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Episode 122 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

The recent statements of a retired State Legislator that reveal a possible meeting between Eisenhower and ETs lead this week’s exclusive episode.

We also cover an imminent Galactic Pulse, the Russian “Mothman”, and sightings of giant Owls (Bighoot) in New Mexico.

Show notes, video and music after the jump.

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President Eisenhower briefed on ET presence


Item 2.67: Retired State Legislator Reveals Eisenhower’s UFO-E.T. Knowledge

Project Camelot interviews Peter Sterling

Chernobyl Harbinger of Catastrophe

New Mexico’s Bighoot

NM Giant Owl

Big cat sighting leaves experienced hillwalker baffled

Haunted Doll eBay

Out of Body, Out of Time

The Mystery Behind Drood

Indian Yogi Proves He Can Survive on Air Alone

Welcome to the Symphony of Science (uggh)

Gianni the gender-bending cockerel

The real Avatar: body transfer turns men into girls

『トリンプ マイ田んぼブラ』発表


Andras Fox – Come Into My Garden via Another Night on Earth

Espirit – A Private Kind Of Happiness via [redthreat]

Scuba – So You Think You’re Special via Hot Biscuits

Isaac Haile Selassie – The Fight, The Spirit (Kush Arora Remix) via Fried My Little Brain

Quantum Soul – Bittersweet Memories (Resoluto Remix) via [redthreat]

Final Track

Miami Horror – Moon Theory (Baby Monster Remix) via BIGSTEREO


  • Just wanted to make a mention re: Gray during an visionary experience. My mother has been involved with a Core Shamanism group for more than a decade. This group does not use entheogens, but trains themselves how to have deep visionary inner journeys during altered states brought on by drumming.

    It is not uncommon for advanced practitioners to come across Grays from time to time during these inner journeys, however in their experience one should not seek out contact with them, and generally should vacate the plane immediately upon encountering them.

    All those in this group who have come into contact with them during these inner journey felt extremely “creeped out” by their presence and vibration, and are of the opinion that they are not at all benevolent, even if they are not always directly malevolent.

    What I found particularly interesting, was that this group is not told by their mentor during the training phases about the Grays, so there is no pre-programmed response or opinion of them. It's just that once they are encountered – as is wont to happen when one starts spending enough time on the inner planes and going more and more deeply into inner space – their experience will be validated by the mentor and peers, and universally they have come back from the encounters with the same opinion of them.

    I've done my fair share of shamanic journeywork through drumming, and do plan to eventually pursue some entheogenic experiences (I have plenty of experience with psychedelics from my younger days, but I never used them in a spiritual context – I've always regretted that and plan to remedy the situation one day). I've never yet encountered Grays on the inner planes, and honestly I really hope not to!

    Just thought you may find that as interesting as I did!

  • Also, since you were speaking about the effects of MMORGP on psychological states that you would appreciate this article which talks about how the game developers build in behavioral constructs that are meant to make you addicted and keep you playing even after you're no longer having fun.

  • Steve

    Subjectively, depending on whether it's a slow week of Coast to Coast, it seems like it takes forever for you guys to come out with your next episode.

    If I don't have any podcasts, I have to listen to my own thoughts! NOOoooo….