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Episode 427 – MU 2010 Wrap Up

Resident MU blogger Micah Hanks joins Aaron and Ben for their take on the Top 10 stories for 2010.

Take a look back with us to some of the year’s favorites including the Norway Spiral, Swedish Trolls, Near Death Studies, and the Pilliga Princess.

Thanks to everyone for such a great year. We’ll be back the week starting January 10 ready to kick off 2011 with a bang!

Hit the jump for music and our Top 10 links.

Ben’s Top 10

10. Norway Spiral

9. Sleeper Aliens

8. Yeti Rescue

7. The Collins Elite

6. The Giant Cockroach

5. River Bigfoot

4. UK UFO File Release

3. Leslie Kean

2. French Town LSD Experiment

1. David Eckhart Abductions

Aaron’s Top 10

10. UVB-76 The Buzzer

9. Trolls in Sweden

8. Night of the Howler

7. Doop Doop Dee Dee Doop Lawn Creatures

6. The Night Visitor

5. Unexplained Disappearances

4. Moving Coffins

3. Lam

2. The Road to Sydney

1. Bongo

Micah’s Top 10

10. NASA to have Planetary Travel in a Decade

9. Louisiana Lizard Man? (February)

8. Near Death Study (November)

7. Russian Scientist Claims the U.S. is Using Climate Weaponry

6. WikiLeaks to Release UFO Info?

5. Bigfoot Nests on Discovery Channel’s Swamp Loggers

4. Alien in the Trail Camera (Louisiana)

3. Charlie Chaplin “Time Traveler”

2. Florida UFO Flap (September)

1. Los Angeles “Mystery Missile”


Vlad Solovjov – Dubstep Christmas via Maddecent

DJ Koze – Bodenweich via Ants in My Trance

DJ Prato – Falalalalala Christmas Mashup via Free Breaks Blog

Winter in Seney from Deepchord Presents Echospace [BUY]

How The Grinch Stole Christmas – You’re A Mean One, Mr Grinch via Star Maker Machine

Mighty Blue Kings – Christmas Time via AM, Then FM

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  • Hey guys…Happy Holidays! Thanks for another great year…

  • Hey guys…Happy Holidays! Thanks for another great year…

  • DP

    One of Eckhart photos appeared on the SyFy channel (which I think is owned by NBC). The show is called “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files”. I think they “voted” not to investigate it though,at least not at that time.

  • Dan

    Great episode guys. I really like the Doop Doop Dee Dee Doop Lawn Creatures story.

  • Hard to believe that Aaron McCullum wasn’t number 1. There’s got to be a place for warnings about dolphin hybrids of the future! Have wonderful holidays, gents. Time to figure out what in the world to do without any new content for three weeks! Enjoy your vacation!

  • Mieka Jansen

    Bongo. #1. Absolutely.

  • Spaceisland1

    Marry Christmas to you guys!!!!!

    I will be waiting for new ones next year.

    Big hello from Croatia!

  • Steve

    Much enjoyed the addition of Micah to the show. I actually also lead a double life (mandolin) and managed to catch him picking at the benefit this weekend in my hometown—he did a fine job. I had no idea it was him.

    Great work guys, and we will see you in the New Year.

  • Zeta1reticuli

    Hey guys, hope you don’t miss this news…interesting stuff to come .