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Episode 423 – Mysterious Universe

This week we are joined by Channelers Gail and Marc Ries to discuss their new book, 2012: Mother Earth Wants You.

Seat belts are mandatory for this roller coaster as we dive headfirst into Earth Changes, Ascension, Reptilians, Sirians, Atlantis and house Dragons.

Read on for book links and music.

Gail Ries and Marc Ries

The Other Kingdoms

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Vibration Records EP VR010Dave Owen, Sconeboy
“Coming Apart” (mp3)
from “Vibration Records EP VR010”
(Vibration Records Ltd)

More On This Album

Wintersleep – Weighty Ghost via This Bonus Track

Lonely PeopleDan White
“Lonely People” (mp3)
from “Lonely People”
(Point Audio)

More On This Album

Ovi M – Follow Me Original Mix via Plugged Not Thugged

Chinese Man – I’ve got that tune via Why FuKK When You Can Dance

The Glitch Mob – Between Two Points (feat. Swan) via Superfan2010

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  • Herbert? 0_O

  • He prefers “Herbie”. O_O

  • jpk

    On Thanksgiving, I give thanks for MU.

    It’s always like spending two hours with the best mates I could have.


  • Anonymous

    Aww, thats such a nice thing to say 😉

  • Jim

    something you guys should know re: 2012

    The Mayan people themselves have not spoken out to the world in a long time, the issue of winter solstice 2012 being a “meltdown date” etc.. is a mass hysteria based on a few attention seeking people preaching to a lazy audience who arent doing their own research.

    the official mayan statement is coming in a text being made public by an author named Drunvalo Melchezidek. Drunvalo has incredibly similar information as the couple you have interviewed today.

    he has said that the Mayan elders never gave this date in 2012, but they understand that there is a general “age of change” coming. the process will take time.. because were in the sticky 3d world they have described.

  • beamdream

    Nice philosophical chat at the end. Me likes that.

  • Arty

    Herbie & The House Dragons. Great band.

  • Jill

    I really did not like that section with Gail and Marc Ries, it was utter rubbish…. sorry but that is my opinion.

  • AnnetteMarie

    Ben, Aaron, April Fool’s isn’t until April 1. Totally not to my liking – but I will fast forward to the end to see if there is anything worth hearing.
    Oh well. Can’t please everyone, right?

  • Gibby

    I dunno. I used to be taken with all this sort of subject a.k.a the ascension, reptilians in the government etc… but these days I can’t help but think that it’s just a modern day UFO religion that’s forming. It seems to be a response, not to the fact that the world is getting darker and darker, but because due to expanding media and having the ability to hear about things happening all over the world instantly, the illusion of the world getting worse, and people being afraid.

    Just a thought, really.

  • Spookchild

    They seemed rational and not insane, but I wished that they had had at least a little touch of embarrassment over how crazy some of the stuff they talked about sounded to the average listener. It would have helped me accept it a little more.

    Visiting the link to their book website and seeing quotes from the likes of “Helenthes, Queen of the Unicorns” in support of the book did not make them seem any more credible.

    I enjoyed the interview for its entertainment value, and I appreciated how polite and respectful you were with them, allowing us to make up our own minds as to what we thought of the whole thing.

  • the peech

    Are house dragons from China? ‘Cause, a friend of mine, when he moved to Oregon from China, changed his name to Tim so it would be easier for us americans to pronounce. Herbert was possibly thinking along those same lines.

    This episode is so entertaining, it just topped the early MU episode where Ben interviewed the crystal skulls guy and his lady, Daisy Rainbow, as my all-time favorite.

    I think she just said the moon was hollow.


  • Anonymous

    This episode hits a couple topics that I call “cosmic jerk moves” (you can replace jerk with more politically incorrect terms). Karma/Reincarnation and the concept of a “Galactic Federation” holding us on Earth.

    Let’s start with Karma/Reincarnation. Basic idea as I understand it is you live through multiple lives to learn a “lesson”, repeating as you go along until you learn it and get to a higher plane. Bad things pull you down, good things take you up. Nice idea, until you add in the part where you essentially DON’T REMEMBER what happened in previous lives. So, in other words “Hey, we’re going to keep you in the dung heap till you learn your lesson, but we won’t tell you what you’re supposed to learn or let you know where you made mistakes before.” Whoever set that up, you’re a Cosmic Jerk.

    “Galactic Federation” keeping humans on Earth because they’re not enlightened enough, so they’re protecting the universe from us. Again, a nice idea (assuming you think your fellow humans are children who can’t be trusted not to stick their finger in the power socket), till you get to the part about the Grey’s and Reptilians. So, this Federation thinks we’re too immature to go out in the universe. That we’d taint the higher vibrations or something. But then they seem to ignore the part where the Grey’s and Reptilians are TOTALLY SCREWING with humanity. Sure, maybe you can say the Grey’s are getting genetic material to save their race (excusing their abducting random people and animals and essentially torturing/killing them). But I don’t really know how you can whitewash what the Reptilians are supposed to be doing as being anything “high vibratory” in nature. So, hey let’s keep the humans down as being not mature/not advanced enough/etc, but pretty much ignore the Grey’s and Reptilians. Is that not being a Cosmic Jerk or what?

