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Episode 209 – Mysterious Universe

We’ve got quite a treat in store for you this week in the form of a huge two hour Halloween Special.

In the first hour Aaron and I take our chances against an ancient Jewish Curse as Jason Haxton returns to tell his adventures as keeper of this strange artifact. Be warned that strange things can happen to those who are simply around to hear this story.

In our second half we are joined by MU favorite Jason Offutt to discuss his latest book and research on the illusive Shadow People and Old Hag Syndrome. Offutt shares some incredible tales from Darkness Walks and some exclusive, never heard before encounters, for MU listeners.

Read on for book links, recommendations, and Music.

UPDATE:If you were quick to download this episode you may notice a very high frequency (and very annoying) buzz during the interviews. I have since updated the file with a fixed version but there was a period of around 1 hour when early downloaders got the bad version. So if you notice the buzzing sound while listening you may want to re-download the episode. For iTunes users, delete the old episode, then unsubscribe from the podcast, then re-subscribe to trigger the download of the fixed file. Damn Dibbuk Box!

Jason Haxton

Dibbuk Box

Recommended by Jason:


Jason Offutt

From The Shadows


The music played during the Dibbuk Box narration was kindly supplied by Marcello Fracassa and is from his amazing Mars EP.

Marcello Fracassa

Buy the Mars EP from iTunes

Music Provided by IODA Promonet

“Kyuu” (mp3)
from “OICHO”

More On This Album

Sizsahvirium - le Canticle pour HalloweenBlack Buddha
“Sizsahvirium – le Canticle pour Halloween” (mp3)
from “Sizsahvirium – le Canticle pour Halloween”
(Ultraviolet Productions)

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I Need to Know - GeothermalRadian
“Geothermal” (mp3)
from “I Need to Know – Geothermal”
(Trenchant Dubs)

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Dark EarthFilm Noir World
“Lunatics Desire” (mp3)
from “Dark Earth”
(Per Capita Records)

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Machine Made MoodsIdentical Homes
“Bones and Marrow” (mp3)
from “Machine Made Moods”
(500 Records)

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Summercamp Nightmare3
“Halloween” (mp3)
from “Summercamp Nightmare”

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The Devil's In the DetailPeret Mako
“Air a Dime” (mp3)
from “The Devil’s In the Detail”
(Future Classic)

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Final Track

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Hey Champ Remix) via Too Many Sebastians

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  • LU

    yea i definitely will watch any of it! as soon as i here it coming out! thank you for responding 🙂 u both are really alot of fun to listen too! Grats on the Awesome podcast and continuing with it! Thank you! LU

  • Jarrad Bates

    Believing in an entity only gives it more power. The people that have owned this box have no business with it. Should be given to a Magician that can perform a banishing ritual. Probably none will take it though, considering the power the entity has demonstrated. In order to properly banish an entity one needs to know how it was discovered in the first place and its name.

  • mulvahlok

    Been a listener for a while — But I havn’t listened to the older podcasts.
    Someone posted the original Ebay post on /r/paranormal, and of course they linked to this podcast and the “30 odd minutes” interview in the comments. I sat watching the 30 odd minutes interview without a problem. But I felt… Uneasy.
    Then I as I was listening to this podcast I grew ever more anxious.
    I had fallen asleep about half way through the podcast only to be awoken by a horrid dream. I don’t think there is much point in me explaining this dream, because I think you know what it entails.
    But there was one thing different. I fought back. Bad idea. As soon as I landed a punch on the old hag, I was thrown off my bed and awoken by my window… Not smashing, more like crumbling. It just dropped into tiny pieces.
    I have bruises all over my body, and scratches on my back that make out very distinct markings.

  • matthew

    I’m way late on listening to this. I read this story several years ago and from time to time I check up on stuff I find weird and interesting (I suppose I’ve always been drawn to odd occurances). These occurances kind of go in two parts…

    This first time I read this on the website, it was because someone had mentioned this story to me and I had been having very odd occurances of just seeing things out of the corner of my eyes, hearing things, getting real oppressing feelings at random times so I guess my interest peaked just from sharing odd events myself. After reading this story and diving deeper into other readings on this, I ended up having what people call sleep paralysis…which is about the single most terrifying occurance I’ve ever had…ever…I mean EVER. I woke up in the middle of the night and realized something was standing over me, just staring at me. I couldnt tell what the heck it was but it resembled almost an old woman like figure, from what I could tell I could make out longer hair and a slouch in its stance. Once I realized this person was standing over me I THEN realized that I could NOT MOVE. When I tried to move its almost like the room was shaking, I kept hearing a buzzing noise as I tried harder and harder. Suddenly it was like I just got released almost and all at once and I was immediate running out of the freaking room.

    After listening to this podcast Ive been having this happen more and more. At one point in these events it was like I had limited motion and when I started to move the thing beat the living crap out of me and I woke up feeling it for days.

    I told my mom about this one day while I was catching up with her on the phone and she was incredibly freaked out because she said she’s had this happen to her on several occasions.
    I told my brother who is also my room mate and he’s convinced that he himself has had events even more odd than mine where he covers have been ripped completely off of him and night.

    I don’t know if it’s because of this story (i doubt that a story could cause that) but its gotten increasingly more frequent since I’ve been looking for answers on my own occurances.

  • Jason Sandlin

    The original interview is in season 1 special episode 4. You can get season 1 in the store if you don’t have it.