Feb 09, 2024 I Paul Seaburn

Utah Bigfoot, Gravity-Bending Aliens, Planet Nine Update, World's First AI Child and More Mysterious News Briefly

A roundup of mysterious, paranormal and strange news stories from the past week.

In a stunning interview on the Shawn Ryan Show podcast, Joe McMoneagle, a former U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer, reveals how he was recruited into CIA intelligence operations at the height of the Cold War and became one of the first Remote Viewers in the Stargate Project, where he claims he saw 10-foot humanoid aliens living a million years ago in a pyramid on Mars, watched then take cover from a huge disaster that made the Sun “look weird” and learned that none of the giant humanoids survived a massive impact on the Red Planet. Does the mainstream media refuse to cover these stories because they can’t figure out how to charge for streaming remote viewing?

While Planet Nine hunters haven’t yet discovered where it is, they‘ve found a lot of places where it isn’t, as astrophysicist Michael Brown explains in his new study about the search for a planet in the farthest corner of the solar system which would explain the strange behavior of extreme trans-Neptunian objects (ETNOs) – Brown and fellow astrophysicists Konstantin Batygin from CalTech and Matthew Holman from Harvard University have input data from the Zwicky Transient Facilities archive and The Dark Energy Survey into a simulator which has eliminated 78 percent of the possible space where Planet Nine might be, cutting the number of possible space objects from 1.2 billion to 244 million. Who could have imagined that the technique for discovering Planet Nine is the same one you use to find Waldo?

Harvard astronomy professor Avi Loeb seldom takes ‘no’ for answer, so when other scientists rejected his claim that small magnetic spherules he recovered from the Pacific Ocean were from a "watermelon"-sized alien-built object that collided with Earth in 2014, he disproved their claim that the spherules were human-produced coal ash by comparing 55 elements from the periodic table in coal ash and showed they were “very different" – to Loeb, this “raises the possibility that it may have been a voyager-like meteor, artificially made by another civilization." This still doesn’t prove if it was exploring our planet or if Earth is an alien junkyard.

Dropping off or looking for parts?

While real scientists search for real evidence of extraterrestrials, Google's AI chatbot Bard is never at a loss for opinions on what it thinks aliens could be – in a recent ‘interview’ with the Daily Star, Bard said that "Aliens might be able to bend gravity, teleport across vast distances, or even create wormholes for instantaneous travel” and predicted “an attack where entire cities could be warped into oblivion or enemy forces materialized out of thin air." Sounds like Bard has been stealing from Star Trek again.

Speaking of real evidence, after NASA scientists finally pried open the stuck bolts on a canister of dirt brought from the asteroid Bennu by the OSIRIS-Rex mission and found that some samples have a phosphate crust never seen before in meteorites but which has been detected in high concentrations on extraterrestrial ocean worlds like Saturn's moon Enceladus – phosphates are a key building block of life, so asteroid Bennu may be a fragment of an ancient ocean world which once held life forms and may have brought life to other planets. Life may have moved around the galaxy like chess pieces – let’s hope Earth isn’t close to checkmate.

Amelia Earhart's family seems to be accepting the idea that what appears to be wreckage on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean discovered by an exploration team from Deep Sea Vision (DSV) is in 'about the right place' to be the missing Lockheed Electra plane of the famous aviator which disappeared in 1937 – the family has requested that any remains found be returned to Earhart's birthplace (Atchison, Kansas) and any salvaged wreckage be donated to the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC. Hollywood seems to be accepting the idea that there’s just one more Earhart movie left to film.

Nelson Valdez, a weather reporter on Telediario in Mexico, posted a video on social media he claimed was from TV host Liz Villarreal, who was in New Leon, Monterrey, at the intersection of Constitucion and Cuauhemoc streets filming a vent or sewer hole at night when she recorded “a strange and small being "peeping out" from the ground” which she doubted was a homeless person, as some commenters suggested, - Valdez is known for sharing videos of suspected paranormal anomalies, so others speculate  it is a shape-shifting entity. It takes more than a short video for a shapeshifter to be an opinion shifter.

Also from New (Nuevo) Leon comes the eerie recording uploaded to TikTok by a security guard who was investigating a strange noise one night recently in the Plaza de la Tecnologia (Technology Plaza) which sounds like a child crying – he sees nothing as he approaches the sound so he tells it “Good night” and the video ends, causing some to speculate this was a ghost child while others think it was a hoax. Why doesn’t the Technology Plaza have better technology for situations like this?

