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Episode 414 – Mysterious Universe

Hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith joins us to discuss her book Chosen, and the abduction phenomenon observed in many of her clients.

Drawing upon thousands of cases and over 18 years of experience, Smith is able to give us a unique insight into the possible meaning of this traumatic phenomenon that is experienced by people the world over.

We also have fresh encounters from Italy and Argentina, along with some shocking revelations surrounding the removal of an abductee’s implant.

Show notes, books, and music after the jump.

Yvonne Smith

Yvonne Smith



Deceptive Robots

New Nick Redfern Book

Up “righted” Tree

A Classic/Typical Alien Abduction Scenario

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Strange Encounters

Lovers Lane Bigfoot Scare


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  • MoTown Missile

    how would one know if they were taken? or can I sign up?

  • Anonymous

    in re. the guy in the theater. I think that’s more an example of missing time vs. a time slip. He checked his watch afterwards and it was showing the correct time, and not the earlier time they thought it was.

    The odd thing would be if they got abducted in the theater though. I can’t see Joe Gray zipping into a public place like that to yank that couple.

  • I’d like to hear an interview with a psychologist who discusses why people THINK they’re being abducted ( since there’s zero convincing evidence that they actually are. it’s all mostly specious speculation) . And why they assume “abductions” are alien in origin. There’s something Jungian going on with here with archetypes and the collective unconscious to explain this.

  • Ben – great show as usual. As a long term alien experiencer myself I can say this : there is no fixed agenda and there is no typical experience. Unfortunately too many researchers place too much emphasis on the grey/hybrid encounters and too little emphasis on the others types of encounters. So much of the grey/reptilian phenomenon is man made – not alien. I can’t say for sure they are not legitimate – having had some myself but…

    Many long term experiecers encounter different types of beings and grow through a continuum of change in how they view their experiences. The notion of abduction, was planted probably in the 80’s by the Powers that Be and represents a fear based, early level understanding of an encounter – which is exactly what the PTB want – to create more fear and division. Everything new is frightening but it’s so important we learn to adapt to beings who are different to us.

    PS. I’m a social worker (former scientist), who has worked as a therapist for more than 10 years. I don’t approach this subject lightly and encourage people to keep an open mind and don’t just swallow the hype.

  • Eyepenny

    You can’t be serious. You haven’t read much (if anything) about this topic, apparently.

    Before you jump to laughable public conclusions you might want to read books by David Jacobs, Bud Hopkins, John E. Mack, Linda Moulten Howe, Richard M. Dolan… you know, people with college degrees who actually study this stuff for a living.

    I hate to be so harsh, but nothing is worse than a know-it-all who doesn’t seem to know much of anything. If you think this phenomenon is “Jungian”, you are either uneducated in it’s heavily-documented details or in serious denial.

  • I understand your reaction. You probably think I’m simply one of those narrow deniers who refuse to believe in these topics. I’m not. The fact is , you don’t know what I do or don’t know so making assumptions that I’m in denial doesn’t help your argument. I’ll admit I haven’t read everything on the abduction topic by any means, nor do I claim to “know it all”, so maybe to some degree I am uneducated. But what I have concluded ,so far, is that this phenomenon is most likely not what it appears to be. That is to say: it’s not literally extraterrestrials abducting people. If you apply some critical thinking to the topic, the likelihood of it being of extraterrestrial origin is very remote. IF these people are being psychically taken somewhere then how would you conclude that it’s not being done by humans? You’d have to rule out an overwhelming amount of odds to make that claim. I’m open to it, but second and third hand accounts of these experiences aren’t enough. You can’t just believe a book, or an interview, that’s not how you discover truth on something this abstract. Can you verify the soundness of the research of all those authors? You’re just taking their word for it, and that’s a huge leap of faith. If you have direct experience then I can’t argue that, although I still may not accept your explanation of the phenomenon. There’s a vast amount that we don’t know about the human mind and consciousness and there’s far more chance that the explanation lies somewhere in there. But…. I could be wrong of course.
    By the way, I wouldn’t list Linda Moulton Howe as a credible source on this stuff. I don’t think she’s dishonest but more likely mislead, plus she’s championed several very specious incidents over the years (enough to question her credibility).

  • I am an experiencer – see above but also a therapist and I agree that there is a Jungian archetype playing out here. Some part of this phenomenon is entirely psychological and even in the case of experiencers, there is a psychological overlay that speaks in archetypes of the collective unconscious. That which is denied or repressed makes a reappearance some how.

