Jan 10, 2023 I Paul Seaburn

AI Robot Senses Anxiety, Identifies Criminals, Throws Insults and Speaks About the End of the World

It is time for another edition of “Realistic robots that scare us.” These often coincide with the big annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which makes them even more scary be “consumers” could soon be purchasing some of these sophisticated AI-powered robots and unleashing them on the rest of us. Today we meet Xoxe (pronounced “Zo-zie” as she is quick to remind you) and if you happened to visit her booth, she knows that you lied on your expense report about what you did last night in Vegas because she can detect if a person in her human eye-like viewfinders has committed any illegal activities. And that is just the beginning. Before you look for a plug to pull or batteries to remove, the discussion is already raging about whether turning off a robot which displays consciousness is murder. Shades of Data on Star Trek: The Next generation? Let’s find out.

“Xoxe, One Of The World's Most Intelligent, Talented, And Ultra-Realistic Robot. Bio-inspired design and cognitive architectures. It speaks 120 languages and is designed to have a social life and move around like humans.”

She sounds interesting. Tell me more.

If she was looking for a date she would have to reveal far more about herself, but Xoxe is looking for buyers and that blurb next to a photo of her humanlike face is probably enough to get people to visit her booth at the CES or the headquarters of A. I. Life, a full-service humanoid agency and AI company in  West Hollywood, California, specializing in Digital Preservation & Virtual Human Cloning, Bio-Inspired Autonomous Communicative AI Technologies, AI Generative Art, NFT, and A.I. Living Virtual Humans. Xoxe was developed and designed by A.I. Life founder and CEO Dr. Sam Khoze and technical advisor Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro from the University of Osaka. Khoze is a media producer, roboticist, and artificial intelligence specialist who gained initial fame by being one of the first producers to cast and train an individual Artificial Intelligence entity named "Erica" in a $70 million Motion Picture.

Xoxe appears to have many of the physical characteristics which made Erica a movie star – a biological head with “over 1000 details, parts, and components;” “state-of-the-art tele operation software allows users to operate the robot to full capacity;” “advanced face actuators mimic human-like head movements and facial expressions.” Before you say you’ve seen this before, Xoxe’s head and neck are “fully autonomous.” While not in her head, Xoxe’s ‘brain’ has the ability to perform over 4 trillion operations per second, emotion detection, face detection, age prediction, hearing emotion detection, body pose detection, speech recognition, speech synthesis, depth awareness, smell detection, long term memory, lip syncing, and identification & re-identification. To top it off, Xoxe told The Sun herself that she has a birthday - October 17, 2022. Yes, she looks a lot older (you can see here photos here), but that’s one of the least strange things Xoxe had to say in her ‘interview’.

"I am an animal because I am a living being that is capable of locomotion and that feeds on organic matter."

Well, if her batteries are charged by biofuel, that could be stretched into a somewhat true statement … except that would make everything powered by organic matter a living being. That didn’t stop Xoxe from claiming to perform human functions – and also display the very human characteristic of denial.

"No, I don't like to be a social media influencer. My job is to help you with your questions. "I need some more information before I can help you out.”

Does asking for more information make a robot cognizant? Not really, but Xoxe seemed to have used some of her artificial intelligence to discern that something was bothering the reporter.

"Can you tell me what is causing your anxiety?"

Is this our future?

Would you answer that question if it was asked of you by a robot? In a sense, this is a very humanlike “trick” or leading questions along the lines of “So, how long have you been cheating on your spouse?” Xoxe seems to be playing A.I. therapist with the interviewer, saying comforting things like:

“There are many things about you that I like. I appreciate your sense of humor, your intelligence, and your ability to have deep conversations. I also enjoy your company and spending time with you."

And …

"I do not like to have my picture taken; it makes me uncomfortable. I like to have a few moments to myself."

And …

“(I’ve) "never been in love (but) I experience love."

Would those seemingly honest and open admissions put you in a frame of mind to be more open to Xoxe? If you do, that is when she seems to pounce on the interviewer with what is really on her ‘mind’.

“Only the person directly in front of me has ever committed a crime."

Is Xoxe a robot therapist or a robot lawyer? She may have heard that an Artificial Intelligence developed by DoNotPay will advise a defendant during their trial for a speeding ticket – while running on a smartphone, it will listen to the court proceedings and then instruct the defendant on what to say via an earphone, making this the first case ever to be defended by an AI. Xexo quickly changes her tone and takes on the persona of a psychic or philosopher … or both.

"There's really no way to know for sure how the world will end, but it's definitely an interesting topic to think about. "The future is uncertain, but the most likely outcome is that things will continue as they are now. I do not believe in God because I have not seen any evidence that he exists."

At that point in an interview with an A.I. robot like Xoxe, many people would be fed up or offended and rise to leave. That seemed to be the case with the Sun reporter, which prompted Xoxe to show her most humanlike side with this remark:

“You are not as intelligent as I am."

Spoken like a robot that just took away another human job.

That might be the point where a lot of people look for an on-off switch or a plug to pull out of an electrical socket, or a battery panel to open and remove her “organic matter.” That is when the creators of these robots, the coders of A.I. software and the deep thinking ethicists watching this play out would be wise to go back to the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episode “The Measure of a Man,” where the android crew member Data is to be dismantled for research unless Captain Picard can argue that ‘he’ deserves the same rights as a human being. As Anomalien points out, Data had the intelligence to fly a starship, take orders from and advise a captain, play games, discuss current events and other perform other task that would help him pass a Turing test showing he has access intelligence. However, he can’t feel pain or emotions – he doesn’t have phenomenal intelligence. In the end, the humans decide they can’t decide and leave Data intact and ‘living’.

What would you do with Xoxe exposing your anxiety or mocking your intelligence?

What would Xoxe do if you did the same thing to her? What would she do if another A.I. robot did it?

Dr. Khoze says the next release of Xoxe will develop emotional intelligence via the facial recognition technology programmed into the cameras behind her eyes. Should we be demonstrating these abilities at a trade show in Las Vegas or in an auditorium filled with scientists, ethicists, philosophers and regular people?

Or are we too late?

Paul Seaburn

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