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Episode 224 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Mud Monsters, Giant Stalks snacking on Hobbits, and Merbeings are featured on this weekend’s exclusive.

We also look at a new CE-3 in Argentina, Shared Death Experiences or “SDEs”, and one woman’s search for a 20,000 year old God King’s phallus. Yep you heard me right.

Read on for show notes, books, and music.

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Hills alive with UFOs

Giant fossil bird found on ‘hobbit’ island of Flores


Having The Stinking Ones Over For Christmas?

Maymaygwayshi and Other Merbeings

Argentina: A CE-3 in Tandil?

Angel band

The phallus of Osiris in Hollywood?


Juj – Sunday Bouncer via Data Sapiens

Feather (Little Dragon) – Fromwood Remix via Wounded Jukebox

Virgo – Home Alone via Why FuKK When You Can Dance

The Drums – Me And The Moon (Clock Opera Remix) via Hyperbole

Noisia – Alpha Centauri (Excision & Datsik Remix) via GetHypedOnThis


  • Felicity

    Hi Guys, thanks for another great show. I was interested in Phallus of Osiris and I heard you mention that Egyptian artifacts had not been found in America before. However I recently listened to a very interesting pod cast by the wonderful Kala Ambrose, and I thought you might be interested.

    Kala interviewed author Frank Joseph who states that Egyptian artifacts were found in ancient native American burial grounds. Fascinating stuff and I cant wait to track down his book, Unearthing Ancient America
    Here is a little of what Kala said On the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show: I had the opportunity to speak with Frank Joseph, the editor-in-chief of Ancient American magazine. The vision statement shared by Ancient American magazine is:

    …”its editorial position stands firmly on behalf of evidence for the arrival of overseas visitors to the Americas hundreds and even thousands of years before Columbus— not only from Europe, but the Near East, Africa, Asia, and the Western Pacific. Each issue presents such otherwise neglected and even suppressed factual evidence demonstrating the lasting impact made on the Americas by Scandinavian Norsemen, Pharaonic Egyptians, Bronze Age Mediterraneans, Semitic Phoenicians, West Africans, Dynastic Chinese, seafaring Polynesians, and many other culture- bearers. All contributed to the birth and development of numerous and sophisticated civilizations which flourished throughout the American Continents in pre-Columbian times. It is the magazine’s purpose to show readers just how, when, and why these once powerful societies arose to great heights of cultural splendor and fell into deep obscurity as dramatic object lessons for our time. No rehash of well-worn theories, Ancient American offers up-to-the-moment news about ongoing discoveries and original perspectives, bringing to light a surprising abundance of fresh material that is seriously challenging entrenched conceptions of our past.”

    Frank Joseph is also the author of over 20 books which have been published around the world, providing thought-provoking research on the history that you often don’t find in the textbooks. His works include: Atlantis and 2012, The Lost Civilization of Lemuria, The Lost Treasure of King Juba, Opening the Ark of the Covenant and the topic of our discussion during the show, Unearthing Ancient America: The Lost Sages of Conquerors, Castaways and Scoundrels.

    Anyway thanks guys…sorry about listening to another pod cast! LOL For years I only listen you yours and Kalas shows, it makes a nice balance of science and metaphysical 🙂
    Keep up the wonderful work
    Love Felicity

  • Jill

    Thanks for including the story on the Big Muddy Monster. I live close to Murphysboro, IL, and the creature is occasionally still talked about around here.