MU Podcasts IOct 14, 2023

30.14 - MU Podcast - Xbox 360 Bigfoot Portal

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Footage of an alleged Bigfoot creature captured in Colorado has ignited the internet this week. Could it be genuine, or is it a hoax? We examine the footage and contemplate some of the astonishing cases said to have occurred in the very region where the creature was spotted. With this in mind, we then explore a group of Bigfoot researchers who have encountered a myriad of strange synchronicities surrounding their research. Channeling, aliens, tree spirits, interdimensional doorways, and more completely envelop their research. We discuss the possibility of it being true or speculate that they may have delved too deeply down the rabbit hole.

For our Plus+ members, we investigate the incredible saga of an Italian security guard whose encounters with eerie extraterrestrials become the prelude to an alien invasion of Earth. Strange artifacts and high-strangeness elements only add to the complexity of this incredible case.


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Aaron Wright

Aaron Wright is one half of the Mysterious Universe team who brings expertise in the sciences. Ben and he formed 8th Kind Pty Ltd in 2008 to take MU to the next level.

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