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  • I’ve been listening to your show for about two years. Best podcast ever. Really love how you explain things in a logical way.


  • I love your show and your accents. Sounds silly, but I like to listen to different ones. It helps to make your show more interesting for me. The content is also exciting, so keep on keeping on. Thanks!


  • I love love love the show. I am a skeptic, and don’t believe in the supernatural. This is unlikely to change. Your show has opened my mind, though, and whether or not I believe isn’t relevant anymore because I often find myself pondering stories I hear on the show from the perspective of a believer.


  • I recently subscribed after months of listening to the free show. I didn’t think the show could get any better but you guys really do save the best stuff for the plus members.


  • Love your show. There’s truly nothing else like it. I’ve been listening for years now and really appreciate your perspectives and a great balance of skepticism and wonder.


  • I have been an MU listener and Plus subscriber for about 6 months now, and feel it is truly one of the smartest ways I have encountered thus far in my life to spend both my time, as well as my hard earned, albeit scant, finances!


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