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Episode 112 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

After suspicions arise on the possibility of our studio being haunted, we take a look at several amazing Puerto Rican encounters, and body containers seen by abductees.

We also have more on Mermen, Ley Lines, and the Top 10 disturbing sleep disorders.

Read on for show notes, music, and pics.

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Two Captured Ghosts for Sale

Cigar UFO

Humanoid Sighting

Puerto Rico: UFO Encounters / Alien Abductions

Highest Strangeness – Body Containers

ScotlandLindaPorterTubesGrey ScotlandTubesWannaLawson

The Ugly Mermen

Seals Sleep As They Sink in the Sea

Where the Ley Lines Led

Top 10 Spooky Sleep Disorders

Rare Buddhist flower found under nun’s washing machine


2-Year-Old Chinese Girl Weighs as Much as an Adult


Eric Lau – One via undomondo

Breakbot feat. Irfane – Baby I’m Yours (Siriusmo Remix) via Analog Giant

Eric Lau – Always Will (ft. Muhsinah & Kaidi Tatham) via undomondo

Neokarma Jookla Trio – Night Revelation via undomondo

RSD – Naked Mario Kart (Graphics Remix) via phase02

Elektrochemie – Mucky Star via voulesandom

Final Track

Cults – Go Outside (Cults 7″, 2010) via voulesrandom


  • Swissie77

    Bleh, as a sufferer of night terrors when I grew up, I could go the rest of my life without experiencing another nightmare. I'm with you Ben!

  • Vikk

    I'll back you up about nightmare's, Aaron. They are rare for me, but I do enjoy them when they occur.

    Insomnia, however, I would not consider as spooky. I have suffered from it on and off for over a decade. I really do not see what is spooky about being unable to sleep. A few years ago I did not sleep for three days and I suffered hallucinations. The carpets in my house seemed as though they were alive!

    Right now I am in the middle of a phase of insomnia and I sleep less than four hours a night. It is not spooky, it is downright annoying. I want to sleep so much, and I have sleeping tablets (proper ones, not over the counter) but I don't like to take them as I don't want to be addicted to them.

    But, hey, the extra time I have from not sleeping allows me to learn new things. I have spent my nightly hours this time learning how to bind books by hand. The time I have during these periods avails me an opportunity I would not ordinarily have.

    By the way, did you hear about that web-based computer prediction machine, alta I think is was called, that predicted sleep disturbances becoming more common this year?

  • Spookchild

    Those “bottled spirits” ended up being sold for $5000. Amazing that somebody would pay that much money for 2 bottles of blue water.

  • coboot

    I suffer horribly from insomia. I cant take ambien, makes me do crazy things. ie: what did we order online-lets see!

    I have gone without sleep and it is a whole other reality and that gets scary. I walk faster, I seem as I am told at work like I am on crack! I feel ragedy and itchy. I talk fast to begin with and go even faster when not sleeping. Humor helps me along! I tell my supervisor when it is occuring and i get the Yeah we know. lol

    I currently take xanax to just get to sleep, but alas do not sleep for long. I have been to two sleep clinics for them to tell me the same thing, so I wont go again. I think everyone suffer time to time, just the body clock.

    I started using hynosis podcasts on my ipod,( spookchild gave me a great website and I will be trying binural beats! ) but i started having strange dreams and nightmare scenes.

    I dont know so much they are nightmares as much as they are crazy dreams or because I listed to things it incorporates into my dream.

    I listened to the recent podcast where Aron took a balloon ride and no fooling had a dream he crashed on a beach in Brisbane (i have no idea if Bisbane has a beach) but I also watched that night on the ID channell about deadly woman and they had one in Brisbane who claimed to be a female vampire in the 70's.

    It wasn't a deadly crash more like the ballon deflated and the basket landed on its side, on the beach was the hotel/bar i was staying in but apparently was connected to my home. Now it sounds funny but when I was running to “get Aron” it was not. (I have never met you Aron and I dont know what you look like either!)

    I was running and running, my older brother was in it, so I take it as we were protected. But confusingly terrifying at the time.

    So yeah I like the crazy dreams as long as they are not about anyone in my family dying.

    I do hate lying in bed when I cant sleep. I get the heebee jeebee's. But i feel if i let my body rest maybe my mind will? again entire diff reasoning.

    My daughter sleeps 12 hrs at a time-show off! My son sleeps regular. I am told it is hereditary and I hope not. If I get four strait hours I am happy with it. Best sleep ever-under anastethia! I can understand why Michael Jackson did it, but shame on his doctor!

    Geez i wrote a lot.

    I mean no offence. You will know when I do. lol

    Ben maybe Aron twisted your knobs on a remote visit.


  • Spookchild

    I can't remember if I warned you or not before recommending the binaural beats Colleen, but listening to binaural beats, hypnosis recordings and MU while going to sleep have all given me major nightmares. Deeply symbolic, realistic, apocalyptic type nightmares.

    Since I am one who enjoys nightmares it doesn't deter me, but some may be put off by them. But if you are an insomniac, sleep with nightmares must be better than no sleep at all, right?

  • erin_ridgeway

    Re: your knob-diddler. Folk wisdom where I'm from says spirits can't/won't cross over salt, so consider sprinkling some in the doorway of the studio. Or just line up several salt lamps, whatever. You can also burn some herbs or some incense, particularly in parts of the house that don't see a lot of traffic. Corners, closets, etc. I don't know if I buy it, but when it comes to spirits, I'm about as sensitive as a city bus. Either way, it can't hurt, it might help, and at the very least, the house will smell nice. Bonus.

  • Tikki

    I have a toiletbowl of blue water! Can you imagine how many ghosts that must be!!?
    So silly…I'm honestly amazed that it got up that high! It's like the “haunted gems” you can buy on ebay!

  • Tikki

    I hate nightmares.
    I can control my dreams, so I very rarely have a nightmare. For instance, I often dream about the impending Zombie apocalypse. When I have these dreams, they’re not like 26 Days Later, it’s more like Zombieland. I’m constantly fighting and running from the zombies, but I am always able defend myself! Several weeks ago, I was having a perfectly entertaining zombie dream…alas, I found myself in my kitchen, hopeless, and surrounded by zombies. I paused my dream, said, “I want a gun” (too much Fallout playing), and I reached over to a drawer, pulled it open, and tada, before me there was an array of weaponry where I normally keep my utensils!
    However, when I do get nightmares they’re during the early part of my sleep. It’s normally me dreaming of myself in real time. I see myself sleeping, and then am suddenly jolted awake when I see something large and dark coming at my face. I normally wake up screaming and trying to brush what feels like spiders off of me. It’s been bad enough that I’ve had to leave the bedroom and sleep in living room with all my lights on.
    I’m not sure why anyone would wish to be scared like that. You must be mad! MAD I say!!