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Robbing the Cradle: Aliens Who Abduct Children

In seeking to provide rational explanations for the deeper mysteries surrounding alien abduction, many reports of individuals taken against their will by strange beings are met with dismissal by skeptics. Aliens, to the debunker, are merely the product of overactive imaginations, or the objective of those who seek to gain from the celebrity they might receive by claiming to have had interactions with beings from other worlds. But some circumstances involve abductees who, by virtue of their youth, lack any perceived interest in financial gain, all the while describing terrifying encounters with beings in circumstances they don’t fully understand.

The enigma of children’s encounters with aliens is perhaps more unsettling than the average abduction case, especially since many of the same frightening circumstances with invasive medical procedures and strange, alien “hybrids” remain present. Any loving parent would be understandably concerned if their grade-schooler began to describe encounters with “strangers” who, by all accounts, appear stranger-than-strange. This, however, was exactly the case for one Kentucky woman, who in June this year reported her own son’s weird encounter to the American MUFON Witness Reporting Database.

“This particular morning, he came to me visibly upset,” the woman said, describing how her son came to her crying and “telling me he dreamed about aliens… I would never take him seriously normally but this morning and the way he acted made me listen.” Below is an excerpt from the unedited MUFON report:

He began to tell me that (in his dream) he woke up and a little gray men took him with them out the door and took him on their ship. The gray men had big black eyes and when I asked about the nose he pushed his up, and into his face, I’m thinking to make it look like there wasn’t much of one except for holes, maybe?

I asked him about their hands and he said their fingers looked long like sticks.

He said the ship was silver with yellow, green and white lights. He said it was a ball with a ring around it…He said they took him to the moon.

He told me they were talking in whispers and he remembered them telling him to “Stay…. stay with us.” He kept repeating that. He said he was scared and told them to take him home to Mommy.

Did the child of the individual reporting this case to MUFON actually have an encounter with alien beings? Surprisingly, there are entire websites dedicated to this strange phenomenon, such as Aliens and Children: Children’s Encounters With Real Aliens From Space ( At the site, a multitude of drawings by children, depicting aliens they have claimed to have encounters with, are made available. There are also some fairly strange theories the site features, involving the use of helmets that prevent mind control by aliens, and general theories involving the alien agenda and extraterrestrial plans for mankind’s future.

Does the fact that children sometimes report alien abductions further substantiate the claims of those who have experienced the phenomenon? Conversely, could the more impressionable minds of younger children be easily influenced by things they see on television and in films? Truth be known, I even recall dreaming about alien abductions when I was in my early teens, especially after watching shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Sightings that dealt with the subject. However, in the dreams, I was never the one being abducted, and I certainly never came away from such experiences thinking I had been the victim of an alien kidnapping. Could others, especially younger children, be having similar dreams which they can’t distinguish easily from reality; or must we face the possibility that children might occasionally be victims to a strange, worldwide phenomenon that we have yet to understand or explain?

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  • SeekingTreasures

    We must face the probability that a minority of children ARE victims to a strange, worldwide phenomenon that we have yet to fully understand, explain nor acknowledge. To most adults who have not been one of these children, the question of “Alien” existence and their interactions with us seems an intellectual conundrum that’s an interesting way to pass the time. To the children who are “visited,” including those that have become adults, many would call these experiences real nightmares – a far cry from a dreamed nightmare. In the end, people could believe but they won’t because the United Nations, nor any other form of organized government, has directly stated they know what they know – that “Aliens” are real. World authority has already handed us over the their “leadership,” and any of you passing your time with conundrums like with will be shocked when it becomes your reality. Think for yourselves, as these children must who are confronted with not only creatures they are told don’t exist, but also with the ridicule from other children and adults who are far too afraid to admit that the world and universe are far more mysterious places than known places. Where’s the proof? With the military-industrial complex, who control the media, scientists, and your thoughts – unless you take control of your own minds and think for yourselves! Even these minority of children can tell that what they’ve been taught is wrong – there are “Alien” creatures – they believe their own experiences instead of another’s dictation of their experiences, which, when “Aliens” are involved, includes a dissertation on the mental illness a child living a nightmare has.

  • nice post 🙂 thank you

  • The enigma of children’s encounters with aliens is perhaps more unsettling than the average abduction case.

