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Episode 210 – Mysterious Universe

This week’s venture kicks of with a number of strange entity encounters before we return to the topic of exopolitics, and UFO disclosure from the White House, rumored to be due this month.

Things then take a rather morbid turn as we discus recent hauntings of morgues, the best ways to die in space, and then subsequently discover how during an autopsy, Aaron earned the nickname “Slider”.

Read on for videos, show notes, and music.

UFO sends St Petersburg residents scrambling for cameras


Argentina: UFO Emerges from River at Punta Piedras

Argentina: CE-3 “Repeater” in La Pampa

Off-duty cop spots aliens at crop circle

The Red Orb

James Gilliland Declares ECETI Ranch Off Limits

Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent

Is Disclosure Imminent?


5 Frightening (But True) Space Stories

Visited by the Dead

Strange happenings at coroner’s office

Matthias Schlitte Is A Modern-Day Popeye

Did India invent the nose job?

The strange case of the man who took 40,000 ecstasy pills in nine years

Scientists study possible health benefits of LSD and ecstasy

Spanish woman thanks ‘guardian angel’ who diagnosed rare disease on bus

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  • Whoops! Forgot to say, thanks for the podcast, can't wait for next week, and great job as usual!

  • I couldn't agree with you more Will – governments have little to gain by Disclosure and more to fear than most ordinary people. How will they continue to control the masses ?

  • Hey Brandon – like your comments, especially the point about our problems remaining. I think your summation of the human response is right on target. Fear will dominate the masses and duallity will predominate until we truly shift our awareness of our place in teh universe.

  • Nice show guys. I thought you might like this link to a study done on the link between Tweets, animal behaviour and imminant earthquakes :… . I wonder what a similar study applied to ufo sightings or disclosure yield.

  • Hey Ben – still happy to share my story about life long involvement with alien species. No gain in it for me, just happy to share because I know there are others who have felt equally out of place.
    I had 2 experiences this last week that I'll be posting : .

    I've also mapped all Australian Crop Circles and have some interesting things to say about what I found. On the verge of being irritating, my brother has almost finsihed editing all his interview with Rachel Bree (alien profiler for Brit Gov). He tells me part 2 will be up soon and is looking do do a public FAQ with her. Listeners questions welcomed : .

  • PS. You really are doing a great job with this show – especially for a couple of young fellas !

  • Oh – I nearly forgot – I agree wholheartedly with James Gilliland about positive off worlders. No, they are not all benevolent but those that are not are kept in check. As to James's notion of so much disinformation infiltrating the ufology movement – I think he's spot on. I also believe that there is a a deliberate disinformation campaign that aims to confuse by appearing legitimate – for example Nick Pope's efforts to disclose the British Governments ufo files. All staged guys. The real deal has a very different language.

    As to what you guys do – yeah sure it's entertainment – sometimes you find something genuine or legitimate in the ufo world but you're not part of the dissinformation campaign. Just 2 guys having fun. So keep up the great work and don't let the cynics get in your way !

  • bluealien

    I found it very interesting your discussion on ecstasy,and LSD.

    I have taken these illicit drugs recreationally in the past I had both positive and negative experiences with them.

    With my experiences with LSD I would say that I felt a kind of mind expansion taking place and even that it altered my personality somewhat for the better.

    Rather than mystical i felt a total grounding in the scientific world, it made things clear and open and logical.

    However I totally agree with Aarons point of view that you can't trust the black market for these things and I had very bad experiences with esctacy laced with other substances.

    Anyways great discussion guys,

  • That's the thing though: I'm not sure that we should feel fear. Certainly some might, because they don't understand it, because it is a power above what they may have imagined, but really so many of the people already believe that there is other intelligent life visiting Earth, and still many more that know that aliens must exist somewhere out there.

    Therefore, I don't think that people should get so charged. It is an event, surely, one that we should be happy about, one that will change the course of our history, and make us think differently about ourselves, and ask many questions, but I don't think that we should become fanatical.

  • erinquinn

    we want more MU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • itutton

    Finally catching up from being out of town! Great episode, I love it! I am TOTALLY with Aaron on the disclosure topic. There is no way society could handle it. Can you imagine? Take the H1N1 virus for example. All of a sudden we find out some scary unknown is present and all of a sudden it's the end of the world and there's a global pandemic and schools and workplaces close and everyone is in a huge panic when in reality, the virus is just as treatable as your every day flu. Even just speaking for myself (and I can probably be put in a seperate subset as an MU listener) I couldn't handle full disclosure. I'd freak out. If Obama went on television right now and said, “there are aliens among us!” I would probably run out in the street and scream. And then die.

    So in short, if full disclosure does happen before the end of the year, I'll split the cost of those Cokes with you Aaron.

  • dedrickholding

    To the ones who would suggest that you two are co conspirators in the new world order: I would point them to Dr. Kaku and proclaim, “So!” I mean really; Why fight the future.