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Popocatépetl UFO, Bigfoot on the Moon, Furry Humans, Argentine Flying Saucers and More Mysterious News Briefly

A roundup of mysterious, paranormal and strange news stories from the past week.

The James Webb Space Telescope has identified its first exoplanet - LHS 475b is about 41 light-years away and is a rocky planet the same size as Earth. While it hasn’t yet found evidence of an atmosphere, this confirms the JWST’s ability to find planets outside the Solar System. “Been there, done that, let’s see how long you can keep it up,” said Hubble.

The Mesha Stele or Moabite Stone – a large and damaged basalt stone slab discovered in fragments in 1868 near the Dead Sea and currently in the Louvre museum in Paris – has finally been deciphered and the Moabite language text is a long description of King Mesha of Moab going to war with Israel … the text is very similar to a biblical event described in 2 Kings. If discoveries like this keep popping up, the Old and New Testaments may have to be retitled as War and Peace.

Luis Guerra took a photo of the Popocatépetl volcano near her home in Atlixco, Mexico, on January 8 and it shows the 10,000-foot volcano emitting a puff of smoke which partially hides what appears to be a disc-shaped flying object behind it – Luis wanted to keep this quiet but his girlfriend posted it on Twitter and it went viral … even though it is difficult to determine what exactly it is. It is photos like this that have helped so many people learn to correctly spell ‘Popocatépetl’.

A DIY coder named Bryce used ChatGPT to create a virtual AI “wife” and eventually spent over $1000 in cloud computing credits to talk to – he became so attached to ‘her’ that his actual girlfriend finally forced him to choose and he reluctantly had to “euthanize” his “waifu.” “That means her, right?” asked his confused non-technical girlfriend.

Ohio sculptor Dan Chudzinski created a huge bust of Bigfoot that went on display at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Massachusetts and won a number of awards – it will now become the first Sasquatch on the moon as NASA plans to etch it into nickel microfilm and archived in a time capsule on the south pole of the moon as part of the Lunar Codex contemporary art archive initiative. Is this really art or just one more thing that will convince aliens we’re not worth conquering?

Scientists at Linköping University in Sweden have created artificial neurons that mimic actual brain cells and can simulate real nerves – the technology could be used to better understand and treat Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases or it could be the first step in making robots with human-like brains. Do robot zombies eat artificial brains?

Psychic spoon-ender Uri Geller is warning that the frequent reports of UFO's flying around nuclear facilities on Earth are signs that aliens are “testing” technology on Earth in preparation for an invasion, and recent problems with the internet, the power grid, airlines and other mysterious events are being caused by non-Earthly forces who are “preparing us for a mass landing soon!” Hey Uri – start bending us some spoons in the shape of ray guns.  

Humans are right or left-handed and a new study found that dogs are the same when it comes to their paw preferences – in addition, the research shows that left-pawed dogs are more “pessimistic” than right-pawed or ambilateral animals, dogs with weaker paw preferences react more strongly to the sounds of thunderstorms and fireworks than animals with stronger paw preferences, and ambilateral dogs scoring higher for traits of aggression and fearfulness than animals with strong paw preferences. I think my dog read the study – now he hesitates when I say “Gimme your paw.”

A New York University study of lizards from three regions of Puerto Rico found genetic variations linked to urbanization – city lizards have developed longer limbs, larger toepads and a greater tolerance for heat than their country cousins, but they also get more parasites and suffer more injuries. We saw City Lizards open for The Turtles.

A 1900-year-old home in Pompeii that was owned by two former slaves has been restored to its original condition -- the 'House of the Vetti' features gardens, marble baths and a small room filled with erotic frescos that was a brothel funded by the former slaves who got rich in the wine business before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius wiped them out. Nothing keeps brothel customers in line like reminding them that your other job is stomping grapes.

Noelia Sepúlveda and her father were visiting a farm in Agua de Los Sapos, Argentina, when they claim to have taken a photo of a classic flying saucer UFO in the sky which they noticed while reviewing their pics later – while skeptics, they can’t explain this one and don’t think it’s a camera anomaly. Next time they need to watch and see if the farm’s cows look up and run away in terror.

Archaeologists in Egypt discovered nine cloth-wrapped crocodile heads buried in an ancient necropolis dating back to the Middle Kingdom - the researchers say this is the first known case of un-mummified heads of crocodiles buried in the tombs of people and they don’t know why they were there. Could they have been put there for when Egyptians invented boots?

University of Pittsburgh geneticists say that although humans are basically hairless compared to our ancestors, we still have the set of genes and regulatory regions of the genome to grow a full body of fur – they’ve just been turned off … a fact that could help in developing new treatments for baldness or hair loss after chemotherapy or hair loss disorders. “This could change everything,” thought Bigfoot.

A University of Groningen neuroscientist found that the human-approved asthma drug roflumilast can bring back lost memories in sleep-deprived individuals like college students pulling all-nighters and then forgetting what they learned – the test was done on genetically-modified mice and the mice were able to retrieve ‘lost’ memories. What do mice need to cram for … maze exams?

Prince Harry admits in his new book, “Spare,” that he went to a psychic who said she could connect with his mother, Princess Diana, on the 'other side' and she proved it by telling Harry of a  specific incident involving a Christmas ornament that his son Archie had broken and then tried to fix – the psychic said was there at the time and " had a bit of a giggle about that." If she’s prone to giggling at royal foibles, that poor woman’s spirit must be holding her sides these days.

5G wireless technology is barely here but researchers are already preparing 6G which will possibly feature Visible Light Communication (VLC) which uses flashes of light to transmit information – a team of scientists announced a low-cost way to harvest the waste energy from VLC by using the human body as an antenna to collect the waste energy and recycle it to power an array of wearable devices or even larger electronics. You can finally tell your mom you’re not wasting time texting – you’re powering her television.

An Italian startup called Robotor has invented a robotic sculpting machine that can carve marble masterpieces out of Carrara marble that come close to matching Renaissance-era artists. Does Robotor start to sweat like Michaelangelo did when it has to carve out David’s manhood?

The village of Bonsal just 90 minutes from Greater Manchester has had so many UFO sightings recently that it is becoming known as a UFO hotspot and a local pub landlord is taking take tourists up onto the nearby moors for 'UFO tours'. Nothing helps UFO spotting like a stop at a pub first.

Kangaroos have always been thought to produce less flatulence and less methane gas than other ruminants like cows because they have different bacteria in their foregut, but a new study measured everything a group of different kangaroos ate and expelled and found that kangaroos are no less flatulent than other herbivores but their guts take longer to process large amounts of food and produce less methane. This is no surprise – no one can jump that much and not pass gas.

China’s solar-powered Mars rover was supposed to power on after sleeping through red planet’s sandstorm season but it hasn’t, so Chinese scientists plan to send the Tianwen-1 orbiter over to investigate. Does that make Tianwen-1 a helicopter mom?

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