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Keeping it Under Wraps: Giants, Mummies and Megalithic Mysteries

Several years ago, during a rather clandestine exchange I had with a friend and mentor of mine, Brad Steiger, I was told a strange series of facts regarding the mummified remains of “giants” discovered throughout the Americas in the nineteenth century.

We had been talking about his book, Worlds Before Our Own, which had recently been reprinted by Anomalist Books, when he asked me a question regarding a strange, mummified skeleton discovered in 1885.

“Micah, I think you may have seen the pictures that I have of the 7-foot female holding her skeletal babe. She also has a rudimentary tail.” As I tried to recollect an image of this oddity, he added, “We may truly be products of someone else’s laboratory.”

Indeed, this was a bizarre concept, but before I had time to ponder what Steiger was saying he added, “I discussed many giant skeletons that were being held in private museums. After the book was published, I learned of even more and included photos of them in my lectures. Soon, individuals beseeched me to cease.”

“Why?” I asked.

“The private museums were mysteriously suffering unexplained fires,” he told me rather cryptically.

In addition to the strange stories like this that do turn up from time to time, I find it very interesting–and a bit unsettling–that there are instances suggesting some kind of opposition to the weirder ancient mysteries of this world becoming general knowledge among the populace. This is disturbing for two reasons; one being that the notion itself is a shame, if such allegations are indeed true, since there may be elements of history with potential for being studied more carefully that are squelched beforehand. The other reason (albeit a less popular one among circles of phenomenology) deals with the distinct possibility that American frontier legends and folklore have contributed a great deal to the body of evidence surrounding ancient civilizations. These groups, consisting of giants, denizens of an underworld race, citizens of Atlantis, and other new-age theories and philosophies, when probed deeper, often seem to have a bit less foundation in scientific or archaeological fact. Nonetheless, there are a surprising number of stories that allege all sorts of conspiratorial happenings, ranging from recovery of mummified bodies by organizations and groups that spirit them away into the shadows, to mislabeling of samples and specimens that leads to filing and mis-categorization; thus, locating the original discovery is more difficult (particularly if they were uncovered more than a century ago).

In the case of the strange “giant” mummy with the tail that Brad had asked me about, this relic does indeed exist, and I am fairly certain that the particular specimen was purchased by Ripley’s a few years ago. Information (as well as photos) are available at the links below:

The Yosemite Mummies

The Martindale Mummies

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  • gloriagirl

    I read a book called STORIES OF THE PROPHETS published by Darussalam, That my ex-son inlaw own, i read that book and could not believe the information it had about the ancient people living here who did no look like humans, some made of fire, and some made of rock,; and so on,none of these races made it because they turn around and eventually did bad things, real big bad things that GOD could not and will not allow. some was totally destroy, and some was sent out to who knows where, I think that all of the things we have been seeing and not believing are part of that, its coming back slowly but surely, why then would we see, this weirdness, flying big black birds, humanoids all over the world, I even saw a picture in YOU TUBE of a fire coming out of a home, it had a face, that was scary, and I don't think it was fake. and what about the lizards man that I also see in YOU TUBE. whom experts believe they are ufo, that could be possible…this we stand in and all we see around us, and space so big and endless, BELONGS TO GOD, weather you want to believe or not…now we are coming close to something, a really big someting, and all of a sudden we find all of these mummies and other things big and small around the world that some countries don't want you to know, and some do, especially the religious your home work people read the bible and other books that concors with it.

  • Corey Goode

    Those who are in power will always rewrite history and destroy/burry/discredit any evidence that contradicts that held beliefe system (Strange is it not that Scientists have the same mentality of those who burned ancient libraries because of the dogma of the time. As we learn more about the nature of our reality and world… the more we see how little we have evolved since the middle ages as Beings. It is pretty sad if you ask me…

  • SgtRon

    facts are facts. I have a guy who worked for me who is a holy roller fly by night christian. I explained to him long ago that there were giants, etc. Romans had to devise weapons to defeat them. ALSO the Mongolian army they had a race of Large warriors that seems to be left out of history books. Seems anything Christians write is not exactly the truth its a way of the Church lies to the masses etc. History that we read today is so far from the truth and as with anything else dealing in religion a straight out LIE. Look into the facts yourself.

  • stendec63

    The stories of discoveries of giant human remains are fairly well known just as the fact that newspapers of the William Randolph Hearst era of journalism were not above publishing dubious and outright false “news” manufactured to boost readership and sell papers. The Aurora Spaceman was one such story and not much faith should be placed in them.

  • jbonno

    Hey Ron, there is a curious mention of a race of giants in the bible, they are called the nephilim.

    Also the Ethiopian book of Enoch (not in the bible) talks about these creatures. “And they became pregnant, and they bare great giants, whose height was three thousand ells[58]: Who consumed all the acquisitions of men. And when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against them and devoured mankind. And they began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and to devour one another's flesh, and drink the blood.”

    I'm not asking you to believe everything the bible says, just check it out.

  • Jed Crawford

    If you haven’t read the book written by the author “Zecharia Sitchin”┬átitled “The Twelfth Planet” then I believe you should look into it. It explains alot, mixing words from the bible with interpretation from the author. Anyone ever heard of the Nefilim or Annunaki? They were giants averaging, in size, from 8′ to 18′, not quite sure which of the two races of giants were taller though. The book also goes on to talk about how it’s a good possibility that we(humans) could be hybrids of ape and these “gods” the “Nefilim”.

  • Armlegalservice

    My friends…
    Where you find government denial on history, ET’s and even artifacts, you can almost be certain it’s true. Or the opposite of their word; why? Because politics has nothing to do with science, it has nothing to do with true history, …and where you find government talking about things that aren’t in their jurisdiction – well, just realize your a slave the more you listen. It’s a simple deal – if they can benefit from you not knowing the truth (keep you a slave) – bet both your socks the white house will continue to take the microphone.

    Over n’ Out!
    [email protected]

  • grassroot

    And, it’s been shown that the Forest and wildlife Dept.
    will suppress the evidence of Bigfoot.