  • Nick

    i was abducted several times as a child. the first was when i was around three years old. I was in my grandparent’s house by Reticuli hybrids, they did some kind of procedure with my mouth. This repeated twice in the same year. The next time I was abducted, I was five. I was in bed in the morning. They had woken me up, I stayed under my covers to keep myself from them. They whispered things to me with telekinesis, none of which i can remember. From there I was abducted once by the Reticuli again, but along with them came some bloodsucking aliens, they didn’t seem to get along. 

  • Clay Cyr

    I agree with you 100%. It’s nice to finally hear some lucid discussion of this topic. I don’t remember being taken as a child, but I have seen UFO’s multiple times in my life. I have studied astronomy since I has 7 and was a weather specialist in the Air force for 4 years. I have been trained to observe atmospheric phenomena and I can not be fooled by “Venus reflected off of marsh gas” debunk-er B.S. Psychologists have been saying for decades now that its all some sort of unknown mass hysteria just because most of them haven’t had this “experience” and they think their “trick of the mind” is a more rational explanation and would be calling into question their own pathetically limited view of reality if they acknowledged some cases may be real. One night about 15yrs. ago at around 9pm Easter Sunday night I was coming home after diner with my parents and about an 1/8 of a mile ahead I could see a black triangular craft about 30′ on each side slowly travelling about 5 miles an hour about 20′ over power-lines crossing the road. It was shining a concentrated beam of white light one foot in diameter down to the ground. I stopped my Ford Probe about 150′ from the power-lines and got out of the car to sit on the hood with my girlfriend and watch it go by. Shortly after doing so we noticed 2 more of the same craft following behind the first one we saw in an a triangular formation about 300′ on each side. The 2 trailing behind the first craft weren’t shining down any lights and none of the craft were making any noise, not even the low hum that some have reported. About half a year after this both me and my girlfriend had an evening where we both had 4hrs. of missing time from 1am to 5am. Even when you are sleeping your mind still has an internal clock that can sense the passage of time and that is why you can guess before looking at the clock what time it might be. This mechanism is fairly accurate to the hour, but not to the minute. What me and my girlfriend experienced was more like the lack of a sense of time produced by an anesthesia. Upon waking up very “out of sorts” I noticed that I had a perfect geometric pattern of extremely fine needle-like marks on my upper left arm. Each mark had penetrated my skin leaving a tiny dot of blood. They were all perfectly spaced about 1/8′” apart in 2 rows of 4 dots then 2 rows of 6 dots in the middle with 2 more rows of 4 dots below.  Having been in the military it almost reminded me of the inoculation they give you in basic training, only that pattern is circular and about the size of a dime. I have been tested at genius-level I.Q. and its not easy to pull the wool over my eyes. Both me and her saw the same thing and it sure as hell wasn’t electric company repair helicopters. The government is lying to the masses about this and many other sensitive subjects and by the way if you file an official report of such incidences and it seems legit you will wind up on the radar of certain “black” agencies. The reason for this being that it is easier to watch you than to randomly chase down E.T.’s. The only solution to this big brother sponsored lame-stream brainwashing is to pull your head out of the ground and think for yourselves. Don’t buy into the psychobabble pap of the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. Do not fear the unknown, embrace it. A Universe devoid of all life except us is far more terrifying than one filled with life. 

  • dracom

    These so called “abductions” are usually the prod of lucid dreams and other nocturnal phenomena. And even so colloquial word of mouth evidence is of hardly any value from a scientific standpoint. The null hypothesis is that there are no aliens abducting anyone let alone children, until this is proven wrong with hard scientific evidence the fact still stands, there are no aliens abducting anyone.

  • Michelle

    I know i have been abducted since i was a small child I don’t want people to think i’m crazy and get locked up so i have never talked about it till now. Who do I talk to about this? Who will believe ME? Some are the grays and some are almost human-like but taller almost transparent.I have questions and I know i’m not crazy.But I sure wish I was then i could rationally know an answer to my questions and experiences. I am always searching for the answers. I remember being asked by one of the human-like ones i presumed to be male. Do you want to stay with us now? I didn’t want to leave my boys But He showed me some younger children that were mine and I did not want to leave them either. The last vivid encounter was about the beginning of March 2013. I remember alot of the times through out my life.

