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What are the Fees, Refunds Policy and Money Back Guarantee?

Money Back Guarantee

We have a Money Back Guarantee if you cancel your subscription within 7 days of signing up. If you are not satisfied with your Plus+ Membership we’ll give you your money back minus payment processor fees, here’s what you need to do:

Cancel Your Subscription
Get your PayPal receipt number, your PayPal email address and the date of purchase
Send a Support Ticket including this information as well as your member name, full name and postal address to our Support Desk ([email protected])
And we’ll issue a refund minus fees within 7 working days of receipt of your request.

Please note the guarantee only applies to new customers.


As of 2019 PayPal implemented a non refund of fees policy. In the past when a refund was provided the fees taken would be refunded also. This is no longer the case. When you are refunded you are refunded the amount you paid minus the fees PayPal keeps. Please understand that WE DO NOT KEEP THE FEES. They are retained by PayPal and we have no control over it.

At the time of writing this PayPal fees are:

2.6% of the transaction amount PLUS a fixed fee based on currency.

U.S. Dollar: 0.30 USD
Australian Dollar: 0.30 AUD
New Zealand Dollar: 0.45 NZD

This fee structure also applies to duplicate subscriptions errors.

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