May 25, 2023 I Paul Seaburn

Black Triangle UFO Recorded at U.S. Military Base in 2021

If you are one of those people who have high hopes that the U.S. government’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO ) UAP investigation group will disclose all of the relevant details of major UAP sightings at military installations, prepare to have your hopes shattered. A blockbuster new investigative report reveals that over 50 military personnel at a major base in California witnessed and recorded an unidentified aerial phenomena at least 50 yards long and two stories high – watching it for at least 10 minutes before it disappeared. Here’s the real disappointment – the AARO admits it never received a report and knows nothing about this unbelievable sighting. What would Mulder do?

“In the spring of 2021, almost two years to the day, dozens of U.S. Marines being trained at the sprawling base at Twentynine Palms watched in awe as a massive, triangular-shaped object sat motionless in the sky for a period of more than ten minutes.”

Let us right up front give our sincere thanks and kudos to documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and longtime UFO investigative reporter George Knapp for revealing this shocking story on their podcast, Weaponized. The Twentynine Palms Base – also known as the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC), is located in the city of Twentynine Palms in southern San Bernardino County and is the largest United States Marine Corps base (over 8,000 people live and work there). The expeditionary airfield and surrounding accommodations for visiting units is named "Camp Wilson" and that is the location where, on April 20, 2021, a triangular object with lights on its edges appeared in the sky at around 8:30 pm.

It was too dark at Twentynine Palms to get a photo like this.

“Two years ago, this thing happened and nothing has come out. There’s been no media coverage in two years since.”

Knapp says apparently no one knew about this major UFO incident until Corbell received a tip from one of his “high up” inside sources that he should look into it. As he began digging, he found Marine witnesses with a treasure trove of videos and photos of the 10-minutes the object appeared to hover over the base.

"Fifty plus people were coming out and looking. Those lights appeared out of nowhere. [People] were just kind of like baffled. Nobody could recognise it."

One Marine told Knapp and Corbell the object was a "black triangular shape" with lights underneath that were not like any other type of military illumination technology nor were they flares.

"This was something none of us had ever seen before. I couldn't tell you [what I saw]. I just know its not anything that I recognized or any of my close friends recognized. I don't think it was anything US military - definitely some kind of UFO. I am trying to figure out how what the hell that was."

Another Marine witness told the pair that security personnel at the base were also aware of the object because he saw a convoy of about 60 trucks heading to where the object was hovering. The other Marine agreed, saying that he saw helicopters "hauling a**" towards the object before circling the area.” Jeremy Corbell has investigated many UAP sightings by military personnel and points out the seriousness of this situation.

“Due to the location of this mass UFO sighting - within the restricted airspace of one of our active United States military installations - significant amounts of data was accumulated and includes radar, thermal, electro-optical and signature intelligence.”

That data should have shown what this object was beyond the descriptions of the witnesses on the ground, who seemed to agree that it was about half the length of a football field (150 yards) and about the size of a two-story house (20 feet high).

“'I don't think it was anything US military. [It was] definitely some type of UFO and the government was trying to look for it after it disappeared. I'm just trying to figure out what the hell that was.”

So, this witness agrees with others that base officials knew their airspace had been violated by a non-base aircraft, and that tells Corbell that there should be plenty of records from the best technology the military has showing what they saw. And yet …

“This case had NOT been properly reported through the active United States UAP investigation channels; under the authority of the Department of Defense’s AARO.”

As far as he can tell, the incident, the videos and all of the data on the sighting were not reported up the chain of command, and no one at Pentagon’s AARO group knew about it until these videos and eyewitness reports came out recently. Now they know … so ‘maybe’ it will get investigated by the group, which admitted at its last Congressional hearing to having over 500 sightings of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) since 2004 in its files.

The lights seen by the witnesses were similar to these.

“If the public wants to understand more about this UAP encounter - we will need to encourage our representatives to ask questions and push for answers.”

As Corbell points out, this is our only recourse at the moment for pushing the federal government for disclosure of the detailed investigations and finding of UAP sightings by military personnel … and there are even more reported by the general public that it is not chartered with investigation. If there was one to push for more investigation and disclosure on, it would be this ‘Twentynine Palms’ sighting. After all, there are more than 50 witnesses, videos and photographs, records of mobilization of at least 60 turcks and several helicopters to investigate and possibly engage with what trained military personnel describe as a triangular UAP with lights that do not match any other triangular aircraft they’ve seen. Besides the details on what it might be, that investigation must also find wout why it was not reported up the chain of command.

You can watch the Weaponized podcast with Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp discussing this incident, showing the videos and photographs, and sharing the testimonies of the witnesses as well as their own insights here. Photos can also be seen at the Daily Mail. Again, kudos and thanks to Corbell and Knapp for their continued dedication to getting the truth out about UAP encounters in the U.S.

Paul Seaburn

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