Jan 08, 2023 I Paul Seaburn

The Grand Warlock of Mexico Makes His Predictions and Warnings for 2023

One psychic who likes to wait until the other seers get their forecasts for the New Year out of the way first is El Brujo Mayor – the Grand Warlock of Mexico. Antonio Vazquez is not like many of the other major psychics – unlike Nostradamus and Baba Vanga, he’s still alive … although at 80 he has a proper ‘aged’ look about him. Unlike other living psychics, he makes a grand spectacle of his predictions – making them live in a press conference carried by many major media outlets. While his prognostications deal primarily with Mexican politics and personalities, he occasionally looks outside of his country with his predictions. Let’s see what El Brujo Mayor has to say about 2023.

But first, let’s look at one way Mexicans said goodbye to 2022 – with a sorcerer burning the devil in effigy. The sorcerer is Enrique Marthen Bredón, the self-proclaimed sorcerer of Catemaco (Brujo Mayor de Catemaco) – a popular tourist destination on Lake Catemaco in the state of Veracruz. Catemaco is also known for its community of “brujos" - 'witches' or 'sorcerers' – who are said to get their powers from Lake Catemaco and the Mono Blanco Mountain next to it. The Veracruz governor has often promoted the idea of a national school for sorcery in Catemaco. The New Year’s Eve tradition dates back to the 19th century among the Jarocho – the residents of Veracruz. The 20-foot (6 meters) devil is made of cloth and papier-mâché (photos here) and stuffed with sawdust, paper, cloth and the magic ingredient -- fireworks. According to the Jarocha tradition, the cloth and paper devil represents the year that is ending, and the fire represents the extinction of everything that happened in the past year. The igniting of giant devil takes place at midnight on December 31 and the fireworks add a spectacular end to the old year and celebration of the new year. Sound like more fun that watching a lighted ball, doesn’t it?

He needs to make sure to warn revelers that the devil is not a pinata!

Those New Year fireworks also signal that the predictions of another ‘brujo’ will be coming soon and El Brujo Mayor made his appearance at a press conference on January 3rd. Before we find out what the Grand Warlock sees for 2023, let’s see how well he did in his forecast for the past year. He predicted that “The world is in a tremendous economic crisis” but “we are going to have a healthy economy and there will be a lot of work." That one is true according to some economic measures. He saw New York being flooded more and that was also true. He predicted that popular 90-year-old actress Silvia Pinal would survive COVID and thankfully she did. Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador continued to have health problems and there were bad times for women in Mexico - both correct prognostications. So it seems the Grand Warlock’s tarot cards working in good working order in January 2022. Can he have the same success in his 2023 predictions?

"The war continues there (in Ukraine) because the United States is maintaining it there, it is sending a lot of money, so there are going to be serious problems on the planet because of that."

The San Diego Union Tribune was one of the national and international media outlets covering the Grand Warlock’s press conference, and his prediction about the war in Ukraine seems like an easy one to open with. Despite the ongoing war, he forecast a “balanced” world economy and especially good economic news for his home country, which "is going to have a really satisfactory year economically." He also saw no natural disasters for Mexico, which is good news for a country which regularly has hurricanes and volcanic eruptions. There’s nothing like getting the crowd in a good mood before hitting them with the bad news. Mexico is holding major elections this year and the Grand Warlock sees some problems, especially when he drew the Queen of Spades.

“He's going to go ahead but the queen of spades comes out. She has to take much more care of herself because she does have serious problems. Her health is bad.”

That means both health and political party problems for President López Obrador and his government. He also predicted an increase in violence and insecurity in Mexico. On the weather front, he predicts more of the cold weather that has been also been hitting the United States, especially in Texas which borders Mexico to the north. The Grand Warlock counters that bad forecast with some good news – the Covid pandemic will not be a problem in 2023 in Mexico, nor will rabies, which apparently was rampant in that country in 2022. Are rabid chupacabras the cause? No one thought to ask El Brujo Mayor that one.

Now comes the really ad news.

The biggest predictions by the Grand Warlock for 2023 had to do with actor Andrés García. The beloved 81-year-old movie and soap opera sex symbol has had both health and relationship issues, and El Brujo Mayor seems to have more bad news for the actor in 2023.

“There is a tremendous economic interest, because when he dies he is going to leave a good amount of money and that is what she is looking for at a certain moment. Yes, she has done witchcraft to him and for me to affirm this it is because it has to be very true… If she has done witchcraft to him and the man is lying there. Hopefully they can change the person who takes care of him so that he can get ahead.”

That’s right – the Grand Warlock says García’s wife, Margarita López Portillo, is a witch who is trying to prevent the actor from bequeathing his fortune to his son instead of her. Why is there so much interest in García’s money?

“I do not like to predict that someone is going to have a tremendous death… But, it is ending, I think he is already causing it, he already wants to get rid of it, he no longer wants to have that body, he has already lived the maximum of his body … Either he recovers or we'll see what happens because he's really suffering a lot.”

Let’s hope that some of the Grand Warlock’s more depressing and tragic predictions are wrong for this year – for the sakes of all involved. And maybe Nostradamus could get more fans if he had less predictions about war and pestilence and more about Kardashians.

Paul Seaburn

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