Jan 15, 2023 I Nick Redfern

My Final Focus on Alien Abductions for a While: Missing Time and Missing Souls

Now, it's time for our strange search for the truth about what, precisely, government agencies know about the alien abduction phenomenon – and about the abductees, too – is at its end. Unless, that is, there is a big development in the subject. Thanks to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Acts of both the United States and the United Kingdom, we know with complete certainty that various military and intelligence agencies have opened secret files on countless people who have encountered otherworldly beings. The evidence, we know, dates back to the early 1950s. That was when the Federal Bureau of Investigation quietly opened files on numerous people in the Contactee field. They included George Adamski, George Van Tassel, Orfeo Angelucci, and Truman Bethurum. All of them – and many more too - came under the careful and secret scrutiny of J. Edgar Hoover’s G-Men. Of course, the Contactee experience didn’t involve people being abducted against their will. For the most part, the so-called Space-Brothers would invite amazed people onto their craft. Nevertheless, the phenomenon of the Contactees is an important part of the overall story which this book tells; chiefly because it demonstrates that the FBI was intrigued – and at times very concerned – by those who claimed face to face extraterrestrial-human interaction back in the fifties. But, then, with a new decade looming large on the horizon, something changed the nature of how and why aliens interact with us. It was nothing positive. It was all-things negative. For us, at least. 

(Nick Redfern) George Van Tassel's Integratron: Alien-Human contact in the 1950s.

The Space-Brothers were benevolent, human-looking figures who wanted nothing more than to help steer us away from worldwide, nuclear destruction and the extinction of life on Earth. This is in stark contrast to what erupted, all across the globe, just a few years after the likes of Van Tassel and Adamski were riding high. Suddenly, government agencies were faced with another non-human phenomenon – a very much unforeseen one. It was a phenomenon which concerned the governments of both the United States and the United Kingdom. At times, as we have seen, that concern was soon replaced by outright fear. A stark and chilling realization hit government agencies square in the face: strange creatures from faraway worlds were kidnapping citizens of this planet. People were being subjected to medical experiments of kinds which puzzled those tasked with studying the situation; memories were being wiped clean; and there was a new threat to national security. Forget the Russians: sinister entities from an entirely different realm of existence to ours were using us like cattle. And, in the very early days – when the Betty and Barney Hill saga reached the media and the public – it seemed that nothing could be done to bring the onslaught to an end. Indeed, not only were government agencies confused and vulnerable to the activities of the new gang in town; they were hit by a terrible realization that they were unable to do anything about the growing intrusion in our very midst.

In other words, in the early years of the alien enigma, agencies were still very much in the dark, doing their utmost to come to grips with something that overwhelmingly baffled them. The military was used to dealing with enemies that wanted to destroy us. The United States Government knew that the Soviets were a major threat – and they knew how to handle them, in just the same way that the Soviets knew how to handle the Western world. The problem, as we have seen, though, is that the Grey abductors didn’t act like regular enemies: they didn’t attack us, they didn’t destroy our cities in Independence Day-style, and they never landed on the White House lawn and demanded worldwide surrender. Rather, they acted in a stealthy, odd way which agencies – particularly the military - had a hard time coming to grips with. There was no outright aggression, but there was no friendly approach either. So, what did our leaders do? As we have seen, agencies took what they felt was the best approach possible – maybe even the only approach possible, taking into consideration the fact that the aliens were infinitely years ahead of us, in terms of science and technology.

(Nick Redfern) The alien abduction phenomenon began.

There really was only one option available to governments. That was to watch – and watch closely – what was going on. To keep the abductees under surveillance; constant surveillance. To stay fully aware of the growing alien abduction epidemic – at least, to the extent that they were able to. And to stand ready and prepared for any significant changes in the clandestine actions of the Greys. This is why, as the 1960s became the 1970s, we saw the rise of the black helicopter and “phantom helicopter” phenomena. As we have seen, it was in the early 1970s that elements of the government secretly assigned a significant budget towards creating helicopter-based quick-reaction teams that could respond to alien abduction events, and monitor the homes of abductees across the United States. The project even used those same helicopters to try and figure out the connection between abductions and the cattle mutilation phenomenon. That encounters involving alien abductees and those mysterious helicopters are still being reported is a very good indication that this particular kind of aerial surveillance is still very much afoot.

And, as the 1970s progressed and finally spilled over into the 1980s, we saw even more disturbing trends in the domain of alien abductions. People began reporting that they had been implanted by the aliens. They could feel the implants, just under their skin. But, implanted with what, exactly? Small devices that, potentially, could monitor the movements of people – all across the United States and at any given moment. The fears were amplified when the government got wind that some abductees were also speculating that the Greys were planning to use the implanted victims of abduction in certain future events. The worrying inference was that possibly tens of thousands of abductees – maybe even more than that – would, one day, suddenly be “turned on” and used to sabotage the infrastructure of the United States: Manchurian Candidates following the orders of their alien overlords – and in a slave-like style – as a result of those mysterious devices buried under their skin. Images and thoughts of something fairly close to a real-life version of the classic 1956 movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, were surely not too far behind.  