  • Alice Shayson

    I believe you

  • Alice Shayson

    When I was younger I had two “friends” One I never really saw that often and the other who I saw a lot. She was young. She looked human. But I knew she wasn’t. She was beautiful. She seemed so dark to me. Not like skin color but her face. And her aura was so dark and black. Her skin was a fair grey. She would tried to make go with her. She said I would be happier. And that soon everyone will be happier when they came. I would say no. but she would ask frequently. I always thought her to be an imaginary friend when I grew up. So when she showed up I rejected her. I always thought that she was just a imaginary friend that I created because I did go through some things when I was younger. And I thought I could create her to make me happy. But she came last year. In my “dreams” with more of “them” they were going to take me. But I fought alone to not be taken. But I feel like they still watch me and that they’ll come back. Her name is Melina I would not forget her. Even if I try so hard too.

  • Jen Jordan

    I believe you and I am of sound mind.

  • Jessica Lyn Pawluchyk

    why children? my guesss in a way, they can get to know them while there young, get use to type thing, its not everyday we see these so called alien beings! rightttt..?

  • Jessica Lyn Pawluchyk

    totally agrreee!

  • wheretruthbe?

    Well said Clay Cyr. Im so sorry that happened to you guys. I get the feeling something strange in these grounds happened to me as a child. But I feel so tramatized by it that I can only recall a few things. For instance, looking into the eyes of animals and even humans at times creeps me out severely that it torments my soul. I’ve been doing a little research, and they say that is one of the symptoms you’ve been adbucted. I feel as though my innocence and joy has been robbed. Like I know what it means to be happy, but those feelings are strange to me, like my very being has been snatched from within me, and had been filled with terror instead. Im fighting through it now, but it’s hard to turn to God for help because I feel let down by everyone who was in my life. I write to you to simply say thankyou for the encouragement, and thankyou for sharing your story. May GOD bless, and keep you and your girlfriend safe from harm.

  • Jacob Marks

    I’ve worn a tin foil hat all my life and aliens have never contacted me, so it must work!

  • R. A.

    By saying “you humans” do you mean to imply that you are not human? If so, thats interesting….what are you?

    Also, what makes you assume we are all human?

  • R. A.

    The null hypothesis is not a fact, it is a hypothesis. Telling yourself and others that it is a fact indicates an ignorance of the scientific method.

  • R. A.

    I believe you. I have no idea what such encounters mean, but I do not think you are making it up, nor do I think you are crazy. I have never personally experienced such things to my knowledge, but there are people close to me that have had these experiences, who are of sound mind, and who are visibly disturbed by such events as well as permanently changed by them.

  • R. A.

    I have been wondering recently where this whole idea about “imaginary friends” comes from. I have many friends who have young children, and almost all of them at one point or another seem to aquire an “imaginary friend” or two. When I talk to the parents about it, they always dismiss the whole thing with a wave of the hand, saying that its just the kids’ imaginations. They all are quite matter-of-fact about it. But further inquiry invariably reveals that they actually know next to nothing about it….usually they know the “name”of their child’s “imaginary” companion, and that’s it. They aren’t interested in the details, because they think it’s all just made up BS.
    And yet it takes less than two minutes of talking to the child about their “imaginary” companion to discover that there might be some problems with the assumption this is all just imagination on the kids’ part. For instance, why are children’s descriptions of their friends’ appearances so often grotesque? Some of them aren’t even remotely hominid in form, and the ones that are rarely can be said to have a “normal” appearance, and none of them are ever something I would want to encounter in a dark alley, and certainly not something I would want to see in my bedroom at night, watchig me in the dark. Yet this is often exactly what the kids will report.

  • Authorities in most countries have a tradition of subjecting children to intrusive medical procedures held secret both to the children and their parents. It happens in medical centers, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and child protective agencies. Sometimes the anesthesia i downright lured into the children. Other times they get anesthesia for some minor procedure, like dental work or tonsillectomy, but additional things of intuisive kind are done. But anesthesia never work perfectly, so information about the things done can eaily be stored in the memories of the children, but in a confused way. When such memorized elements pop up again in the minds of the children, often during night, an alien abduction story can result.