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Bigfoot Sightings in Cannock Chase, Mississippi, West Virginia and Washington State

This is an article for Bigfoot believers, Bigfoot wanna-believers and Bigfoot skeptics. Does that cover everyone? We have a group in West Viginia with a thermal image of something big, a video from a boar hunter in Mississippi, an unusually clear photo of what looks like a Bigfoot in Washington State, and new info on a Bigfoot sighting in Cannock Chase, England, which may give skeptics some ammunition for their next argument. It looks like 2023 is starting with a Bigfoot-palooza!

Let’s start with the Mississippi sighting by hunter Josh Highcliff.

“There was this huge black thing crouched by a dead cypress about 50 yards away, i thought it was a hog but saw these big shoulders and a head upright with hands. It looked like it was digging out the stump. My first instinct was to run, i did not even think of shooting...then i know no one will believe me...it was like everything slowed down...i was scared! I took out my iphone and started videotaping it..i guess i pushed the record button twice cause it stopped blinking red.. but i pushed it again. I hear a truck driving down the road and the thing stood up!! I was trying to be dead quiet...when it stood up i could not control myself and ran. That stump was huge and i'd guess the sucker was 7feet tall, i am a hunter and am pretty darn good at guessing size.”

Even the swamps aren't safe from humans anymore.

While the sighting occurred in 2013 just  west of Tunica, Mississippi, WGN in Chicago and some other media sites finally found it and gave it some attention. (Watch the video here.) Highcliff showed his experience as a hunter by catching his breath and taking a video of a creature he swore was not a bear or a big boar but possibly a Bigfoot, skunk ape or “honey island swamp monster.” If that’s a new one for you, the Honey Island Swamp Monster or Cajun Sasquatch reportedly lives in the Honey Island Swamp in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, and was first sighted by Harlan Ford in 1963. After his death in 1980, a Super 8 movie allegedly  showing the creature was found in his belongings. One explanation is that a traveling circus lost chimpanzees there in the early 20th century and they’ve lived in the Honey Island Swamp ever since. Did Josh Highcliff see a mutant 7-foot chimpanzee in his own swamp in Mississippi? Probably not. Did he record a Bigfoot or swamp ape? Hard to say from that video.

Now we move on to the second sighting in Washington State.

“A friend sent me this from the ho river on the peninsula in Washington. I've had several encounters myself including a sighting. Crossing the road in Ashford wa.”

The friend, Ron B., sent the photo and details to the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. He claims it was taken “about a year and a half ago” along the Hoh River in Washington State where his friend was fishing. (You can see the photo here.)  Ron B. claims this is the same area he himself has seen a Bigfoot and “heard it talking and howling.” On October 2022, he claims he heard a Bigfoot tree knocking in October of 2022 and more “talking sounds like jibberish.” While the photo is definitely clearer than most Bigfoot pics, it is nonetheless not clear enough and has too much sun glare to positively identify it, especially with no other supporting evidence.

If you think thermal images are solid Bigfoot evidence, the sighting in West Virginia is for you.

“Lanham decided to point their new thermal imager toward where they were hearing the sounds from. He quickly received a hit on a moving target. The device was also allowing two nearby smartphone users to see what was being observed. The group was alerted to what they were doing and everyone agreed that no one could be down in that area in total darkness because the ravine was too steep. The observed video shows that the object was moving in strange ways unlike how animals would move. The thermal camera was set to “red hot” and showed a shape that appeared to be humanoid.”

Ron Lanham from the Wild & Weird West Virginia paranormal group recently described to reporter Roger Marsh what he and his fellow Bigfoot investigators saw on October 14, 2022, on a night when the electrical power went out after a group meeting at their lodge. They used their new thermal imaging camera to look around until the power came back. In a detailed report on their website, Lanham describes seeing something that was not an animal and was raising its “hand” and lowering its “head” as if it were eating something. (Watch the video here.) He felt it was aware of them as they stood on a ridge above. It eventually appeared to walk away in an upright position.

““I shared my sighting with Ron , due to my injuries I was unable to travel with the group so I walked around in the area of the Lodge. As soon as the group entered I heard a distinct single wood knock coming from behind the pavilion area, it was answered by another from behind the Lodge next to where we dined. The lights went out immediately to the lodge , I walked behind the Lodge and observed a very large shape of an upright -bi pedal animal in the wooded area from where the second knock came from , it disappeared into the deeper wood line . It is my belief there were 3 of them . ........"

Martin Groves, another witness, had stayed behind and claimed he saw “an upright bipedal animal” without the need for a thermal camera. The group went out the following day and found a footprint (see it here) and picked up spikes on a Geiger counter. To make the whole incident even more strange, the following night the group saw two UAPs – both moving fast with one intercepted by “a faster moving object which was maneuvering in unusual manners.” With the number of witnesses and recordings, this encounter sounds like one that deserves more investigation.

Now we come to one for the skeptics and debunkers.

"Back in August of 2015 I saw a Sasquatch/Bigfoot type creature in broad daylight in Cannock Chase.  It was roughly about 50 meters away from me, it looked to be about 7 or 8 feet tall (possibly even taller), very, very heavily built, and covered from head to toe in brown hair/fur.”

"I was setting trail cams most of last year, I stop in the winter as I hate the cold, and I usually start again in the spring. Last summer I was in Cannock Chase checking my trail cams, 3 showed nothing, but on one I found something very interesting and very extraordinary. I see a huge chest and a huge left arm covered in hair/fur, which is actually partially obscured by foliage (in reality I believe the arm is much, much bigger)."

A witness only going by “Ronnie” sent that report, along with a gamecam photo, of what he claims was a Bigfoot in the very paranormal Cannock Chase woods of England to the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. (See the photo here.) He goes on to state that the photo was taken at 3:45 am, it is “a huge chest and a huge left arm covered in hair/fur, which is actually partially obscured by foliage,” and in his opinion: “I think it is among the best evidence and proof of a Sasquatch/Bigfoot ever captured.”

Better than my selfie?

Challenge accepted, said Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot fame. He looked at the photo and noticed something familiar about it. Barackman is also the curator of the North American Bigfoot Center in Boring, Oregon, and what he noticed is that the photo resembled the replica model of Bigfoot on display there – they call him “Murphy.” He took a closeup photo of the model’s chest and left arm, blew it up and changed it to black and white. Lo and behold (does anyone still say that?), the images matched. (See the comparison here.) The same was true when he had Ronnie’s alleged trailcam photo colorized. In both directions, this one comes up hoax.

There you have our Bigfoot-palooza for January 2023. Let’s hope the rest of the year brings us clearer photos and videos, more evidence and less hoaxes!

Paul Seaburn

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