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Episode 318 – Mysterious Universe

This week’s show is our first Enhanced Podcast(?) of 2010. Packed with images, this is one episode you won’t want to miss.

What a bumper of an episode this turned out to be! Right after Ben and Aaron spent an enthralling day speaking with Black Ops Aviation Historian Michael Schratt, Aaron goes out and has a Triangle UFO sighting right in his own backyard!

We also delve into some very compelling UFO reports, Plus+ members find out what happens when you take a souvenir from a sacred site and Aaron and Ben recount a tale of missing pants.

PLEASE NOTE: The images supplied by Michael are computer generated forensic composites.

Michael Schratt

Contact: [email protected]

Selected Images:

LTA-Craft B-2-electrogravitics B-2-stealth-Bomber-(2)

Jet-disc-1 Jet-Disc-3 Jet-Disc-2

SSTOL_r2 ARV30 Manta-Ray-2

M151_r2 Budget

Security Clearance Org Chart


Crop Circles and the “Maser”

Crop Circles Response

Classic British UFO Encounters

Something Stole my Pants!

Plus+ Content

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The Horrors of the Mummy’s Head

Zimbabwe Goblin Attack


Fluxion – Perfused via voulesrandom

David Keno – Wait For More via voulesrandom

Telonius – Hit Me (Ian Pooley dub) via voulesrandom

Malente & Dex – Habibi (Shir Khan Remix) via Trash Menagerie

Final Track – Regular Show

Priors – What You Need (Hey Champ Remix) via Daily Beatz

Kink – Rachel via voulesrandom

Final Track

Mystery Jets – Flash A Hungry Smile via Asian Dan

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  • Gauntlet

    MP3 soon please!

  • Abeam


    ItΒ΄s funny how some of the guys who are addressing ufos in shows have sightings. By chance i know that Kerry from Project Camelot had one too after (i think) talking a lot about ufos the same day.

  • idlebones

    In depth look at “The Bloop”….

  • Nakkiah

    Hi Guys,
    I JUST downloaded you show (its 3:37am in Sydney) and I just had to tell you hearing your UFO sighting gave me shivers. I live at the bottom of the Blue Mountains and about 2-3 months ago my mother and I saw the exact same ball of light/fire except during the day. It was a big ball of light that looked exactly like fire and it also seemed to motion towards us. It was almost like the flame in a hot air balloon but bigger. Hearing your experience gave the biggest chills! I am going to document what my mum and I saw exactly with details tomorrow!

  • anon

    Enhanced version interesting but don't give up the mp3 version for us audio mp3 player users!

  • ronald hasler

    Always love your show guys but having issues with the download, MP3 would be great for us peeps in work who listen to your show who can't download stuff on company computers. Keep up the great work.

  • Bad

    I thought I heard mention that one of these photos is supposed to be genuine, but I can't personally see which one that is supposed to be. They are look rendered to me.

    Re internet trolls: you guys apparently aren't hanging out at enough movie review sites to have yourselves steeled up against the internet troll community. Just spend some time in the talkbacks at Ain't It Cool News for a week and you'll think the Boing Boing ones are kittens.

    I suspect that I might be THE most skeptical person both listening to AND enjoying Mysterious Universe. In my own head I always do run downs of why X, Y or Z sounds like it has a perfectly reasonable explanation that fits Occam's Razor. I rarely, however, think to myself “This is just stupid bullshit.” Otherwise I wouldn't be listening. You both are clearly enthusiastic, intelligent, and very thoughtful about the topics and you don't just buy into every claim. I listen to MU using the philosophical principle of charity: “the principle of charity requires interpreting a speaker's statements to be rational and, in the case of any argument, considering its best, strongest possible interpretation.” (From ) That doesn't mean believing what's being said, it simply means giving it thoughtful consideration from the other person's point of view as much as you can generate within yourself. Some of the stories do strike me as being able to be dismissed often based on the language being used being so indicative of someone specifically trying to use the terminology they have been encountering in their own explorations of the subjects but not really understanding how to use the language properly. The words “craft” and “being” and “presence” are recurrent to the point that when I hear them I must be VERY careful not to immediately dismiss the story and to listen to where it's going. My favorite stories are usually the ones from people who have ZERO background or interest or experience in a phenomenon they experience because they are significantly less likely to couch their story in language with buzzwords. Aaron did pretty good in avoiding “craft” in his description of the triangle today. πŸ™‚

    I guess you could chalk me up as a skeptic with an open mind. I don't really go around believing in anything, though, as a matter of course. Believing in things can be a dangerous business if you don't routinely re-examine the beliefs on a regular basis and even keep asking yourself is believing is itself a worthwhile concept. I'm not sure it's really something that human beings should necessarily continue to do as we evolve. It might end up being the appendix of thinking some day.

