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Episode 103 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

On our first show of 2010 we cover some of the recent bickering going on within the UFO research community, and some trepidation regarding MUFON’s new “Star Team” and their funding source.

We also have miracles from the medical world, our evolving understanding of our roles as biological “hosts”, and we brave the dark and disturbing topic of human mutilations.

Read on for show notes, videos, and music.

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Calculating the Spiral

Pick 2009’s weirdest wonders

Top Ten Space Pictures: Best of 2009

Mystic makes 2010 predictions using asparagus

Pitch reporting tears UFO community apart . . . and we didn’t notice for three months

Lisa Romanek in Heated Debate with MUFON Head, James Carrion

Press Release Proves MUFON and Feds Connected

MUFON’s 600 lb Gorilla: Common Sense

UFOs And Human Mutilations

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

Cryptid Sighting – Garrett County, Maryland

Bigfoot 911 Call in San Antonio, Texas

What happens when medical science confronts miracles?

The deep symbiosis between bacteria and their human hosts is forcing scientists to ask: Are we organisms or living ecosystems?

Disinfectants cause some bacteria to thrive

Top 10 Weird Anomalies in Medicine

The Year’s Most Controversial Science Discoveries

15 Reasons To Live For The Next 10 Years

Inventor spends Christmas with his perfect woman – a £30,000 custom-made fembot


Lover’s Carvings- Bibio (Leatherette remix)

Lusine – Twilight A Certain Distance (Ghostly Int’l, 2009)

PANTHA DU PRINCE – The Splendour

Brother don’t cry (feat. luce)

The Best of Vol. 6Vas Floyd
“Kiss The World Away [feat. Sara Shevlin]” (mp3)
from “The Best of Vol. 6”
(Night Drive Music)

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Flights DepartingESP
“Flights Departing” (mp3)
from “Flights Departing”
(Kompute Musik)

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Final Track

Vibrasphere – Tierra Azul (Omnimotion Feat. Krister Linder Remix)
Selected Downbeats Vol. 2 (Cloud 99 Music, 2009)


  • Everyday I click on my MU bookmark…waiting…And today, glorious day, 103 comes out. Me = SUPER STOKED! Thanks, guys!

  • Great episode. That “fallow” conspiracy made me laugh as I was running in 18 degree weather. Although I think Ben and Aaron may be CIA/NSA goons trying to discredit the community with the pronunciation of “Maryland.” It's “Mar-i-land” not “Mary-land.” I think “Mary-land” sounds nice, gives that boring state some much needed character.

  • coboot

    Have to admit I almost wet myself with the Maryland pronouncing but i really lost it when Aron pronounced aluminam. I had to go back 2x to get what he said. But it keeps the pod entertaining with our Americanized version of the words. My family in Ireland & the UK said Americans killed the english language. My great Uncle is often gutted listening to American programs. lol

    I love the podcast and was so happy you got one out this weekend.

    Aron-thanks for the bio lesson. My Bio teacher Mr. Raffman told our class if there is one thing we will go down rembering is this “mitochondrian is respiration” I do remember that.

    I am not a profesional abductee nor do I claim to be! Although I do fallow you guys on twitter.

    Ben-Did you ever think maybe the snakes in the rough are purposeful? Maybe they are there to help your golf game? Maybe snake guy felt if he made a real hazzard, people would take him and the game seriously or maybe it is a conspiracy with the golf ball company. Bet you learn real quick how to avoid it. lol

    Happy New Year guys. Love the show and the plus.

  • neozero

    Greys piss me off!

  • Glad you liked the episode 😉 I often wish I could have some of our USA listeners try and pronounce some of our Australian locations and see how well you guys do! haha .. I always have a chuckle when you try and say Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Who knows how you would say some of the tricky ones like Wollongong, and Wagga Wagga etc

  • azzwright

    Don't forget Ngunnawal, Gungahlin, Belconnen, Ehrenbreitstein lol 😉

  • Oh, sure. Laugh at the silly Americans. Of course, we can always counter attack with you trying your luck at some of our Native American names. Chinook, Nez Perce, Lenape, Ojibwe, Menominee. Trust me. Not as easy as they look. And there's always my state; Oregon. Most people who are from the West Coast pronounce it 'Or-e-gone' with an emphasis on the 'gone'. I guess they forget there's no E on the end.

    But I digress.