  • Nicole

    This episode scared me more then any other episode. The abducted guy screaming when they were regressing him..OMG!! You know that’s real terror.


  • Hey Guys : This has become an interesting if not entertaining dialogue. Stay friendly and keep talking ! ūüėČ

  • Tiffany

    Loved this show!!!

  • Criss

    ( they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men…Daniel 2:43 ) The aliens or demons are clearly interested in our human essence . The aliens are clearly using deception to grab humans at will . The bible tells us there will be a mass deception , and maybe these things are as the bible tells us .

    I have a feeling spiritual entities may very well be behind the ufo phenomena , and i doubt they would have our best interests at heart . Those who can consider the interdimensional hypothesis etc are intellectually bankrupt if they don’t look into the christians bible / ufo connections . Because there are some astounding conections if one looks outside of there bubble .

  • BT

    From the outset I want to say that I am probably not “expert” material by any standards. That being said I have researched this subject (armchair PHD – LOL) for decades now due to my experiences. I am not going to claim that all extraterrestrial life must be evil, or that these experiences must be fallen angels/demons/etc. However, through much research, I have seen that some interesting facts emerge. Of all the abductee accounts I have read I have never heard of the entities (for lack of a better word) divulging anything to the people that are being abducted that in a quantifiable/measurable way has benefited society or mankind in general. To be a bit more specific we get vague warnings (environmental/political/etc) and we get stuff that falls into what amounts to philosophical thinking or even a quasi new age religion. No hardware, no scientific advancements, no pharmaceutical advancements, you get the idea. The best that anyone can come up with is that various governments *may* be getting technology from these entities but that is outside the abduction experience, and while this information is enticing it is (largely) unsubstantiated by evidence. The best we get are whistle blowers, some hard copy documents, or accounts by people who claim to be “in the know”.

    So, where this leads me is to a very disturbing conclusion. I know, and I use the word know very carefully, that this is a real phenomenon. However, these entities in their abductions are deceivers almost without exception. If these entities had any concern for humanity there would be some evidence of them giving real measurable help. There exists none to my knowledge. There only exists words, vague ideas, and what must be perceived as threats. More troubling is the lack of physical evidence. I know there are physical marks such as cuts, burns, scars, even radiation burns and the like. However, we have all these same physical anomolies with various supernatural encounters such as demonic possession, encounters with ghosts/spirits/etc. This leads me to agree with many others that what may be happening here is actually a supernatural experience and not an actual encounter with an extra terrestrial being. I understand the issue of implants may be brought up but again, when we remove these there is nothing that would garner the support of the scientific community with regards to it being a technological “device”. At best it is just unidentifiable…which sounds great where it not for the large number of unidentifiable things removed from human bodies regularly (tumors/mass/etc).

    It seems they want us to think they are something they are not. Maybe they even want us to believe they are doing something they are not. If we approach them as deceivers then may we not unravel a bit of the mystery in what it is they want to do with us?

    Sorry for the long post.

    I do not know if these entities are extra terrestrial life forms or

  • Perhaps the only bubble that really exists is the one of fundamentalism.

  • Perhaps the only bubble that really exists is the one of fundamentalism.

  • Hi BT : I agree with much of what you say – especially about what is divulged. But I think 2 things are worth considering :
    They are not one group, they are many and they act in very different ways. What they do divulge is often very personal. But there is a process or relationship that takes time to develop with them. It can take a long time before the fear aspect of the human reaction subsides.
    Second, we see then through all of our projections. If we use the word abduction, then we see them through the idea of being taken. If we see them as threatening, then we see them through that projection. If we throw in possession, then we see them through that projection. If we see them as devious, we see them through that projection. If we see them as greys or reptilians, we see them through that projection.
    All just projections, not who they are. To see who they are we need to look through the scales of the universe and see the ancient picture of contact between species and the evolution of life across galaxies. When you do that, fear subsides and compassion and understanding settle in teh heart.

  • BT

    BG I hear what you are saying. I agree that we need to put a lid on our fear and understand our surroundings with our hearts. Though I think we would agree that mankind needs to do that with or without the discovery of life outside our world.