There can be very little doubt at all that it was the rise of the implants angle which led the military and the intelligence world to take yet another step forward in the fight against the abduction phenomenon. That step was the dawning of the MILABS – the military’s very own abductions. If the government couldn’t get the answers to what was really going on, by keeping a close watch on the UFO phenomenon itself, then they would take things a step or several further. In fact, not just a step or two but a series of gigantic leaps. The time finally came when the government decided to speak with the abductees directly. As we have seen, such quiet and tactful approaches certainly occurred to a very small degree in the 1960s. But, decades later, things were very much different. And things were getting weirder too: alien abductees didn’t have to just worry about being kidnapped by aliens. Now, they also had to deal with the military abducting them, too. And, in much the same way that the Greys would routinely wipe out peoples’ memories, so those running the MILABS programs also used mind-altering technologies and drugs to get just about all of the information they needed from the abductees. By hook or by crook, they were going to get the answers. No wonder that so many alien abductees feel like they are being used. They are, and in multiple ways and by two groups with very different agendas: aliens and our very own government.

(Nick Redfern) Where there are abductees, there are black helicopters.

Let’s not forget that there is an even stranger aspect to the MILABS controversy; an almost unbelievable one. It’s the issue of MILABS teams fabricating abduction events – such as the trauma-filled Charles Hickson-Calvin Parker abduction late one night in October 1973 in Mississippi – to try and place the aliens in an even more dangerous light than they already seem to be. Or, in the Brazilian affair of Antonio Villas Boas in October 1957, to make the whole abduction issue appear utterly ridiculous by bringing the issue of wild alien-human sex into the equation. As we have seen, many researchers of the UFO issue outright dismissed the Villas Boas story when it first surfaced – which was exactly what the government wanted: keep Ufologists from investigating the real abductions, by trying to convince those same Ufologists that all of the tales of alien abduction – and sex with extraterrestrials - were ludicrous and the works of hoaxers. Things became even more worrying, from the government’s perspective, when the issue of the human soul became a major factor in far more than a few alien abduction experiences.

People spoke of their souls – their life-forces, their very essence – violently ripped form their physical bodies. Others, like Whitley Strieber – who, as we have seen, was clearly the subject of deep government surveillance – spoke of the aliens telling him that they recycled human souls into new bodies and that the Greys had connections to the afterlife and the domain of the dead.  Bob Lazar – the controversial Area 51 whistleblower – spoke of reading highly classified files which talked about the aliens referring to us as “Containers.” Our bodies were not of primary interest to the Greys, the files stated. The Greys wanted our souls, the Area 51 documents revealed. This too was a major wake-up call for those in power who were struggling to keep the alien abduction issue in check, and to keep the public far away from the unsettling truth.

Bringing things right up to the present day, we are now seeing agents of various government, military and intelligence bodies quietly approaching alien abductees and securing information – largely derived from dreams and nightmares – in relation to the likes of nuclear war and the actions of North Korea. And all tied in with the mysterious presence of the enigmatic Mothman, whose presence in 2017 in and around Chicago, Illinois, has led to fears that the city may be heading for Armageddon-like destruction, and all as a result of the crazed antics and threats of Kim Jong Un. From the somewhat innocent – but, admittedly, still worrying – days of Betty and Barney Hill to the present era, we have seen the alien abduction issue alter and develop to an incredible degree, and at an alarming rate, too. And, we see agencies of government doing all that they can – and, in the process, often struggling – to try and not just understand the full nature of the abductions, but also to try and find a way to stop the aliens’ secret agenda in its tracks. So far, we have seen the various agencies of government and the military acting very much as what we might call a combined voyeur: carefully watching, listening, logging, probing, and collating data. How many secret files on alien abductees might be stored in vast warehouses, or in underground vaults, across not just the United States but the world itself, is anyone’s guess.

(Nick Redfern) The Mothman connection.

All we can say for sure is that as long as the alien abduction phenomenon continues, highly classified files will continue to be compiled, studied, and stored in secure vaults. Black helicopters will continue to fly over the homes of citizens, looking for leads and answers. Abductees will continue to be grilled and threatened by those running the military side of the situation: the MILABS. And, a vast secret – that something unearthly is harvesting our souls and bodies for reasons not fully understood – will grow ever greater in size and scope, as governments struggle to hide the terrible, complicated truth from all of us. It’s a truth which officialdom won’t come clean on – because they are deathly frightened to admit they don’t know how to tell us. 

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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