    I must say that when you said the “£30,000 fembot”, I automatically envisioned a ginormous robot. Kind of like a Rosie from The Jetsons only much larger with metal, red lips and in pink lingerie. I'm not used to pounds as currency, so it's easily forgivable, right?

    Great show. And that Vibrasphere track is incredible. Off to iTunes for that album.
    As always, thanks for taking the time to make such a great podcast. Have a great 2010!

  • azzwright


  • Most Aussies can't pronounce those correctly either Azz! ha!

  • Fezringham

    Good show troops, recently coughed up the cash to join the Plus+ revolution.

    Have you considered opening up the topics of the show?

    UFO news, Ghosts and Crypto topics are cool but what about including mysterious architecture? I recently read an excellent book called Mysterious Monuments by Texe Marrs.

    His premise is that the “Illuminati” (Masonic orders) have utilised subliminal messages in architecture for thousands of years to invoke demonic entities to do their bidding.

    It's out there, but certainly worth covering on your fantastic show.

    All the best from Port Stephens.


  • Ok you win! Those native names make my tongue hurt.

    Also, the 30,000 lb femmbot sounds even more sexy to me 😉

  • coboot

    I agree about eating dirt.

    So many of my friends go overboard with cleaning & steralizing. I was chastised because i didnt boil nipples (i used platex drop ins, cause i was lazy and had twins), just washed with tap water (A friend used bottled water for that and then boiled it??) or the pacifiers.

    If I washed the pacifier everytime it hit the ground I would still be doing it. I would say they gotta eat dirt.

    End result- my soon to be 3yr olds have seen the doctor 1x last year (I begrudgingly immunize them) otherwise between them maybe 2 colds and two recent fevers.

    My friends kids are on nebulizers, more than two sets of friends, more than one child has had the tubes put in the ears and i never see any of them w/o that pink crap antibiotics in the fridge! Ha!

    My kids are not perfect but they are healthy kids. I dont give into the swine flu crap. You dont need a shot or antibiotics for everything. I think it makes for a weakling generation.

  • Those space pictures are amazing i would kill to get equipment thats on par with what ever NASA uses..

  • SDyer

    Great Show guys! Wouldn't be able to get through work without you =]

  • Tikki

    I couldn't agree more. Not that this is a germ forum, but my partner grew up in a household where their mother was a complete germ/neat/proper freak. He couldn't have pets, I'm pretty sure EVERYTHING was washed was some kind of chemical cleaner, and still to this day, their house is like that. Needless to say, at 28 he's allergic to almost everything, and is constantly getting sick with colds/flu…needless to say, I was the exact opp. (and still am), and I'm a.o.k.

    I think the medical system is slowly seeing the impact of the antibiotic/pill/purell craze. With the emergence and rapid spread of megaviruses such as MRSA, it's evident that some germs and dirt are crucial in building a strong immune system.

  • Tikki

    Great episode guys! Loved the focus on strange medicine, germs, etc. Also, loved the comments about chupacubra…that's one of the greatest cryptozoology mysteries and rarely gets noticed!

    I'm so glad that a fembot to help the elderly knows the difference between tickling and stroking…clearly, those are important to elderly caregiving!! [insert ad for the tiny blue pill] …

    Can't wait for the 'in the field' podcasts! They'll be awesome!
    Also, I'm enjoying old school MU -thanks to the holidays- it's great seeing the transition from then to now!

  • I sent an email, but I should be soliciting others for nuggets of information. I guess for legal reasons you must state that MU is for “entertainment purposes.” Can anyone recommend other websites or podcasts that you would deem credible?

    I really appreciate the show gentlemen!

  • Is this just a premium show? It is not showing up in my feed.

  • azzwright

    Hi Greg, Yes, Plus+ episodes are exclusive to Plus+ subscribers. It won't show up in normal feeds.

  • Nicole

    Hi Fezringham

    Season 1 kinda steps into architecture. It looked at strange structures such as underwater pyramids in China, pyramids in Europe as old as the Giza pyramids. It also looked at things like strange Masonic symbols in churches, etc.

    I guess that's a start …


  • Steve

    I just got around to listening to this episode. Until recently I would have agreed that an educated person such as a physicist could not possibly misspell such a common word as “follow”. However consider that Richard Dolan, who does not have a Ph.D. but is well-educated, misspelled “lightning” (as “lightening”) *three times* in volume two of his UFOs and the National Security State. So, such things do happen. That being said, Stan Romanek is obviously full of shit.