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Curious Cryptohominids: A Link Between Aliens and Bigfoot?

In Mac Tonnies’ seminal and, sadly, final masterpiece, The Cryptoterrestrials: A Meditation of Indigenous Humanoids and Aliens Among Us, at one point we find the late futurist contrasting the perceived ability of aliens to hide themselves with that of Bigfoot.

“It bears mention,” Tonnies writes, “that eminent primatologist Jane Goodall had defended the scientific search for “Bigfoot,” a cryptohominid commonly described as enormous. Assuming a gigantic and purportedly foul-smelling primate can successfully lay low, it may be substantially easier for an intelligent technical society, with a tested capacity for stealth and a full repertoire of disinformation tricks, to dodge our radar.”

But what if we were to assume that a creature like “Bigfoot,” if it exists, were actually an alien itself?

Researchers such as John Keel and Stan Gordon have noted the apparent parallels between sightings of anthropomorphic ape-like creatures and UFO encounters. In a few smaller Fortean circles, this sort of research has even occasionally led to the belief that Bigfoot creatures might represent some form of an alien being themselves. Various websites online have even gone so far as to denote Bigfoot-type creatures under the extraterrestrial classification of “Sasquans” and similar names, likening the beasts to being an extraterrestrial race exiled (whether or not it’s a self-imposed exile) here on Earth. Other bizarre speculation along similar lines suggests that Bigfoot creatures are actually pets which, similar to an irresponsible dog or cat owner taking an animal off to a remote location and release it, have been turned loose on this planet by their extraterrestrial owners.

But all the more bizarre speculation put aside, there have actually been studies performed in the past that sought to try and explain why there are, in fact, trends between Bigfoot and UFO sightings. Peter Leeson, a BB&T Professor for the Study of Capitalism at George Mason University, undertook a similar task in 2008. Leeson, who admitted having an interest in UFOs into an economics blog, began plotting UFO sightings on a chart that similarly placed states where Bigfoot sightings occurred graphically. Even in the early stages, Leeson described “an intriguing pattern,” in which he found that states that had more U.F.O. sightings also appeared to be having more Bigfoot sightings. Guest blogging for the New York Times, Leeson wrote that “six of the top ten U.F.O. and Bigfoot states are the same: Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Alaska, Wyoming, and Colorado. Two states, Washington and Oregon, are among both categories’ top five.”

Although such information is strange, can we conclude from this that there is indeed a connection between hairy hominids and UFO sightings? Are Bigfoot creatures, in spite of being purported to look a lot like us, really hailing from someplace further out than we realize? Or, does this information suggest that, in reality, there is a deeper meaning here? What if prevalence of geomagnetic activity were taken into question? Would we be startled to find a propensity for thrust faults and other Earthbound activity conducive to magnetic or electrical phenomena in these states, and if so, could these be factors involved, either in the appearance of these creatures, or at very least, the perception thereof?

Perhaps so. But for now, whether we believe in creatures like Bigfoot or not, we’ll have to agree that there are just some aspects to this mystery which are, for lack of a better term, out of this world.

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  • Brent Ahnen

    I remember reading somewhere in the mid 80’s from a documented Abduction Experiencer, that he was told by the aliens, that what we refer to as “bigfoot” is actually a “guard dog” to underground entrances that the aliens use. That is why they aren’t always too friendly to people who chance upon them. Since they reside underground, we don’t find evidence of them other than hair samples and footprints. They even collect their dead and take them back underground (w/ the exception of the Mnt. Saint Helens explosion which is reported to have killed them in large groups that the goverment and forest service secretly collected and disposed of by burning in huge piles before the media caught wind of.)

  • Jack

    I think that this single statistical trend does indicate a connection between the two types of sightings. However, the connection is not necessarily that “Bigfoot” is an alien or even that Bigfoot hangs out with aliens on the weekends. The connection may simply be that more sightings are recorded in areas where people are more likely to go hiking and stargaze. Another possibility is that people in a community with many Bigfoot reports, or UFO reports, are more likely to classify something suspicious looking as one of those things. Drawing conclusions from data should be done carefully.

  • J.Griffin

    I remember the old 70’s TV show where the 6 Million Dollar Man
    met up with Bigfoot and the aliens.

    Pretty far out for primetime TV back then,


    Linda Moulton Howe once told of a rancher that encountered a bigfoot & shot at it with his shotgun only for the thing to disappear in a flash of blinding light. No big ape is capable of that. I do reckon they could be a sort of bodyguard to ETs. You would want such a guard to be huge & muscular as hell! Or yes they could be a sort of pet?!

  • Sir Hugh Barst

    Perhaps UFO`s are doing to bigfoot what they allegedly do to humans…ie,abduct them and so they are seen whilst in the process…just another “theory”,of course.