  • Anonymous

    When she started talking about the hollow moon, I immediately thought “Dahak” from Mutineer’s Moon, by David Weber.'_Moon

  • Anonymous

    When she started talking about the hollow moon, I immediately thought “Dahak” from Mutineer’s Moon, by David Weber.'_Moon

  • Agreed. Ben and Aaron are like long distance friends. They have good personalities and it comes through on the show. I sometimes wish I could be on the show with them and chime in with my opinion because I feel they do not bring up certain points about the information they report on. Then again maybe it is better they don’t hear my opinion because it might drop the entertainment value of this light hearted show.

  • I am sitting here listening to this interview and am certain most peoples’ BS detectors are going to go off 1 to 2 minutes in. Gail and Marc sound like nice people but most people are just not going to believe that they are channeling.

    In the interview Gail states that she could never make up any of the information that she is channeling. Why not? Making up elaborate stories is not hard to do when you tap into your imagination. So that statement is not a genuine validator of this information is really coming from real entities. Personally I think they are tapping into their imagination and extracting tis information. Well that mixed with a lot of recycling of other New Age ascension philosophies that I have heard about for the past decade.

    This maybe a bit off topic but did you check out that video on their websites front page? It made me laugh. The computer generated voice and cheesy graphics. Those who are discerning will see right through that kitsch BS. There is also a bit of fear mongering going on there with images of a huge meteor ramming into Earth in 2020 and then Earth getting sucked into a wormhole in the Sun in 2029.

    So if one can look past the BS factor of their presentation, there is some basic timeless messages in there that people can take away and use to enhance their lives. Ugg! Still the good information is being mixed with some false information. Also I feel they are just playing themselves up to be more than what they are in order to sell some books. The scene is saturated with people that are taking advantage of the gullible.

  • Good lord. I know the aim of the show is to entertain but where do you draw the line? People raving about new age talking points without even a suggestion of proof? It’s insidious- they’re trying to sell books!
    All due respect for the work you put into MU, but I wish you two would stop wasting your time on such lightweight junk, and use some critical thinking,………… just a little.

  • We have some dynamite guests to close out the final episodes of 2010, some of which are an excellent counter balance to this show’s subject matter. You won’t be disappointed.

    Keep in mind though that this subject matter and channeling is very much a part of the scenery in the spectrum that MU covers. So although many wish it was just background noise, I believe you can’t leave it out if you want to understand the bigger picture.

  • DiplomaticSteve, London

    With me being a mere human and not on a higher vibrational time cave I’m afraid this one was just a little too far out for me guys. However it passed some time and was relatively entertaining. To the critics who thought covering this story was wrong “lighten up.” Like Azz said ‘if you don’t like it then leave it. If you did then go and find some more information and take from it what you want.’

    Cheers guys, keep up the good/mad work. Hee, hee!


  • Bright Garlick

    Hey Guys – nice show. The whole concept of channelling is a pandoras box of possibilties. There are so many possibilities and the whole new age movement is interwoven with elements of truth and untruth. What lacks for most people is the ability to discern truth from apparent truth. As a therapist, a Buddhist, someone who’s explored consciousness and someone who’s explored channelling myself – I’d suggest that there are many aspects of mind that remain as yet unexplored. Check out Voice Dialogue and the Big Mind, Big Heart process for examples of internal voices/other aspects of self. The challenge of course is to remain open minded but discerningly sceptical. No doubt there are other entities beyond what we can perceive – but as to fairies, dragons, elves and all that kind of touchy, feel stuff – that just seems too embedded as a new age idea. Embedded in the teachings of many of the early new age teachers and early mythologies, that perhaps described beings that were alien to this world but not elves. But none of us can say who’s reality is real. We much each learn to discern our own truth.

    PS. Ascension and 5th density are just ideas. Like all mythologies, they fill a need.
    Dimensions :

    Also there is no concrete evidence that we are passing through the galactic centre (horizontal plane). More like passing through a dense region on the vertical plane.

  • LEAVE AARON MCCOLLUM ALOOOOOONE!!! Haahaha, kidding – I smile each time you mention dolphin-human hybrids…

  • Mark boz

    I like the idea of this 5th dimension, where you can manifest anything you like. The first thing I would get is a sandwich board saying “Sorry Gail and Marc I was wrong you not a couple of UFO’s short of a full invasion.” Then I will manifest every MU listner a Coke

  • Patrick Moore

    First… I hate it when people like the Reises are asked what’s going to happen or what they’ve been told by their supposed source. Just a bunch of generic fluff about sea levels rising, which means they’ve heard of global warming, and earthquakes, which happen all the time. But then she predicted that she and her husband and bunches of people will be “ascending” in 2012. Then she said that means literally disappearing. Obviously that’s not going to happen. I hope you will have her back so we can be entertained by her reasons it didn’t happen.

    Then… She needs to get her story straight. Does 2012 mean “earth changes” or “ascension?” It can’t be both, because ascension means dusappearing, she says. She’s a bit confused. (And not just about that point.)

    Anyway, thanks for another bit of drivetime entertainment, as usual.

  • Listening to this late. Bu I had to say, I had “dances with dragons” when I was a teen. And yes, it mentioned house dragons, but you need all these rituals and tools, such as a wand, to get in touch with them. And there was of course, dancing, involved. I thought it was just an amusing book, but even so, for her to just be like, oh and now i’m talking to a house dragon, flies in the face of what the book itself actually said. So it’s a little hypocritical. Still, crazy enertaining. I got a kick out out of it when she mentioned it, I think I still have the wand I crafted, ah the pre-teen years.

  • Fox

     those guests are serious and heavy nut cases 🙂