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Two Recent Reports with Videos of "Giants" on Mountains in Mexico

When people say “Giants walk among us,” they are usually referring to “giants” figuratively – leaders in their fields, heroes of battles, creators of great new things, and the like. That is not the case in two cities in Mexico where witnesses recently recorded what appear to be giant humanoids walking among them … or at least near them across the tops of mountains or hills in their neighborhoods. Both witnesses posted their videos on social media where it was picked up by the local mass media and the debates began – including warnings about a young man in Alberta, Canada, who also recorded and posted a video of an alleged giant … and died unexpectedly just a few months later after claiming he was being stalked. Are these hoaxes or are real giants walking among us? Should the witnesses be worried? Should we?

Why not take a video and run?

“It looks like La Santa Muerte but idk gang yall tell me that thing passed right on top of my dad crib smh”

TikTok user @deylovedexter posted the first video on December 7, 2022. The comments bounced back and forth between believers and doubters, with many pointing out that “giant” may not be the correct descriptor of whatever it was moving in the video because it looked more like a Bigfoot or another large hairy cryptid or upright-walking hairy humanoid. The location was identified in the video as La Blanca, a mountainous town in the Mexican state of Veracruz, and the video and story were soon picked up by El Heraldo de Mexico. The mass media report decided the “strange "giant" human figure” which had garnered 9 million views by December 21 was not necessarily a giant.

“The video in question, which would reveal the existence of a supposed "Bigfoot" was recorded on December 7 in an unidentified community, located in the Mexican state of Veracruz. In the clip you can see in the distance, on one of the hills that can be seen in the distance, a strange figure apparently human and large, walking in broad daylight.”

“Apparently human and large” could be either a giant or a Sasquatch, but many commenters agreed that it would have helped if the witness had zoomed in on the being before the seconds-long video ended. That might also have given viewers a better perspective on the actual size of the being. At that point, the needle on the “Is this real?” meter was stuck on the line between “Hoax” and “Not clear enough to tell.”

That might have been the end of it … had not another video of an alleged giant appeared just a few days later. Also uploaded to TikTok, this two-part video is claimed by the witness - @garcia_s24 – to show a “giant” (#gigante) that was “Captured by our trailer friend Luis R”. Again, commenters could not agree on whether the video was real or a hoax. If it was real, this humanoid looked more like a proverbial giant – although, like the other one, it would benefit greatly from zooming and a perspective shot. That didn’t stop El Heraldo de Mexico from posting the video and a follow-up story.

“The recording was captured by a trucker who was traveling through the state of Aguascalientes, specifically in a section of the highway between the capital and Lagos de Moreno, before arriving at the booth called "La Chona", according to the information that It has spread on networks , as well as the text visible in the clip.”

Aguascalientes is located in central Mexico and far from Veracruz, where the other “giant” was seen. The capital is the city of Aguascalientes, and Lagos de Moreno is a city in the State of Jalisco about 60 miles southeast of it. Truck driver “Luis R” claimed to be near a regular stop – a toll booth called “La Chona” – when he saw and recorded the ‘thing’ on the hill or mountaintop. The anomaly appears to be bending over but not walking like the one in the first video. The figure is dark and indiscernible, so its identity is wide open for debate. While many commenters decided it is indeed a giant or giant humanoid, the needle on the “Is this real?” meter on this one is also on the line between “Hoax” and “Not clear enough to tell.”

Another reason to check to make sure you borught your cell phone.

That might be the end of the debates over these two questionable videos had not “Luis R” brought up the recent experience of Andrew Dawson. On April 4, 2022, he posted a video on TikTok of what he described as a giant walking across the top of Whistlers Peak Mountain in Alberta, Canada. While the weather is different, that “giant” resembles the anomaly in the of Aguascalientes videos more than the one in the Veracruz video. Dawson claimed he and a colleague were driving to work on their regular route – a road alongside the mountain – when he saw something unusually large on the peak. At the time, Dawson suspected what he saw was a Bigfoot and he returned to the viewing spot a few days later. After not seeing it again, he decided to attempt to get close to where the creature or being appeared to have been standing or walking on the mountain peak. That is when he was stopped by someone and told to turn around and don’t come back again – an encounter he also recorded and posted. He continued his attempts to get to the peak and was thwarted each time. Then he posted another video where he seemed to be under duress and admitted all of the scenarios were faked. In one video, he said, “I’m not dead.” However, the Campbell River Mirror on July 1, 2022, carried the obituary of “Andrew Ryan Watchorn Dawson” with a photo that matched the “giant” spotter. Social media picked up on this and conspiracy theories apparently made it all the way to Mexico, where Andrew Dawson’s tale of a giant on a mountain was linked to two more.

What do these three (including Dawson’s) videos show? It is easy to dismiss them because the anomalies are far away, blurred and provide no other evidential context. On the other hand, they all in about an eight month time period and in similar locations and circumstances.

Do real giants walk among us? Is any of that enough to move the needle on YOUR “Is this real?” meter? 

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