    A lot of the abductee stories involve a “pushing through” to “get past” feelings initially associated with the experience. Whitley Streiber (for whatever his accounts may be worth) comes to mind as someone who advocated this early on. However he has flip flopped between seeing his abductors as being benevolent or being a menace. I wonder though, because from what you are indicating (as well as many abductees) it would seem that after one pushes through and the experience becomes “positive” that it seems less an extraterrestrial phenomenon and more of a paranormal one.

    Many of the abduction cases seem to be filled more with imagery that seems to be what the abductee may expect to see or what they may understand vs. what is actually there. Although not an abduction case I remember the story of the flying fireplace in John Keel’s Mothman book. It was something shown that the experiencer could understand vs. what was actual, or that is the way it seems to me. I guess where I am at with this is that I just cannot accept that this is, when real, anything short of a paranormal experience. Not being an extraterrestrial experience then I have to wonder what it is. It seems just another type of encounter that man has with the spiritual/paranormal side of his existence.

    I hear many in the UFO community talk about the “fact” that the various beings that visit this planet are “light years ahead of us”. I am not sure that is true, or how one would qualify that statement objectively. If they are real, they certainly are advanced, but after so many spending so much time with them (especially if there are a significant number that do actually “push through”) it would seem that the abductees would bring something tangible back. Something physical or some kind of knowledge that we could analyze and truly say that this is advanced and not from this world. Instead what we get is philosophy, some vague environmentalism, something akin to new age religion, or warnings to straighten up and fly right.

    The interesting thing is that cultures all over the world get almost these exact same messages from religious encounters/drug induced trips/ghost encounters/dreams/encounters with the supernatural through mediums and so on. That strikes me as quite important, an important aspect of the history of abduction and contact stories that seems to be neglected or overlooked.

  • Al

    I was very interested in Yvonne Smith’s views concerning the alleged alien ‘hybrid program’ and the later worried speculation that it the agenda behind is something nefarious that should concern us. If the aliens’ goals were malevolent, what are they waiting for?

    Perhaps there are other possibilities that are, while not particularly benign, do not constitute a threat to humanity as a whole.

    1. The recent reported activity around nuke sites suggest one possibility; that they want to prevent us from using the damn things. Their motives may have nothing to do with protecting us. Perhaps their agenda is to protect the planet. (How much pre-1945 activity has been reported?)

    2. Accounts of experiments on abductees brings to mind our own attitudes toward animal testing; for some, it is a necessary evil. Perhaps they need our DNA because perhaps their own gene pool has become too shallow.

    3. Perhaps the hybrids are better suited to space travel (whatever that entails–I doubt it’ll look like Star Trek) and they are preparing us, again, for their own reasons.

    We as humans are so used to seeing ourselves at the center of life (well, of everything), that when we look at the activity of these entities and don’t see an obvious benefit to ourselves, then this activity must be a threat. In fact, it may have nothing to do with use other than what we can offer them.

    Historical white attitudes towards Africans and aboriginals (whether in the Americas or in Australia) comes to mind.

    Just discover your show, by the way, and I’m really enjoying it.

  • Joe

    David Jacobs has a huge amount to say about the agenda of the ETs from his decades of experience. It’s not a happy new age kind of situation.

  • JLoggins

    First:¬† Activity arount “Nuke” sites is not recent but¬†occurred in the 1960s when ICBMs were shut down in at Malmstom and other¬†air force bases in U.S.¬†¬†¬† Capt. Bob Salas,U.S.A.F. ret.’s book “Faded Giant” is very revealing on this subject, not only since he was one of the many witnesses but also since the book included government documents.

    As for whether or not ET visitors are evil I am convinced by Ms. Smith’s news special interview by ABC TV in New York, when asked to respond to scientist Stephen Hawking negative comments, that not only is there no credible¬†evidence they are evil, but quite the opposite since we earthlings are still here.

    But I think McDermid is right on point when he states we humans too frequently think of ourselves as being the center of life.   

  • Jloggins

    Coincidentally, in the 1990s Yvonne Smith co-lectured on tour with Dr. John Mack (Harvard psych.), Dr. David Jacobs (Temple University), and her mentor and long time researcher Budd Hopkins.¬†¬† The deaths of Mack and, more recently, Hopkins, are major losses to the hypnotherapist-researcher community, narrowing the “international group” to two.¬† But as also¬†pointed out, the writings of Howe and Dolan provide very meaningful¬†intellectual material about the ET subject.