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Episode 403 – Mysterious Universe

This week’s show kicks off with an enticing offer of protection from “Armageddon” all for the small fee of $100,000 per head.

We then discuss Autumn Williams’ new book, and the response it has triggered from Cryptozoology enthusiasts, before heading down memory lane with a classic Bigfoot abduction account.

We’ve also got Voodoo curses, more South American humanoid encounters and much, much more.

Read on for music and show notes.

Russian Spy

Vivos Bunker

New Tribe


Albert Ostman Bigfoot Story

Humanoid/Cryptid Encounters

Attacks in the Darkness

Qwack Cures

Tooth Gel

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The Cookie-Cutter Phenomenon

The Night Visitor

Vampire Car Crash

The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

(Not so) Sexy Story


Fabric of LifeAuditory Canvas
“Chrysalis” (mp3)
from “Fabric of Life”
(Summer Rain Recordings (White))

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Chillout IbizaSimone Mencarelli
“Violet” (mp3)
from “Chillout Ibiza”
(AB Music)

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Inside Man & ATPATP
“Lost My Way” (mp3)
from “Inside Man & ATP”
(Vibration Records Ltd)

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“Sun” (mp3)
from “Harlem”
(Hi-Scores Recording Library)

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Wobbly h – Rob Van Valen via Rob himself (Thanks!)

Final Track – Regular Show

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Garden via Indie Shuffle

Kingdom- Pathfinder via FUNKISM

Final Track

Aeroplane – I Crave Paris via AudioPorn Central
Aeroplane VS Friendly Fires VS Flight Facilities


  • abeam

    New episode – Great! Listening to MU since season one. Keep up the good work! “By the way: The Noisegate sounds a bit choppy… slower attack and release maybe?”

  • Benjamin Grundy

    Ugh I'm so sick of fiddling with Gate settings… ;)

  • abeam

    Yeah understandable. But anyway: Thanks for the free episodes! Listening in 3 2 1 …

  • DavidRavenMoon

    Hey, some of those Russian spies were living up the street from me!

  • Benjamin Grundy

    Any recommendations for Gate plugins? I think I'll try something new.

  • abeam

    Hey. Well i mostly used the TC Electronic Powercore (Firewire) Plug-ins. I think most of them are really good. The performance is so-so as it draws a lot of CPU power. But hey to be honest: I liked the Ableton Live Gate the most!

  • Fullfrontalgamer

    Great content on the show guys, and fantastic audio. As a gaming podcaster, I get a kick out of hearing what video games you two are into, no need to play it up, but some of the fiction in games do match the topics on the show. For example: Deus Ex references MJ-12, FEMA, the Illuminati, Area 51, and MK Ultra. Keep it up, I've converted some of my skeptic friends into true Mysterious Universe believers.

  • Snakefinger

    TC Electronic Good gear. I use no other effects. Check out their Ad on YouTube where they end up driving a TANK over their top of the range guitar effects unit and it's still working! Amazing!

  • abeam

    I forgot to tell: For me it helped not turning the reduction down to full 100% but maybe 90-80% Setting the attack and release rather slow. Gate is a +itch. But once the settings are good it just works. By the way: Which Compressor do you us? And which settings? I'm always interested in Compression settings : ) Maybe a bit off topic now. But anyways.

    Ok that's it. Have a nice one!

  • Benjamin Grundy

    I'm using the PSPaudioware suite for the gate and Sonalksis for compression. Secret weapon is an old multiband compressor from Prosoniq that does something delicious to the male voice. Couldn't do MU without it ;)

  • abeam

    Sweet! Well ok i guess it's mostly about the way you adjust your gear but not so much about how much it costs. That was the way it worked for me! Looking forward to next show!

    @ snakefinger – Didn't see the youtube vid but liked TC a lot. By the way: I don't think my Powercore would have withstood a tank… Who knows how many takes they did on the effetsunit anyway ; )

  • Ronan Doyle

    Great show! Love the big foot story! How do you do the big foot survival test? :)