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Second String Psychics Predict a Bad 2023 for Royals and More

When it comes to annual psychic predictions, the first string is made up of two premier players – Nostradamus and Baba Vanga. For 2023, Nostradamus, the 15th century astrologer from France, sees Great Britain escalating its involvement in the war between Russia and Ukraine, a meteorite bringing an alien species to Earth, mass food shortages, an illness for U.S. President Joe Biden, cannibalism due to climate change, and Russia resorting to hybrid human-monkey soldiers. Baba Vanga isn’t much rosier – her 2023 prognostications include a nuclear power plant explosion, babies being grown in laboratories and, in agreement with Nostradamus, aliens visiting Earth and millions dying as a result. Fortunately, these two aren’t always right.  For some more positive predictions for the new year, it pays to check with the second string psychics who are usually still alive, less apocalyptic and more in tune with pop culture. Let’s see what the Asparamancer, two claiming to be the ‘New Nostradamus’, the Elder from Mount Athos and some other bench-warming seer have to say about what is in store for 2023.

The New Nostradamus? Bring them on!
  • The Government will hang on but will be under ever-increasing pressure to grip the economy. Further devaluation of the pound will not be acceptable.
  • UK will not return to the EU.
  • Certain high-profile political public figures – not MPs – will be revealed as corrupt.
  • People will become savvier with food shortages on the horizon. Rationing may be considered.
  • Following this people will return to growing their own foods. Gardens will be dug over and allotments will be even more popular.
  • Turmoil in the Far East as a result of super plague Covid. Tensions between countries will be highlighted.

Jemima Packington, known as the Asparamancer for her technique of tossing fresh asparagus spears into the air and reading from their arrangement on the ground, has had some successful predictions, like Brexit and Harry and Meghan stepping down as senior members of the Royal Family, and some unsuccessful ones in 2022, like Croatia winning the World Cup and Boris Johnson clinging on as Prime Minister. Her government forecasts for 2023 are pretty generic and predictable by non-psychics – a super COIVID seems well on its way already.  On the royals, she has mostly good news except for Princess Kate, and bad news for Hollywood celebrities.

  • More Royal births will be announced.
  • The Kings Coronation will be a joyous occasion for all those participating. A bright spot in a dark time.
  • There will be a removal of royal titles.
  • Princess Royal will have a health scare which will show the public just what a hard-working and dedicated member of the Royal Family she is and not to be taken for granted.
  • There will be unexpected deaths among Showbiz personalities. Not all age-related.
  • More Hollywood A-listers will come out as gay. This will be quite shocking to the public in general – “Who knew”!

Jemima touts her success rate as “about 75 to 90% accurate” and brags that even when she’s wrong, “I’m never far off.” If you want to try your hand at it, she used only fresh Worcestershire asparagus grown in the Vale of Evesham.

Up next is Craig Hamilton-Parker, who is being called the ‘new Nostradamus’. His past scorecard has correct predictions the pandemic, Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the recent incident of King Charles being hit by eggs. For 2023, he sees these events:

  • King Charles’ first year as monarch will go smoothly, with him acting as “a reforming king,”
  • For the upcoming coronation and the “stone of scone”. The old coronation stone of the Scottish kings that was stolen by Edward and only recently returned to Scotland, he has “I have weird feelings about Scotland, some kind of protest or someone trying to steal the stone and its tied in within Scotland because I’ve had a vision of a red-faced Nicola Sturgeon.
  • We will avoid World War Three in 2023.
  • The most pressing issue in 2023 will be food shortages which will start off in developing nations.
  • He sees two submarines crashing off the coast of Taiwan predicts “There will be full out war between Taiwan and China.”
  • There will be an escalation in aggression between both Israel and Iran which will result in war.

With those apocalyptic prognostications, it is easy to see why Craig Hamilton-Parker is compared to Nostradamus. That trend unfortunately extends to his forecasts for the royal family in 2023.

  • Prince Andrew “will go through a psychological breakdown” and “he may do something like take an overdose but I didn’t see him dying.”
  • He also has feelings about the psychological health of King Charles and him admitting later in the year of a depression after the high of the coronation.
  • An accident will happen to one of the royal household, who he feels will suffer from a fall, as well as an illness involving one of the royal children.
  • Meghan Markle will end up with her own Oprah-style talk show, but she and Harry eventually break-up, leading Harry to become a “deeply troubled” man.
  • Kate will carry out a “spontaneous” but “touching” act which puts her life at risk, and she will be viewed as the new “star” in the royal family.

Moving away from the UK to Greece, Father Paisios of Mount Athos, also known as Elder Paisios, who lived as a monk on Mount Althos until his death in 1994, left a number of predictions for 2023 – none of them bright.

  • The world is waiting for 7 terrible wars, which have already started in Georgia and Ukraine.
  • The conflict with Ukraine would end with the victory of Russia, leading to an armed clash between Russia and the United States.
  • Control over the Black Sea will completely pass into the hands of Russia, leading to conflict with Turkey.

Also being called the “New Nostradamus” is controversial Afghan mathematician and “prophet” Sediq Afghan, who uses a secret algorithm to make his predictions – which have occasionally placed his life in danger.

  • The disintegration of the European Union will begin in 2023.
  • “When I looked at the formula for the coronavirus, I stated that it is a biological and chemical weapon that is distributed using satellites in space. Scientists are developing a new virus.”
  • The Third World War will begin after 2025, and the next president of Russia will be a man born in 1972.

Sediq Afghan also allegedly predicted that “Putin should in no case step back from the special operation. Because otherwise, trouble awaits Russia.” That prediction was spread by Russian nationalist websites and social media and Afghan claimed to have been poisoned as a result.

Russian psychic Tamara Globa (born Tamara Mikhailovna Erzova) says 2023 will be a difficult but interesting year for Russia and the rest of the world.

  • “March will give our country quite strong allies, diplomatic alliances” and “The end of summer and the beginning of autumn will provide opportunities for a peaceful settlement.”
  • In the second half of 2023 she sees a new decline in the dollar.
  • The year is interesting with new opportunities for people actively striving to create a family, have children.
  • 2023 will be a difficult year in terms of the possibility of local outbreaks of diseases – she considers the coronavirus pandemic a deterrent which actually prevented more serious military upheavals from occurring.

Let’s hope Tamara is correct on the end to the Russian conflict, although another pandemic isn’t the best way for it to end.

There you have the prognostications for 2023 from the second string of the world’s better known psychics. We’ll stop with them – the third string is mostly sports-predicting animals, toy 8-balls and old coins with heads and tails.

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