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Episode 308 – Mysterious Universe

Nick Redfern joins us this week to talk about his new book “Contactees” on what turned out to be another massive show.

Leading up to our interview we look a whole host of strange cryptid encounters to get you in the mood, and on the way out we have two incredible, and perhaps disturbing calls from MU fans.

Plus+ members also get to hear our thoughts on the art work of David Huggins (selected paintings after the jump) and his lifetime of abductions, and extraterrestrial sexual encounters.


Read on for music, links, and video, and don’t forget to check out Audible’s great offer for Mysterious Universe listeners.


Nick Redfern

Contactees: A History of Alien-Human Interaction


Free Audio Book

The Thetis Lake Monster

Cryptid Encounters

Bigfoot Thermal Video

Something in the storm

The life and art of  David Huggins

The Moving Coffins

Spray-on liquid glass

Bizarre cloaked creature

Nick Redfern – Contactees

Farah Yurdozu – Love in Alien Purgatory: The life and fantastic art of David Huggins

huggins1 huggins2 huggins3

huggins4 Crescent LIAAP


Mux Mool – Hog Knuckles via voulesrandom

Jimmy Whoo – Bleep Music via Asian Dan

Ratatat – Wildcat via motel de moka

Metro Area – Miura via motel de moka

Oliver Cheatham – Get Down It’s Saturday Night (The Noodleman Edit) via [redthreat]

Silver Convention – Fly Robin Fly (The Noodleman Lost Temple Dub) via [redthreat]

Rockets – On The Road Again (The Noodleman Edit) via [redthreat]

Final Track – Free Show

Nneka – Heartbeat (Chase & Status Remix) via blahblahblahscience

School of Seven Bells – Half Asleep via motel de moka

Sascha Funke – Mango via motel de moka

Final Track

Booka Shade – Charlotte via motel de moka

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  • Flying_Squirrel

    That dude with the psilocybin story really got me……we have some parallel thinking going on.


  • C. Avis

    Very cool to see a report about the Thetis Lake monster. I live in Victoria, BC right near Thetis Lake and had never heard of this story. Keep up the good work guys, I love it!

  • furrywoogie

    good job getting the audible sponsor!! =) that should help the show a good bit

  • Spookchild

    It sounded like he had so much more to tell about what he saw but was trying to keep the message brief. It would be interesting to hear him interviewed more in depth by Ben and Aaron.

  • Flying_Squirrel


  • To add more “coolness” to the whole nano-tech stuff there's also research being done into spray on or paint on solar panels. So you would potentially be able to make electricity from any surface you could imagine.

    The downside to nanotechnology is that its one of the predicted civilization killers. Imagine a little bit of nano-tech that could decompose garbage if it were reprogrammed and let loose. Not a pretty picture.

    Great interview and the new sound quality is very noticeable.

  • Flying_Squirrel

    Like in Robert Ludlums “The Lazarus Vendetta”. A great read btw!

  • Pingback: thanks @mysteriousuniv for playing my voicemail | a robot, i am not()

  • princesswarrior

    Great show guyz as usual came I across this today

    I'm looking foward to your ghost hunting pod cast..keep up the good work

  • Guess thanks for all your hard work in making this great podcast. I would love to here more about reptilians? If I can remember you cover a STORY on the “The Lacerta File”. Ben and Aaron thank you.