It’s not Robert Johnson trading a mastery of the Delta blues for his soul or Charlie Daniels challenging the Devil to a fiddle-off in Georgia, but former Britain’s Got Talent finalist Ishe claims in a new interview that he was once met by a jet-black four feet tall demon who presented him with “a white scroll with gold trim around the edge, and it was a contract that I had to sign in blood” in exchange for winning the show, becoming rich, buying a luxury home and more in a trade for his soul – he says he turned down the deal and he hasn’t had that kind of success with his new group KNE but the experience turned him away from atheism. After the Grammys, his phone must have been ringing off the hook.

What I need is a different kind of soul band.

According to researchers at Oregon State University, a "swarm" of more than 100 autonomous ground and aerial robots can be supervised by one person without subjecting the individual to undue stress – they compared these ‘swarm commanders’ to an NFL quarterback selecting plays and making adjustments as he watches 10 other players swarm around the field; while this research was conducted for the military, it could be used by workers monitoring aerial delivery drones or autonomous vehicles. This does not bode well for the future of halftime marching bands.

Scientists using the Large Hadron Collider want work to begin on a larger and more powerful super accelerator which CERN Director General Professor Fabiola Gianotti says will be a “wonderful machine” that could propel physicists toward a breakthrough in understanding the fundamental structure of our world – they’re calling it the Future Circular Collider (FCC) and expect it to be built by the mid-2040s even though fears of it creating a mini-black hole may still be around. Our biggest fear should be trusting such power in the hands of people who can’t come up with a better name than ‘Future Circular Collider’.

Flat Earthers may rejoice smugly at a study by astrophysicists from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) which found that some planets have flattened shapes like flat candies just after they form rather than being spherical as previously thought – while not pancakes, these “oblate spheroids” eventually grow and round themselves into gas giant planets potentially larger than Jupiter, with the growth occurring at the poles. We saw Oblate Spheroids open for The Cyrkle.

A new paper published on the Elsevier pre-print server SSRN presents evidence that the King Scorpion of Ancient Egypt was also the Chinese Yellow Emperor – it shows among other things that the Scorpion King unified Upper and Lower Egypt by defeating a king wearing a bull hat, while the Yellow Emperor unified the two tribes of Yan and Huang by defeated the Yan Emperor who wore a cow-headed hat; they both reigned around 5,000 years ago; the scorpion symbol found in the tomb of King Scorpion I is linked to the prototype of the character Huang which means “yellow” and many scorpions in the Nile Valley are yellow. Can Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson handle playing both?

A video taken with a phone pressed to a spotting scope lens allegedly shows a Bigfoot crossing a steep, snow-covered mountain slope in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah at 9,000 feet in elevation and 3 miles away from the photographer, who says the entity was moving upwards on 90 inches of snow, which would be impossible for a human; a helicopter pilot who saw the video flew over the location and claimed to film a straight line of footprints which he also claimed could not be human made. Bigfoot walks a straight line in Utah because there’s no booze there … but how does it stay warm if there’s no booze there?

You may know them as Dave Grohl’s other Hall of Fame band, but WWII pilots were haunted by apparitions they called Foo Fighters and believed they might be alien aircraft; that belief lingers to this day, but scientists at the University of California, the University of Arizona and Harvard-Smithsonian have studied them and believe these foo fighters were plasmas in the thermosphere that have been seen more recently around NASA rockets, space shuttles and electromagnetic activity in thunderstorms – the plasma entities are not alive but move like they are, have different shapes, hover, target each other, collide and even leave what looks like a dusty wake. It would be appropriate on multiple levels if Plasma Entities opened for Foo Fighters.

Craig Charles played Dave Lister in the science fiction sitcom ‘Red Dwarf’ and now his fiction has become reality as Charles admitted in a recent interview with  Jimmy Church that he and his brother-in-law witnessed a large fleet of flying triangular UFOs in Galway, Ireland, that “didn’t look of this world” – he then admitted that they had just smoked “a massive spliff” but didn’t think it was the pot because both of them saw the same thing. After a massive spliff, most people think Red Dwarf is real too.

