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Time Traveler Stuck Alone in 2027 Gets a Girlfriend

The short video social media platform TikTok was released in China in 2016 and worldwide in 2018. In that brief time it seems TikTok has changed many aspects of modern life – not necessarily for the benefit of humanity. One in particular that is somewhat of a surprise is the area of time travel. The description “TikTok time traveler” has become commonplace as self-described time travelers from the future post videos of warnings of disastrous and even apocalyptic events they say will happen soon – usually within weeks of the posting of the videos. Since we are still alive and on Earth, haven’t seen any alien invasions or monster appearances or world wars, most of these videos are deemed to be hoaxes.

One who has so far resisted debunking is Javier (@unicosobreviviente) – an unusual character who claims to be from the present rather than the future but is now mysteriously living in the near future just a few years from the present in a time where he is the only person left on Earth. Make that “was” the only person left on Earth. Javier has revealed that he now has a girlfriend with him named Maria. Is she really your girlfriend if she’s the only woman around? Let’s see if Javiar and Maria can answer this and other questions about the empty times of 2027.

“Time is an illusion 💛 Alone in the world with @unicosobreviviente”

I'm from the future and I'm here to help.

That sounds very philosophical, but Maria – TikTok name @socmia – claims she is a scientist who is “part of the same project as Javier,” who we’ve come to know (and millions come to follow) as @unicosobreviviente, which means “only survivor.” That is clearly no longer the case now that Maria has joined him in 2027. For those not familiar with Javier, he began posting videos in 2021 after he claimed he “just woke up in a hospital and I don't know what happened. Today is February 13, 2027 and I am alone in the city.” The ‘city’ is Valencia, Spain, and he has never explained how he got there (it is not his hometown in Spain) nor how he traveled forward in time. He also has never explained how his cell phone still works and he can communicate with the Internet from the future. And of course, he has no explanation for why the streets, the stores, the homes and everything else in the “future” is empty – as if everyone disappeared just as he arrived. While Javier has roamed around future Valancia and recorded the vacant sites, he has never shown his own face and has refused all requests to do something to prove what he says – show a newspaper with a date, destroy a car … anything that would prove he is truly all alone in 2027 … or 2028, as he admitted last year.

“I appear here because I am still processing everything I have lived and I am trying to find a solution. I still have a lot to understand but I have decided to change the current situation.”

Make that “was” all alone. While this is the first time Maria/@socmia has appeared in mass media reports on Javier, her own few videos date back to September 8, 2022. Just like those of Javier, her videos never show her face and, in the ones which follow Javier, never show his face either. Apparently Maria has learned @unicosobreviviente’s skill of deceptive videos. That shouldn’t be difficult for her – she brags to be a smart woman.

“I am a scientist, my strong point is nuclear physics.”

Ah ha! Maybe she can figure out how Javier got to 2027 … or where everyone else is. In fact, she sets the stage for it.

“I am part of the same project as Javier (who you know as unicosobreviviente).”

The same project? What project is she referring to – a time travel project or a mass hoax project?

“I know Javier and his experiment since the beginning even though he didn’t know it at the time. And now finally I’m here to help him.”

Ah … the plot thickens. Does Maria mean she knew Javier in Spain back in February 2021 when he began posting his videos from 2027? Or does she know him from the future? Javier has often mentioned that he was all alone and how lonely that was. Now we suddenly have evidence he’s had a companion since September 2022. And by ‘companion’ we mean girlfriend – one video shows them in bed together … although they’re simply lying there. However, what kind of nuclear scientist working on a time travel project has time for that? In fact, the videos show nothing of her actually working on the same “project” as Javier – unless the project is walking around, visiting museums and showing Javier’s hooded back or their casually dressed legs and feet. Javier claimed in previous videos he had been to other cities besides Valencia - Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. All of them look like people had just disappeared – either at his request or by some mysterious abduction or disintegration. And although he’s been walking around for over almost two years, nothing is falling apart or decayed or out of power. Does that sound like reality or a hoax?

What if Javier was actually hoping for a dog?

“What do you want to know about me? or [email protected] survivor #lone survivor?”

In one interesting video from October 2022, Maria plays “ask me anything” and as she reveals her nuclear physics background, shows some papers with mathematical formulas on them. Then she pans up to show she is in what looks like a bunker – the first non- modern-yet-empty scene either she or Javier have revealed. Could she really be telling the truth … at least partially?

In a past video, Javier said he thought he was living in a parallel universe and what he was showing was not our world in 2027-8 but a parallel world in the future. That still doesn’t explain how he got there, what Maria is doing there, where everyone else is, how he’s communicating from the futures, etc., etc., etc.

Without any more information, Javier and Maria’s “project” looks like the sophisticated hoax that most people believe it to be. How they manage to gain access to so many places and vacate them is impressive – that seems more likely that erasing all evidence of humans with CGI because there are no telltale signs of editing in the videos. As a result, Javier/@unicosobreviviente and Maria/@socmia have managed to captivate millions of followers to their TikTok videos and addicted them into waiting for ‘future’ ones. And they are the extremely rare instance of a time traveling couple. 

Perhaps THAT is the “project.” 

Paul Seaburn

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