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Was Ghoulish Trail Camera “Zombie” a Publicity Stunt?

Recently at my blog The Gralien Report, I took a moment to touch on a story pertaining to a strange trail camera photo, supposedly obtained near New Orleans, Louisiana. The strange image seemed to depict an emaciated, naked, pale-skinned humanoid with large “bug eyes” somewhat resembling a stereotypical “gray alien,” who was leering at the camera.

According to the anonymous individual who obtained the photograph, the camera itself was destroyed (presumably by the creature), but after extracting the memory card from the device, he was shocked to find the strange creature in the last photo the camera had taken.

I found this story interesting right off the bat, since earlier this year Mysterious Universe readers may recall an article I featured here called Lens Flare: Year of the Trail Camera UFOs. The piece detailed a number of incidents involving the way strange phenomena are occasionally captured using motion-sensitive trail cameras used by hunters and wildlife photographers. Though in most every instance the anomalies in question were proven to have fairly mundane explanations, the creature I referenced above, as seen in this recent photograph, is obviously one of two things: a hoax (most likely), or perhaps it is some odd looking “being.” But could there yet prove to be a deeper modus operandi for this curious case of a cold-weather critter in the American South? Perhaps so… at least according to some.

While the astute Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo provides information suggesting the veracity of one of the photo’s supposed locations (all the while linking to photographs that, to me, clearly show digital manipulation was involved), elsewhere a few bloggers have begun to assert that this weird image may actually be part of a “viral marketing campaign” for the upcoming J.J. Abrams film Super 8, which presumably deals with some form of uber-secret government project pertaining to aliens. The website io9, quoting MovieWeb, has said the photo is indeed associated with marketing for the Abrams film:

Now, a strange photo has come forward, which is purported to be from Super 8. It first appeared on Wildgame Innovation’s Facebook page. It is a picture reportedly snapped by a deer hunter on a reserve in Berwick, near Morgan City, Louisianna. It was originally being passed off as real, but now inside sources close to the production say its actually a viral image from Super 8.

Of course, none of the inside sources are named, nor can their testimony be confirmed. An earlier post at MovieWeb featured a slightly different take on the monster alleged to appear in the Super 8 film, although this looks curiously like the style of a well known graphic artist who received notoriety a few years ago after paintings surfaced on the web depicting his own speculation as to how the monster might appear in Abram’s last mysterious monster flick, Cloverfield. The drawings, if anything, might have made for a better monster than the one appearing in the completed film; but unfortunately bore no resemblance to the famous “Cloverfield monster.” What cannot be argued, however, is director Abrams’ tendency to go out of his way to create buzz for his films using viral marketing… does this circumstance involving an alleged “swamp monster” represent nothing more than the same, or was this ghoulish image actually a part of a different scheme to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting Fortean researchers?

In the meantime, you may be interested in viewing the film’s trailer, made available at the Super 8 official movie website.

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  • Blacklabel1313

    This is fake and is also bad art. Why would the creatures’ legs and arms be blurry but the veins running through its face and shoulders appear to be shown clearly? If they are even supposed to be veins, who knows? All I know is that the blur on that front arm is too unrealistic. In the future, Mr. Abrahms, you might want a better G.A. because this shows very poor artistic ability, and YES, I COULD do better.

  • Anonymous

    Photo looks seriously airbrushed regardless.

  • Geri

    Interesting to read.
    You know I am sick of all the fake things that are going on. I once believed in Ghost Hunters (TAPS) only to find out that so much of their stuff is faked and has been proved on video to be a well organized stunt. At least Josh Gaetz on his oprogramme debunks most of his findings and has not once come up with a real alien creature or any strange apparition that he makes calims is a ghost creature, plus his personality is refreshing, he has however found fossil remains on his travels and one was quite a unique find and has now been given to a museum, I almost laugh out loud with the Ghost Hunter’s team when they say “can you hear that”….. it seems that every haunted place in the world the spooks, ghosts, ALL speak English – hey how about that amazing eh!! LOL.