An air traffic control recording has emerged in Canada of at least four aircraft reporting seeing at least six mysterious lights in the early morning hours of January 19th that one pilot described as “quite bizarre", another said they were flying “just randomly in formation flying at a high altitude”; a third said they were “Definitely not satellites" and “unlike anything I've ever seen in the 15 years of night flying that I've done"; it was estimated that the lights were as high as 100,000 feet, so they weren’t fighter jets; a Transport Canada report shows that NORAD was alerted; other pilots said these sightings have been happening for months but no one has an explanation. Is anyone tracking balloons from China?

Ancient civilizations researcher Billy Carson, a Harvard and M.I.T graduate, said in a recent podcast that the Great Pyramid of Giza was a “multi-functional stone computer and a wireless power plant as well a communications device”, the sarcophagus was a power plant device like the Ark of the Covenant, and the pyramid builders may have used them to exchange information with alien civilizations by transmitting on the hydrogen frequency to star systems aligned with the sides of the pyramids; he also believes balls of glass found in the sand are the results of an ancient nuclear conflict. Carson is like a human Indiana Jones plot machine.

Do modern extraterrestrials still need such big devices to phone home?

You may have heard of greys and tall white aliens, but Ashley Beck of Richlands, North Carolina, claims she, her brother, her mother and her friends often encountered black aliens they believed came from strange balls of light moving across the sky and hovering over her back yard; the lights were bigger than a house and she and her brother often saw black aliens inside their own house which she believes were the result of something important to the extraterrestrials being buried there underneath it. Aliens may be just like us … that’s a scary thought.

In what may be the most terrifying AI news to date, scientists from the Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence (BIGAI) unveiled Tong Tong (‘little girl’ in Chinese) which they say is the world’s first AI child – they assert that Tong Tong displays the intelligence and abilities of a three-year-old child, assigning itself tasks, learning autonomously, exploring its virtual environment, and experiencing emotions of “joy, anger and sorrow” digitally, since Tong Tong has no physical body. A=Is the world ready for a Terrible Twos Terminator?

In a more productive use of AI, student researchers competing in the Vesuvius Challenge trained machine-learning algorithms to scan a charred scroll of rolled-up papyrus buried 2,000 years ago by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and were able read hundreds of words across more than 15 columns of text, about 5% of an entire scroll, and found that they were written by the philosopher Philodemus, the philosopher-in-residence working at the library in which the scrolls were found, and discussed “pleasure” and its relationship to food” “As too in the case of food, we do not right away believe things that are scarce to be absolutely more pleasant than those which are abundant” – the students shared a $700,000 prize. No need for AI to determine that the students preferred the money over food.

If oceans are the key to life, Saturn’s small (250 miles in diameter) moon Mimas, whose massive crater makes it look like the Star Wars Death Star, may hold a huge one under most of its surface which would a new analysis of images taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft which show tiny changes in Mimas’s orbit that can only be explained by a subsurface ocean beneath 20–30 kilometers (12 to 18 miles) of ice – if a moon can hold an ocean, this opens the possibility of life on many more space objects than first thought. In another case of space irony, this means a Death Star could also be a Life Moon.

Just when you thought it was safe to visit Florida, weather and climate scientists are calling for a change to the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale used to measure the power of hurricanes (Category 1 has wind speeds between 74 and 95 mph while Category 5 reaches 158 mph or higher – the scientists say hurricanes are getting stronger as ocean temperatures increase so they need to add a Category 6 to describe storms with winds of 192 mph or higher. You know you’re in a Category 6 when a windsock from Miami shows up in Texas.

Proving that adding a little sex and nudity to your UFO religion will get it some mainstream media attention, Netflix has a new documentary called ‘Raël: The Alien Prophet’ which features interviews with Claude Vorilhon, who changed his name to Raël after claiming to be abducted in 1973 by the “true creators” of humankind, the alien race of Elohim, who made him a prophet and helped set up the UFO  religion Raelism, which at its peak had 60,000 members worldwide who were encouraged to strip naked and pleasure themselves and others, and believe that Rael once dined with Jesus, Moses and Mohammed on the Elohim planet – the controversial religion has many detractors as well as some famous followers like former West End star Glenn Carter, who claims being a member ruined his professional life but led him to becoming president of the British Raëlian movement. It is surprising that American politicians calling for full disclosure of UFO and alien files aren’t more interested in a movement with sex and nudity.

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