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Angry Aliens at Stonehenge, Haunted Princess Di Doll, New MH370 Theories, Another Monolith Appears and More Mysterious News Briefly

A roundup of mysterious, paranormal and strange news stories from the past week.

UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer weighed in this week on the unsolved disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in 2014 with a new theory that secret covert electromagnetic pulse weapons exist that can create "faster than the speed of light" scalar pulses that militaries use to shoot down UAPs – he claims that several are "knocked down every year" and the MH370 jet could have accidentally flown into a restricted area where such weapons were being tested and it could have vaporized the plane, resulting in “incineration of both the human bodies and the human aircraft to powder”, thus leaving no debris or bodies to be found to help researchers solve the mystery. Good luck proving this one.

If you don’t like Greer’s theory on MH370, mathematician and engineer Dr. Usama Kadri and researchers from Cardiff University propose in a new study that there were hydrophones in operation at Western Australia’s Cape Leeuwin and the United States Indian Ocean naval base at Diego Garcia at the time of the plane’s disappearance that are used to monitor pressure changes in the ocean to detect nuclear explosions and “a 200-tonne aircraft crashing at a speed of 200 meters per second would release the kinetic energy equivalent to a small earthquake” which “would be large enough to be recorded by hydrophones thousands of kilometers away” – the study recommends conducting controlled explosions along the so-called “seventh arc” determined by last communication between the satellite and the plane to simulate the crash and signature and then search the records for a similar one. Or the people who know could just come forward already.

The streaming service The Network announced a new “part docuseries, part competition show” reality series called “Flat Earthers” which will give conspiracy theorists “$50,000 worth of resources” to collect proof of the theory, then present it to a panel of scientists, theologians, and cartographers who will decide if they win a yet-to-be-determined cash prize and the admiration of other conspiracy theorists around the world. OK, ‘across’ the world.

Can Flat Earthers run faster than Round Earthers? 

The story of the three-fingered ‘alien’ mummies with elongated skulls found by farmers in Peru’s Nazca region in 2017 and determined earlier this year to be human-made with paper, glue, metal, human bones and animal bones has taken a new twist as a group of researchers from Saint Aloysius Gonzaga National University, in Ica, Peru, X-rayed them and determined they are 'humanoid' “with biological architecture similar to that of a human, but with many structural differences morphological and anatomical such as lack of hair and ears, elongated skull and increased cranial volume (30% larger compared to humans); maxillary and mandibular protrusion as well as protrusion of the eyeballs, absence of the fifth lumbar vertebra, tridactyly in both hands and feet, as well as different foci of arthropathies” – in other words, they resemble a new humanoid species from about 1800 years ago. Until someone can cut through the politics, culture and religion and get permission to cut one open, this debate will continue.

Harvard astrophysicist, professor and alien spacecraft researcher Avi Loeb says it’s “arrogant” ' to assume humans are alone in the universe and some of the intergalactic meteors falling to Earth could actually be the remains of spacecraft like the Tesla that Elon Musk launched into space and what we need to do is look for bigger pieces of these meteors and determine if they are natural or of artificial origin; as he puts it: “Elon Musk may not be the most accomplished space entrepreneur, there might be lots of interstellar cars, some of which may collide with Earth". Get ready for Elon to plan a mission to send more Teslas into space for intergalactic auto races or demolition derbies.

Armchair livestream Loch Ness video cam watcher Eoin O'Faodhagain saw on the cam at the Clansman Hotel what he described as a “jet black anomaly that was slowly appearing on the surface of the loch, less than a hundred yards from the shoreline” which kept getting “ever more distinct and blacker” as it moved “ever so slowly in a controlled manner” until it disappeared “without causing any further disturbance” – he can’t say it was definitely the Loch Ness monster and the hotel staff has not commented on the sighting. One of these days the Buggles may have to reform to record “Video Killed the Loch Ness Star”.

The mysteries concerning why Rapa Nui (Easter Island) had only 3,000 residents when European ships showed up and how that small number managed to erect so many huge statues was thought to be because there were once 10,000 residents and the majority of them died from an environmental collapse of the island, but recent analysis of satellite images of the island show that the Rapa Nui people knew rock gardening and broke off pieces of bedrock and placed them in the soil to nourish it with minerals - that technique could support 3,000 people and showed a knowledge of the stone that also supports the idea that they made the statues. Listen to the Indigenous people – they know more about the land than the later arrivals.

Despite their prevalence in science fiction and Einstein’s support of their possibility, warp drives powering spaceships to faster-than-light speeds are still fictional on Earth, but a new study by astrophysicist and mathematician Katy Clough from the Queen Mary University of London and others considers the possibility that other civilizations have manufactured them and the collapse or “containment failure” of these warp drives could emit detectable gravitational waves that would be very strong and provide evidence of the existence of alien intelligence. Let’s prove this while Mr. Sulu can still appreciate it.

For those looking for a more conventional method to find extraterrestrial life, astrobiologist Edward Schwieterman from the University of California in Riverside explains in his new paper published by The Astrophysical Journal that signs of greenhouse gases on another planet could indicate an intelligent civilization concerned about an impending ice age or global warming or some other planet-threatening condition might be terraforming their soon-to-be-uninhabitable planet – a process that would create greenhouse gases made of small fluorine-containing molecules such as sulfur hexafluoride which are extremely long-living in atmospheres and could be seen by modern infrared telescopes at a concentration as minute as one out of every million molecules. It sounds like the key to staying undetected is to sit around and do nothing.

Do the inhabitants of a gassy planet have gas too?

