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Single White Ghost Looking to Share Castle

An unexplained ghostly apparition has appeared in the window of a ruined medieval castle on two occasions over 30 years apart.

The first image (above) was taken by a tourist this year while exploring the ruins of Tantallon Castle on Scotland’s East Lothian coast. Experts are baffled by the image and skeptics are having trouble finding a suitable reason to debunk it.

The tourist, Christopher Aitchison, has stated that he didn’t see anything at the time of taking the photo and only noticed it once he returned home and reviewed the photos from his trip.

The figure appears to be wearing ruffled period dress. Tourist operators for the castle have stated that there are no mannequins or costumed guides employed at the castle, and three photographic experts have confirmed that no digital manipulation was used on the photo.

Some have speculated the apparition is King James V peering out his window. King James V was the King of Scots from 1513-1542 and suffered a premature death at the age of 30.

The inability of skeptics and researchers to provide a reasonable explanation for the image prompted much media attention. As a result, another tourist, Grace Lamb, who had visited the site 32 years previously, came forward with her own ghostly apparition image. She also didn’t see anything at the time of taking the photo and only noticed it after her film was developed.

While there is always room for skepticism, both images are very compelling indeed.




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  • mfatal

    Thats creepy

  • Nick

    It looks bizarre.. ghostly apparitions all seem to be bent on 'checking things out'.. they're always peering through something or gazing down at us..never just walkin' on by.. BOO!

  • Sabie

    I find it odd that the face is as brightly lit as the exterior stone wall. As the face appears to be back of the metal railing, should it not be more dimly lit like the area to the right of the face?

  • ramsay hunter

    wow, iv listened to this podcast for almost a year now. And its just strange to hear about something so near to me! i literally live aabout 5 mins away from this castle! cool 🙂

  • Nigel

    There is just a hole that you can’t see, sun shinning through, photo caught light shinning on brick work… no ghost!

  • Bravo,
    Bros! keep going like this, more good info again.

  • Bizz

    I guess gestalt psychology plays with us all!

  • lonelotus

    Maybe, but we don’t know if there are bricks there. Surely someone could go check it out for us, like Ramsay hunter who lives 5 minutes away? 😉