Mar 19, 2023 I Paul Seaburn

Canada Wants to Lead the World in UFO Research and Disclosure

Canadians are known for being polite – except on the hockey ice – but that admirable trait may be changing when it comes to UFOs and extraterrestrials. A secret government project for dealing with UFOs/UAPs in the Great White North was leaked to Canadian media and it shows that the Canadian government and its military leaders may have more shook up by the recent ‘balloon UFOs’ than it first appeared. Many countries, particularly in South America, have official government departments for studying and responding to UFO sightings, and many of those countries and others have strong private organizations for making sure that data gets public exposure. Until recently, the United States was not one of these countries – keeping its UFO research hidden from the public eye. That changed with the release of videos showing military pilot encounters with objects that defied modern technology, and the U.S. now has the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office which is committed to unifying UFO data collection and providing both Congress and the public with regular disclosures and updates. While progress has been slow, AARO and the recent balloon UFOs over Canadian territory may have inspired its government to do the same – albeit still secretly. That is why a recent leak reported by CTV News is so important.

Are aliens hockey fans?

“The Canadian government's top scientist has launched a study into unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP: a term that is replacing "UFO" and "unidentified flying object" in official circles. Known as the "Sky Canada Project," the study, being conducted by the Office of the Chief Science Advisor of Canada, is the first known official Canadian UFO research effort in nearly 30 years.”

That “top scientist” is Chief Science Advisor Mona Nemer, a specialist in molecular genetics and cardiac regeneration, who was reappointed to a third two-year term in September 2022. The position of Canada's Chief Science Advisor was created in 2017 to promote scientific independence and provide impartial advice to the prime minister and cabinet. While that mission statement doesn’t explicitly say “including UPF/UAP information,” many people hoped that would be the case, starting with Larry Maguire, the Conservative member of parliament for Brandon-Souris in Manitoba who has been pushing for UFO research and disclosure since May 2022, and who was mentioned in the presentation.

“The Chief Science Advisor’s project is a signal to the government, the scientific community, the media, and Parliament that they can no longer ignore this. The vast majority of reports should be explainable and that’s where we need the Sky Canada Project to lay out a scientific plan to do that. The government needs to quickly and accurately determine what is in our skies with a high degree of confidence."

If the Chief Science Advisor is no longer ignoring UFOs, what is she doing about them? The leaked document is a 9-page PowerPoint presentation from February 2023. It opens with the qualifications that the project’s mission “is not meant to prove or deny the existence of extraterrestrial life or extraterrestrial visitors” with “not” in bold type. It also notes this is a “scientific” plan, not a military one. Some of the key objectives stated for The Sky Canada Project are:

  • To enquire how UAP reporting is managed in Canada and recommend improvements if necessary.
  • Identify the key Canadian players and how they deal with UAP observations.
  • Support citizen science: collect observations to document rare natural phenomena.
  • More Transparency: Give access to collected information to prevent conspiracy theories.

To achieve these goals, The Sky Canada Project enlists a number of partners, including Transport Canada, the Canadian Space Agency and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. One organization not on the list is Ufology Research. Led by Chris Rutkowski, considered by many to be Canada’s leading UFO researcher with 35 years of experience in collecting and analyzing Canadian UFO data, Ufology Research recently reported that there were 768 UFO sightings in Canada — a slight increase of about six per cent over the previous year. Rutkowski emphasizes the importance of collecting data from the public as well as military and commercial pilots, because all data is “potentially of value to researchers."

Canadian ufologist Grant Cameron of Winnipeg suggested in a recent webcast that the Sky Canada Project could result in nothing less than making Canada the “first government on the planet” to achieve the Holy Grail of UFO study: Full disclosure about the truth and reality of UFOs. Grant Cameron, another Canadian UFO researcher, agrees … and thinks The Sky Canada Project could outdo its counterpart in the U.S. in a key area:

“Bravo to the science advisor and to Prime Minister Trudeau for actually putting this forward and taking the first steps so Canada will lead the way. I always say what will happen if some other government discloses before the United States of America –- that may be happening within the next year. I’m very happy to alert people to the fact that this is going to take place.”

Is Cameron dropping a hint that the Canadian government already knows something about extraterrestrial UFOs and has quickly put together a department to disseminate the information? The Sky Canada Project is small - about 20 people with an annual budget of nearly $4 million. However, Larry Maguire says size is less important than inclusiveness – he explains that an effective investigative organization needs “a whole-of-government approach” which must “involve academics, researchers and experts” working together to identify UAPs and determine their origin and purpose. Does he think that will that happen?

There's more to Canadian UFOs than balloons.

"The Chief Science Advisor’s team has the appropriate clearances to dig deep into the existing data and must be given access to everything. If the Chief Science Advisor’s office is given complete access to all the information and intelligence our government currently possesses, and her report can publicly reveal it, we will be having a much different conversation. Canadians have a right to know what their tax dollars are being spent on."

Ouch! Nothing motivates politicians more than the subject of taxes. The presentation asks Canadians to be proactive – something not seen in the presentations by AARO, which still seems to focus on the military and national security. Canadian could be more motivated by the shock of military planes under the jurisdiction of both countries shooting down UFO balloons last month – with only one being identified and recovered. That doesn’t sound like full disclosure and that is what Maguire says Canadians are paying their taxes for. They’re just too polite to say it out loud.

Is the Sky Canada Project capable of achieving what Canadian ufo researcher Grant Cameron describes as becoming the “first government on the planet” to achieve the Holy Grail of UFO study - full disclosure about the truth and reality of UFOs? We may soon find out ... eh?

Paul Seaburn

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