  • azzwright

    There is a MP3 file up now πŸ™‚

  • None of the photos supplied are genuine, and I'm sure we didn't claim they were in the show. They are all CG forensic composites. Just wanted to make that clear. (NOTE: we used genuine images of other craft in the enhanced show of course)

  • SgtRon

    there are better pics and info in defense magazines. I know way more than your interview guy does, but then again I did retire after 20 years and well most experts on military black ops world were never in the military, hhahahaha ever heard of the BD6D? He should know if he has the scoop.

  • shadowisp

    just some constructive criticism. I'm getting pretty tired of aaron making broad statements like religions are breaking down, and everyone has a hard time of looking outside their beleifs, and the like. I have my own beleifs, and i beleive them to be rooted in truth, and look at everything else in view of that truth. to ask people to just disregard what they beleive to be truth, just because someone else has what they think is a better truth than yours, is kinda arrogant. open mindedness is not the same thing as disregarding everything you beleive cause that guys argument is better. I really liked the above post about the principle of charity, i totally agree.

    that said, this is constructive criticism (i hope) i really do like the show and have honestly just gotten used to aarons super enthusiastic responses, and am ok with it. Cudos to ben though for always maintaining the unbiased attitude of a professional reporter, even though im sure your tempted to jump in with your own opinions. The two of you actually make a pretty well balanced team.

  • rogerdlang

    just sent a note to you guys about the NYT science time article on weapons designed to replace the US nuclear arsenal. May explain some sightings. What do you think?

  • I think Aaron was simply making the point that Organized Religion is losing popularity. For example the 2008 AMR Survey in the US revealed Atheism was up to 15% from 8% in 1990, and all major religions had a significant drop. The trend has continued in more recent studies.

    Aaron was not commenting on whether this was good or bad, he's simply stating a fact.

  • CanadianGuy

    Hey guys, no offense but where is Aaron's audio and video of his encounter with the triangle UFO? I know you said the quality wasn't great but, come on, you have a website. Post the darn stuff! Talk is all very well but I heard there was video.

  • Bad

    Ah! Thanks for the clarification, Ben. Much appreciated.

    They are awesome pictures nevertheless.

  • Well we've got the audio of the sighting right at the start of the show, but the video, honestly it's not even worth uploading. All you'll see is a black screen with a yellow dot. I took a still and zoomed in on photoshop. The object is 9 pixels…. lol. I'll ask Aaron if he wants to upload it but in my opinion it's a waste of time.

    His camera wasn't able to capture it.

  • The Brain Who Speaks

    Haha! Love the voice at the end Ben!

    Awesome awesome show guys, it's really given me perspective on the speculated tech that the U.S. government, or perhaps even our own is holding back. Really liked the enhanced feature. Could you by any chance include videos next time? That would be really cool.

    Great work again πŸ˜€

  • joelbenavidez

    Love, Love, Love The Enhanced Podcast!!! Keep up the phenomenal work guys! You're on your way to greatness! I wonder what images await us from the “Sexy” article this weekend on plus! Haha!

  • overkil6

    Oh Aaron… didn't you just recently comment on the odds of someone big in the UFO scene for seeing a UFO? Hypocrite! πŸ™‚

    Well done guys – another good show! Oh – and the pictures DO show up on the iPhone.

  • Haha. I wonder what's going to happen next to Aaron?

  • Great episode, I love hearing about black projects and black tech. Although I was pissed to hear about the B-2's static leading edge technique. I actually came up with basically the same thing a while ago based on the Russian squall torpedo…but I was sitting on it until I graduated and got some contacts. Now I'll have to figure out another way to make millions πŸ™

  • Aken Eichwald

    I haven't finished listening to this episode yet so haven't heard the Bloop reference, however, in regard to Brian on skeptic's dismissal that it is internet rumor anyone ever identified the “bloop” as “biological' in origin – that can, itself, be dismissed fairly easily. I posted the following comment on this own site –

    While I agree that internet-repeated “reports” – even those attributed to a specific agency – take on a life of their own, I think that reports in a (1) mainstream media outlet, that, (2) directly attribute a quote to a specific person, have higher degrees of credibility.