The University of Tokyo researchers led by Professor Shoji Takeuchi published a study detailing how they used "skin-forming cell-laden gel" to create a creepy-looking "robot covered with living skin" that contained human skin cells harvested from excess skin obtained during surgeries and cultured like lab-grown meat – the end results were a pancake-like blob with humanlike eyeballs and a gooey yellow skin stretched over a mannequin head also with humanlike eyeballs that made them look more alien than human but the scientists didn’t care because the skin has self-healing properties and could be improved to create humanlike expressions via skin actuators which act like muscles. Isn’t this what Keith Richards already is?

Paleontologists generally agree that the development of bigger brains in hominids and especially in homo sapiens gave them the ability to perform complex "meaning-making" activities such as burying the dead, but new research into the small, tiny-brained (the size of an orange) primitive species of South Africa known as Homo naledi found that they were burying their dead at least 100,000 years before homo sapiens, and they may have also drawn geometric shapes on their cave walls, another sign of complex intelligence and brain development. For many people, learning that we weren’t necessarily the most intelligent species really ‘smarts’.

Psychic spoon-bender Uri Geller was pretty upset after protestors from the Just Stop Oil group sprayed orange paint on the 5,000-year-old Stonehenge monument (the cornflower-based paint has since been removed) and warned that he believes the structure “has a connection to an extraterrestrial source” and he wouldn’t be surprised they were insulted there would soon be “UFO activity over Stonehenge” as a sign of possible revenge. Would they be insulted by the act itself or by the fact that they weren’t consulted on the color first?

The 3.2-million-year-old female specimen of the genus Australopithecus afarensis is better known as ‘Lucy’ and usually depicted as a small hominin covered with thick, reddish-brown fur on everything but her hands, feet, face and breasts, but new research in genetic analysis showed that our ancestors lost their full body hair 3 to 4 million years ago, so Lucy and those after her were hairless, pale and naked, with clothing not appearing until 83,000 to 170,000 years ago. That’s over 2.5 million years when our ancestors were naked and didn’t care – shouldn’t they be called the good old days?

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science describe in a new paper how they discovered a new series representation for pi that converges with just 30 terms, much faster than the traditional series for pi, the Madhava or Leibniz series, which takes five billion terms to achieve just 10 decimal places of accuracy – the researchers found the series while working on an unrelated problem in string theory and admit that the new pi series is more complex than the old one and uses aspects of string theory which is not yet fully understood. Don’t worry - Pi Day is still March 14 (3.14).

Only mathematicians prefer pi over pie.

Psychic Milagros Albarracin claims she has investigated a doll resembling the late Princess Diana whose owner said she saw the doll move around in its display case, change positions when she wasn't looking, fall down and get up, and appear with and without its crown; Albarracin said she was able to speak to the possessed doll in English via a transistor radio and the doll told her she (Diana) is worried about her son, Kate and her grandchildren. This sounds like the perfect opportunity to bring in some Harry, William and Megan dolls and get their differences settled psychically.

It looks like we’re in for a summer of mysterious monoliths because just days after a shiny metallic three-sided monolith was discovered and subsequently removed from a hiking trail near Las Vegas, Nevada, without an explanation as to its possible source, another similar monolith was found in a forest area in Bellvue, Colorado, northwest of Fort Collins, on property owned by Rob and Lori Graves, who say they have no idea how the 8-foot-tall monolith got there along with the concrete pad it is bolted to, but they ask sightseers to stay on the road and then visit their Howling Cow Cafe and Morning Fresh Dairy Farm. We’ll be really disappointed if these turn out to be space-age advertising billboards.

A video taken by a camera inside the cab of a truck driving on the Saltillo-Nuevo León highway in Monterrey, Mexico, appears to show a woman sitting next to the driver, which would be illegal according to employees of the Transportes Urgentes Monterrey line, but the driver swears he had no passenger, which led many to think this was the La Muerta de Saltillo (The Dead of Saltillo), the legendary ghost of a woman who was run over on the Saltillo-Monterrey highway and now appears along the road where she is picked up by truckers who take her to her house before she disappears and then they find out from the owner of the house that she’s been dead for years. Well, that’s what he told his girlfriend.

In a mesh of science fiction, artificial intelligence, neural implants and criminal rehabilitation, molecular biologist Hashem Al-Ghalili proposes a treatment called Cognify in which prisons use AI headsets to implant synthetic memories of a crime into the brain of a criminal that show the crime from the victims’ perspective – he believes the memories plus a brain implant to induce emotional states like remorse or regret which make the criminal feel the pain and suffering of their victim; he thinks this treatment will work for criminals who commit domestic violence, hate crimes, embezzlement, insider trading, theft and fraud, and reduce or eliminate the need for prison. What does Malcolm McDowell think about this?

A new genetic study shows that the last population of woolly mammoths, isolated on Wrangel Island off the coast of Siberia 10,000 years ago when sea levels rose and cut it off from the mainland, began with just eight mammoths but grew to 200–300 inbred individuals within 20 generations over 6,000 years; the inbreeding anomalies were disappearing but did not contribute to their extinction and they could have survived to this day had not some mysterious other event caused their ultimate demise. Hungry Siberians who discovered a recipe for mammoth goulash?

A human fossil found at the Cova Negra archaeological site in the Spanish province of Valencia was reexamined recently and the Neanderthal remains showed evidence of an inner-ear anatomy that indicated Down syndrome, making this the earliest-known evidence of the genetic condition; even more interesting was the evidence that this Neanderthal child with Down syndrome lived to at least age six and was cared for by Neanderthal adults between 273,000 and 146,000 years ago. If the Neanderthals could do it, why can’t we?

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