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Pentagon Ordered to Reinvestigate the 1945 Crash of a Mysterious Avocado-Shaped UFO

If you were looking for a hint that the U.S. government may be moving towards even a little disclosure of reports on UFOs and aliens, a minor change to the major Pentagon spending bill signed in the waning days of 2022 just might be your sign. The National Defense Authorization Act, which was passed by Congress earlier in December (nothing like waiting until the very last minute, Congress!), originally included a section requiring the Department of Defense's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) to review and prepare a report on all previous government investigations of UFOs dating back to 1947. For those not up on their Roswell dog whistles, "1947"  is the year of the most famous of all alleged UFO incidents. Since so many people regard it as the true beginning of UFO encounters, using that as a starting point for the Pentagon’s new All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office responsible for investigations both present and past would make sense. So, why was a last-minute change made to the National Defense Authorization Act changing that date from 1947 to 1945? It didn’t stop President Biden from signing it. The answer has to do with an avocado.

Wait … what? An avocado?

“I was not involved in the drafting of the legislation, but several of my DC friends were, and they got the date of the investigation pushed back to 1945.”

The Daily Mail interviewed one man who indirectly had a major influence on the mysterious date change – astronomer, venture capitalist, UFO investigator and Internet pioneer Jacques Vallée. Born and educated in France, Vallée moved to the U.S. in 1962 where he began making his mark by compiling NASA's first detailed informational map of Mars. However, his interest in UFOs precedes that – Vallée claims he saw a UFO in Pontoise, France, in May 1955, and in 1961 witnessed the unexplained destruction of tracking tapes of a UFO orbiting the earth in the opposite direction to the planet’s rotation – an impossibility for rocket technology at that time. These two of many incidents and experiences drove Vallée’s interests in UFO investigations … including a strange one in 1945.

How many more UFO crashes don't we know about?

On August 16, 1945, two boys – nine-year-old Jose Padilla and seven-year-old Remigio Baca went looking for a cow in San Antonio, New Mexico, and found a UFO … at least that’s what they told their parents when they returned. According to most reports, they saw smoke and it led to a circular object which had apparently crashed into the ground. Once the intense heat diminished, they approached it and allegedly saw small beings – alive and moving but under stress. They were said to have returned two days later with one boy’s father and a state policeman who saw the crash but not the beings. The reports then say military personnel began to slowly dig out and remove the wreckage – a 25 by 14 foot, roughly five ton 'avocado-shaped' object. At one point when the site was deserted, the boys allegedly stole a piece of metal from the object and hid it without telling their parents. The military questioned one of the fathers but he knew nothing. The boys kept their story and the object secret until 2003 when they were interviewed by a journalist from their hometown.

“Several of the Congressmen involved have the book that Paola Harris and I wrote about our research at [the alleged crash site called] Trinity.”

Vallée heard about the 1945 incident – code named ‘Trinity’ for the Trinity Site in the White Sands Missile Range near where it was found – and joined forces with Italian investigative journalist Paola Leopizzi Harris to interview the witnesses - Padilla (who is still alive) and Baca  (who died in 2013) – and the family of Lt. Col William Brothy, who revealed years after the incident that he was one of the first military personnel to survey the crash site on August 16, 1945. Their findings became “TRINITY: The Best-Kept Secret” which was published in 2021 and updated recently with new information.

“The first witness was a bomber pilot who was coming in for landing at Alamogordo [the neighboring airbase]. He was asked by the controllers to look at a communication tower that had lost signal. He told the story to his family. His son gave us the recollection of what his father had described. Flying over, he saw the tower was bent, as if it had been hit by something very hard. And then he saw in the vegetation some distance away a large egg-shaped object. And there were two little kids that he called little Indians, on their horses next to the object.”

Those were Baca and Padilla. That was when they were looking at the beings, which they described to Vallée.

“They moved fast, as if they were able to will themselves from one position to another in an instant. They were shadowy and expressionless, but definitely living beings. They had big bulgy eyes. Four foot tall, and they were real thin, needle-thin arms… Their heads looked like a campamocha [praying mantis]. They seemed like us – children, not dangerous. But we were scared and exhausted.”

How many more aliens don't we know about?

The boys told Vallée an Army sergeant came to their ranch and said he was looking for an “experimental weather balloon” which had fallen on their property. Vallée had the piece of metal they found tested in 2015 – although it was primarily Earth aluminum, the conclusion noted that the ship could have been flown by “time travelers” or aliens based on Earth. Vallée doesn’t believe the “weather balloon” cover-up – a balloon couldn’t knock over the Marconi Tower of the White Sands Missile Range. Although he’s not certain why the National Defense Authorization Act was amened to include the Trinity incident, he told the Daily Mail he’s hoping “it will re-open the research on a more historically accurate and significant time scale.” If asked, he would point the investigators not to San Antonio, New Mixico, but to the Department of Energy.

“Reme Baca assisted Dixy Lee Ray in winning the election as governor of Washington in 1976. She had been chair of the Atomic Energy Commission [1973 to 1975]. She showed Reme when he was helping her in the campaign, a record of the recovery of the craft. It was secret, she did not leave it with him. But she indicated that there was a record in the files of the Atomic Energy Commission.”

Will the record still exist? Why would it be with the Atomic Energy Commission? Jacques Vallée is now 83. Will the inspiration for Claude Lacombe, the researcher portrayed by François Truffaut in Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” get involved in one more close encounter that could finally be the real deal?

Will the change of one digit – from a ‘7’ to a ‘5’ – be the cause of the first major alien encounter disclosure? We can only wait and hope. 

Paul Seaburn

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