    Brian dismisses the NOAA statement as urban legend, however, “New Scientist” quotes by name NOAA's Christopher Fox and BU's Dr. Phil Lobel as identifying the “bloop” as “biological in origin.”

    Without calling either Fox or Lobel directly (a search of the NOAA website and BU websites confirm they are both real people so it should be easy to do), to confirm these quotes it is impossible to say for certain. However, I believe that the libel laws are strong enough and the potential damage to reputation significant enough that – which we can confirm as the owned URL of the Australian Academy of Science – would not host on its servers completely fictionalized statements attributed to two living people and claimed to have been printed in a very real, and very serious, scientific magazine such as “New Scientist.”

    If the source material quoting Fox and Lobel were on a geocities-dot-whatever domain or, etc., I'd be skeptical too but I think the directness of the Fox & Lobel quotes being made here are strong enough and the source cite respectable enough (the Australian Academy of Science's URL) that they can be taken as real and not fabrication.

  • SgtRon

    The guy you had on is more like a boy scout than a black ops researcher. guess I am bias. He is close. allot of hog wash. ALSO. when we did Afghan invasion there were high tech weapons used just you don't know what all we used and a reason you don't. I did 7 tours in Middle East during my 20 year career. If anyone wants the truth about what we have and what it does its no big secret to find out!!!!!!! its easy to do :JOIN THE MILITARY” The stuff your man was talking about is old school stuff. 80% was in 1980's…… and there was nothing flown over area 51. ITS A NO FLY ZONE! and for a reason. no aliens, no UFO's, but is a no fly zone for a reason. All the good bases are underground, it used to be every 45 mins or so a Russian satellite would fly over so underground was king.
    Saying there is no need for pilots in future is far fetched, the UAV's are flown by pilots now but from a secure location and when not flying it they fly the BD6D, (Big Desk 6 Drawer) talking about the leading edges using electronics for less drag, reason civilians cannot is,,,, have you ever noticed 85% of military pilots go bald? there are so many trons, electronics, radar etc, that's why! I worked with some of the best pilots in the world !!!!!!!! there is not doubt the US pilots are top's I know people that fly every type of air frame there is, and lost some very good friends along the way,,,,,,,,,,, Freedom is not free!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So when are we interviewing you about your inside knowledge Ron? Pick a date, I'll bring the microphones πŸ˜‰

  • SgtRon

    When your ready! I will not disclose any classified due to my fellow brothers in arms could be at risk if some of the technics and equipment are disclosed! I laugh when I hear some of the experts talking. Remember this X is an unknow factor. And Spert is a suden burst of energy! You can find out more from Janes defense weekly than your experts know. Someone who has been in this stuff knows more than ones who are not. There are different frequencies of sounds that block your vision hence invisible to human eyes.

  • I don't know if I can believe what your interviewee was talking about then again I did zone out while I was listening. Also the BoingBoing articles, I read the comments and they did make alot of sense, the blogger just few a hissy fit because people like a working hypothesis(sp) more then people making stuff up.

  • markfromlondon

    Wow Wow Wow Wow….. I was blown away with this episode, what a mind stretch.

    Fantastic show guys.

  • James

    Hey Guys, I'm having to write down the holes in this guys comments as I'm hearing them. While I'm sure this guy is very well versed in Black Ops Aviation history, I think he over steps his boundaries and in a couple of places makes some rather silly comments.

    Point 1)
    About never seeing a B2 engine with the manifold cover off that is “officially stamped” by the military. Seriously? You expect the military to spend that much money on a piece of military technology and then “drop it's drawers” to show you what's under the hood? That's just crazy talk. Of course they won't. Try finding “official” specs on the the maximum speed and cruising altitude of the SR-71. You can't – and they don't even use that plane anymore!

    Point 2)
    About the technology being “easily” adapted to commercial aircraft, for a technology he can't find out much about, how the hell would he know how easily it can be “adapted to commercial aircraft by changing the structure of the plane by 1 percent?” Speaking as a tools systems designer, I can tell you that unless you know what's under the hood, you can't possibly know how easy any system can convert to another.

    Point 3)
    About the engergized leading edge of the wing cutting down on the super-sonic signature so that the enemy can't hear you coming, I'm no scientist, but if you're flying super-sonic – aren't you already passing them by before they can hear the sound of your engine?