  • Fullfrontalgamer

    Photos like this make me wish Photoshop was never created. Too much energy is focused on determining whether a piece of media is fake or real.

  • Gretchens_mama

    You should watch Ghost Adventures on the travel channel its much better & mire believable

  • Mike

    Heartily concur. Faking is so easy it is pointless. I have immediate issues with the photo simply because it seems to lack anatomical integrity, beside the simple problem of it lacking detail. Its not even a good fake. Its getting to the point where a photo is no evidence at all unless it is supplemented by verifiable evidence of the credibility. Anonymous means fake. Inability to verify means fake. That’s the rule we need to have now.

  • Leslie Dawn *Ms Snowflake*

    This same photo was being passed around via-cell phone here in Weston, W.Va. and the story behind it was that it was taken in front of a deer camp with a trail camera in the southern part of the county in a community called “Wildcat” so…it’s amazing out things can get twisted around and it’s nice to know the truth, I’m glad to know that the photo is fake, but I know that there are things going on, right now, that can’t be explained, yet, anyway..we just have to trust that it exists.

  • Used to think it was a Hoax

    This photo was passed to me in WV by a friend. The picture was supposed to be taken on Bolt Mtn. with a gaming camera. I would not have believed that any such creature could be captured on a game camera until tonight. A friend of ours has a game camera in Logan County, WV and he went up to check his feeder and the camera. Him and his wife took the camera home from the feeder site and checked the pics and came back with a pic of a creature (if that is what you want to call it) as well. The friend refuses to go back and get his feeder. I know that these people are not capable of doctoring pics. WV has many ghost stories and I guess this picture just added one more to the plate.

  • Sperber55

    I beleive that it could b true i have seen some wild things at night over here on the west side of the states. here’s a question for non-beleivers. have you spent a night out in the deep woods with no fire, in the complete black, with only night vision. there are other life forms that roam at night than just your normal documented nocturnal animals. there are parts of the woods around here in northern idaho that people wont go because of that. i  am crazy enough to have gone to one of these places at night by myself. it was the worst night of my life. i didnt get any pictures cause i didnt have a camera but i had a night vision manocular that i barrowed, my .44 hand gun, and flairs whatever it was did not like the light at all. i use to horn hunt that area all the time, now i stay the hell out of there. it has been logged recently and now i dont know if i even want to go around that area.

  • Cashshea

    tht looks soo freakyy lol

  • Guest

    It was a hoax. It was a viral marketing campaign by the fashion company Diesel to promote their Heaven range. The creature was meant to depict a fallen angel

  • Rachel

    A guy on Facebook, I think he goes by the name “Larry WhiteBuffalo” has the most incredible series of trail cam pics I have ever seen!!! Seriously, it shows deers going in & out of dimensions or glowing with a vivid pinkish light & there’s also a weird kind of Bigfoot shadow that creeped me right out! He’s not out to promote anything & has no legit reason to fake these just for FB fame, so check it out I don’t know if his profile is open but he’s very friendly. He also has thousands upon thousands of Orb & Spirit photos he’s taken, truly incredible stuff! He has some very interesting stories also. Another on FB is the group “Heaven on Earth” there are photos of UFO’s & all kinds on there, thousands of pics.

  • wylekat

    ***I almost laugh out loud with the Ghost Hunter’s team when they say “can you hear that”…..***

    What boils my noodles is when they do the “did you hear that?!” and they play spooky crap RIGHT OVER THE SUPPOSED NOISE.

  • Phil Haultain

    Knowing a little about Photoshop,I have to agree that this doesn’t look real-
    As much as I’d like it to be.

  • Nancy Burleson

    another was filmed and it looks eerily like the same creature but it looks like it is more buff.

  • Bob

    How did the creature get into that spot and position without pics of it being captured getting there? Did it jump out of a tree? Did it crawl in sideways and get there before the trail cam took the pic? How did it get to the cam without other pictures of it being taken before it “smashed” the trail camera? It just doesnt add up.

  • Gary

    Why do these guys spend so much time on fakes, when they could be doing something productive like looking for the real thing.