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MU Halloween News

Just a quick post to let you know that this week’s special episode will be released on Halloween.

That is if our interview with the Dibbuk box keeper, Jason Haxton, didn’t leave us cursed yet again. Aaron pointed out to me yesterday that as the interview started we experienced the heaviest October rainfall in Sydney in 20 years.

Did we anger the box?

The episode will feature two guests as we are interviewing Jason Offutt tomorrow, who you will know from Jason’s work has been featured heavily on previous episodes and I’m super excited to finally be able to speak with him and discuss his new book, Darkness Walks: The Shadow People Among Us.

If you have any questions for Jason on the Shadow People/Old Hag phenomenon please add them as comments to this post.

See you on Halloween.

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  • Jason Haxton

    Hey Ben,
    Jason Haxton here, I saw the advertisement for the Halloween Show – very coll and nice link. FYI – the new Dibbuk Box website is up and live. Check it out same address:

    Also, as to Jason Offutt's interview, I saw his book being published in Kirksville, Mo at the Truman Press – same town as the Dibbuk Box – coincidence??. Is Mr. Offutt aware of the Dibbuk Box? Afterall, it's history has both shadowy spectors and dream hags. Thanks – Jason

  • Great timing Jason! The new website is fantastic. I love the flash “opening” of the box. The killer mold, spiders and centipedes is freaking me out though.

  • itutton

    AHH I'm so excited! Bad news is, we're getting married November 1st and thus our rehearsal and dinner are on Halloween! When will we find time to listen to it?! We might just have to have the DJ play it for all to hear at the reception! πŸ™‚

  • Nick

    I didn’t see any killer mold, spiders or centipedes come out of the box when I clicked the ‘open’ button. I guess the curse is with you, Benjamin:)
    Wicked show, mate. I love the new format with you and Aaron. I left a message with some people that loved MU first season and didn’t realise you were back. I’m sure they are very excited people now!
    Take care.

    ps – has Aaron had any kooky happenings with the spirit of his next door neighbour freaking out his flatmate some more? I’m wondering whether he followed through with the pranks (ie. gluing the fridge to the ceiling.. lol) — I’d go with smashing light bulbs around the place before he gets home and make sure Aaron isn’t home when his flat mate gets home… OR turning picture frames the wrong way up πŸ™‚


  • jeremiah2

    Has there ever been a case of a person having a conversation or other back and forth communication with a shadow person?

  • Oh no! Please don't ruin your wedding with our lazy accents πŸ˜‰

    Best wishes from Aaron and I. Have a great time in the Bahamas!

    P.S We've got some USB sticks reserved for you so don't worry about missing out.

  • itutton

    Aw, you're sweet Ben, thanks! And trust me, most Texans could sit around and listen to the Australian accent for days! And thanks so much for the favor! Can't wait!

  • ericmadrid

    It didn't last too long, but yes. Happened to me a couple times. Has it happened to you?

  • Hi Nick,
    The images of the white mysterious killer mold (which is taking out bats allover the USA), spders and centipedes are digital images you will find if you scroll to the bottom – when you click the Research button of the Dibbuk Box website.

    I agree it is nice to have MU back!

  • azzwright

    Hi Nick,

    No nothing else has happened. Don't know if that is a good or bad thing? I was tempted with the fridge but dropped it half way though…

    Thanks for the great words of support!

  • Bill "the Doctor"

    I heard Jason Offutt on Whitely Streiber's Dreamland with guest host Peter Levenda. It was a very good show. Everyone should check it out.

  • thehush

    umm the file i downloaded was only 49mins long and cuts out mid interview.

  • azzwright


  • You'll need to delete it and re-download the episode.

  • thehush

    well. on my twitter i listed by the min what happen.
    first the file was short.
    didnt show up on my mp3 player
    downloaded again, but itunes keeped dc-ing the download connect.
    didn't work.
    downloaded it a third time. now it works. lol