    Point 4)
    The interviewee talks about how these super secret aircraft are above the need to know level of the President? While I'm sure that there are lots of clearance levels above the President, I would argue that as you go up, not only are the number of people in that category considerably smaller, but that it's far, far easier to figure out who leaks information of that classification. As such I find suspect information “leaked” to the general public that is of a classification exceeding that of the President.

    5) Ben Rich Statements
    If you really listened to the statements that Ben makes, he really doesn't say anything. All the things mentioned in anyone looking to make their group look like Gods among men, and very handy in helping to drum up funding. While I don't doubt that Lockheed/Martin skunkworks group has done some amazing things, I doubt they've touched anything from Star Wars even remotely. I mean, even if you take something simple, like the anti gravity systems they use to cart the Han-sicle around Bespin. If the skunkworks program patented this system alone, they would NEVER need to worry about funding EVER again! You'd be hard pressed to convince me that if you went to any company CEO and said, “I made this, and if we patent it, we'll never need to worry about money again.” and that company not immediately jump on it. And that's nothing to say lightsabers and FTL travel. I think these comments are the words of a man who knows how to drum up buzz without having to really say anything.

    Point 6)
    He stated that Obama probably didn't have clearance, but later he mentions that a source told him that the people he needed to talk to was George Bush Senior, Donald Rumsfield, or Dick Cheney because were the ones who were writing the checks? While I don't doubt the “Trifecta of Evil” that is those three people, I find these two bits of information a bit conflicting. I also find it interesting that 3 of the 4 people recommended are people who would never give the topic a change to breathe air in an interview (That's my Darth Vader reference there).

    In the end, I find it interesting when asked if he was afraid of getting harassed by the Federal Government, states that “the Government isn't concerned with what you know, it's what you can prove. And he wasn't worried.” I think this is pretty telling that his arguments lean heavily on speculation, and from my perspective, misinterpretation and rather significant jumps in logic.

    That being said, I am a true technophile, and enjoyed the “Surface Material” of the interview, but the dips into “the shadow world” to be a bit flimsy. But that's just my opinion. i very much enjoy your shows, and keep up the terrific work!


  • Dave

    Everyone know's picture # 4 with the 2 Disk shaped aircraft is fake right? If for nothing else than the shadow's for the two disk aircraft are completely different than the rest. All other shadows indicate a sun behind the camera. The two disks indicate a sun at high noon. In addition, the characteristics of the shadow's are incorrect (the continue to darken from edge to inside, whereas all other shadows are consistent from one end to the other). Anyway, not sure if that picture is one of the “computer generated composites” or not, but quite obvious a fake!!

  • Dude they're all CGI pics… nobody is trying to pass them off as real.

  • Object Reporter

    Yes, Dave, we know it’s a fake picture used to visually illustrate an example. Michael states that some of his photo illustrations are computer generated composites. That was one of them. I’ve done the same thing with some of my own articles on Mr. Schratt makes some very good points, and if anyone has seen his presentations in person you’d be a little less critical and a bit more open minded about the information he’s presenting. Ben Rich and Don Phillips (both ex-Lockheed employees) have publicly stated on record that the aerospace industry has been actively engaged in anti-gravity research and extremely exotic propulsion systems that are decades beyond what anyone can imagine. Read Ben’s deathbed confession about us “already having the technology to travel among the stars” as told to his friend John Andrews (Testors model corp). So before everyone picks apart what he’s saying, how about doing a bit of research into the topic first?

  • Object Reporter

    All very good points, James. I won’t argue with your “holes” but I would like to point out that the ionization of the leading edge on the B-2 bomber is not about reducing the sonic boom (the B-2 is subsonic and not capable of mach) it’s about reducing air resistance and therefore increasing fuel economy over long distances. The B-2 is an extremely long range bomber so ANY increase in fuel efficiency no matter how small is critical. This information was ‘leaked’ by a group of irate Northrup-Grumman engineers who had their benefits and pay cut during a period of economic downturn in that industry about 8 years ago. They weren’t reprimanded or called out about it because that would be admitting that what they claimed is true. Interesting position to be in, isn’t it? Yes, there are some “jumps in logic” with with some of Michael’s material, but he’s not an aerospace engineer or a pilot. He’s an aerospace historian and draftsman, so he’s bound to fill in a few holes here and there with speculation. Overall, it’s good information and we should all be happy there’s someone like him out there attempting to bring this information to the surface in any way possible.