus functioning. They take in water and move by blowing it out. It looked like the objects used the same technique. They moved in a very elegant way, changed direction and appeared to steer with this pulsating. Where was I? Gustav cycled this way while I was lying there, without seeing me. I have pondered on this so many times.

What happened to this boy? What were those things he saw? Who knows? Moving up into the 1960s there is a very strange case I dug up on the Missing 411 Reddit forum, from a witness who claims this tale was told to him by his father. It supposedly happened in the 1960s in the country of Ethiopia, and revolves around his father when he was just 9 years old. One this day, the father was plating with a friend named Gabriel after school in the fenced off backyard of the father’s house. The poster says of what happened next:

My dad turns his back for a second then turns to look back at his friend and Gabriel is gone... It's important to note that my dad and Gabriel were from the top 1% of Ethiopia's ruling elite, my dad's father was Minister of interior of Ethiopia and Gabriel's father was a 4-star General of Ethiopia. The backyard Gabriel disappeared from had 10-foot bricked walls with armed guards patrolling on the outside. A couple of hours pass, his parents, my dad's parents and guards are searching but no Gabriel. 48 hours pass, now theirs is a nationwide search for this important General's kid, it's on the News, police are searching door to door describing him and what he was wearing when he disappeared (he was wearing his private school uniform, white shirt, brown pants). Helicopters even searched the country side looking for him, still nothing. A month passes, then 2 then 4, people start losing hope that he would ever be found and think the worst.

That was that for months, and no further trace was uncovered until exactly 6 months later, when Gabriel was found in the same fenced off backyard wearing the same clothes he had been when he had vanished. The boy seemed dazed and confused, and appeared to only think that a couple hours had passed rather than a full half a year, and the poster explains:

This is where it starts to get weird, once they confirmed his was okay they starting asking where he had been. He said couple of nice men took him on a trip, he was in a white room that glowed and other children were there from different countries, he said he was surprised that the nice men who looked like white guys could speak Ethiopian and he could understand what the other children were saying even though they were not Ethiopian. The white glowing room had no windows and the doors disappeared into the walls, there were buttons on the walls and if a kid pushed them a bed would come out of the wall. He said he was then all of a sudden in a city, that was glowing, clean, and cars were flying around him. He said there were people there but they looked strange, like us but different. One nice man was still with him and took him to a tall building, where he said he had to stay there for a while, but showed him a room that he could use for entertainment. Gabriel said, he could push a button and the room itself goes places, an open field, the beach, the room itself even flies. He said after a couple of hours he was taken back to Ethiopia and appeared in the backyard, he thought he was only gone a couple hours total. No one believed him, and Ethiopia being a super religious country, most adults around him thought he got possessed by the devil, Gabriel even was forced to see a priest to get the evil spirits out of him. My dad still kept in contact with him throughout their lives, Gabriel got a doctorate in Physics and I believe works Holland still.

Truly bizarre, to say the least. All of these cases are bizarre. What happened to these people? Were they abducted by aliens? Were they perhaps whisked away to some alternate dimension, perhaps seeping through some thin spot between realities? Or are they just delusions and tall tales? I leave it for you to decide. 

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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