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Episode 504 – Mysterious Universe

Armed with new microphones we cast a skeptical eye over the new UFO videos emerging from Jerusalem before investigating a French archaeologist’s claims of undiscovered passages in the Giza Pyramid.

Also featured are ancient navigational techniques, the “Woman of Death”, and WWII Sasquatch POWs.

Read on for videos, music, and links.

Jerusalem UFO



[youtube][/youtube] (center image here is a fake in our opinion)

[youtube][/youtube] (This is the latest so called “4th video”)

Hoax Theory

The UFO Cover-Up in 10 Minutes

Secret Chambers in the Great Pyramid

Did Vikings navigate by polarized light?

The Slap-Happy Spectre

Lair of the Beasts: A World War Two Monster

Woman of Death

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Recent Mothman Sighting Near Cincinnati, Ohio

The Svanhild Hartvigsen Story

Time slips in rural England


Shigeto – Look At All The Smiling Faces (Take Remix)

Heyoka – Heyoka mandelboogiewoogie Minimix

Shigeto – French Kiss Power Up

Teebs – Why Like This

Final Track – Regular Show

Shazam (Official) – I Don’t Listen

Teebs – While You Doooo [BUY]

Phantogram – You Are The Ocean [BUY]


  • Flawedprefect

    Fellas, I enjoy when you guys take a look at these films and scrutinize them critically. What makes your show stand apart is that you do on occasion train a skeptical eye on “evidence” even for stuff you guys believe in. I’m sure believer and skeptic alike would be blown away by evidence of alien life – visiting or otherwise – and hoaxes and fakes help no one… save keeping us on our toes to discern fraud from fact. I agree: a UFO over such a mecca for tourists, and with a large population should yield much more than a couple of token phone-videos. Where are the videos from the ground? Where were news broadcasts? It hung around for quite some time, and was very bright.

    I work as a freelance motion graphics artist, and I know there is cheap – and even FREE – software with which anyone with a little time on their hands can learn to use. Here’s a short list (I’ve used these myself):

    Sytheyes motion tracking:

    Any laptop or desktop comes with basic video editing software which include effects and compressors which can give the look of matching video taken by phone (there are even inbuilt settings in most phones with video capabilities).

    To put my money where my mouth is, here is a clip I worked on years ago in which I motion-tracked some footage of a soccer-player, and CG’d a fake soccerball in to give the impression he was a good player, and then the ball got revenge:

  • Spookchild

    I am listening to your show right now and wanted to let you know that even a non-audiophile like me can hear the difference with the new microphones. Your voices now have a very appealing slight “purr” for lack of a better word. Great show!

  • Dracs

    if anyone has ever read Inverted World, that last video is kind of like what th sun is described as looking like

  • Matt Sunday

    The jerusalem UFO is probably viral video marketing for BATTLE FOR LA next month!

  • Mistercorgi

    World War II Monster: In response to the wild man’s eyes – I think he must not have been feeling well. I think the only way they could have caught him was if he was weak and maybe even sad. We all know that these beings are very strong and sometimes very cranky. Perhaps this fellow was heart sick?

  • Mick Bremner

    With regard to the Jerusalem UFO videos, I think that the flash of light seen before it leaves looks like a muzzle flash; were the Israeli military attepting to shoot it down with AAA?

    The story of the “death woman” of Sardinia reminded me of a piece I read in the “Fortean Times” last year. In antiquity the Sardinians used a poison made from various herbs to uthenise criminals and the elderly. A side effect of this poison was that it caused a facial grimace on the victim. This is where we get the expression “sardonic grin” from.

    The story of the red army doctor examining the wild man reminded of stories that have circulated about Josef Stalin’s attempts to create super soldiers by cross breeding men with apes.

  • David Schwab

    Hey guys, the new mics and channel strips sound great, but your levels were a little two hot, and were clipping a bit. This causes some listening fatigue. Back the levels down a little bit.

    Regarding the great pyramid. It was never a tomb, and in fact none of those three were ever tombs. When explorers first got inside they had to blast a hole in the side with explosives. Thus, the pyramid hadn’t been robbed of any riches. The cracks in the walls, along with some over the “king’s” chamber, which were obviously and crudely repaired in ancient times, along with some of the stones over the king’s chamber being misaligned, seem to have been due to an explosion of some kind. The fact that there are all these crazy chambers and shafts, as well as the fact that you can’t carry a sarcophagus up the Grand Gallery. We need to end these myths!

    An excellent book on the subject is the Giza Power Plant by Chris Dunn.

    Regarding gnomes and other little people; I have been reading Jacques Vallée’s classic “Dimensions”

    Great show as usual.

  • Yes! I’ve read that. It’s pretty obscure, interesting that you mentioned it. I have yet to see this video you cited. I’ll check it out.

  • The Jerusalem video is clearly fake form what I’ve read by experts in the digital media field. We all know that right?

  • lulu

    i just finished listening to this episode. want to reply to the leprechon email. a few years back my mom came to visit me from maine,use. its 8 hr trip to new york. While she was visiting she got really sick was puking and diareah. on the second day she was visiting she says to my father”theres little people walking on the walls.” she explained they were little cartoon people.well my dad freaked out thinking she had gone insane and immediately brought her to the hospital. at the hospital they found she was extremely dehydrated and thats why she was hallucinating. ive since looked into some of it. and have found that u can definitely hallucinate these things even with a small amount of dehydration. maybe this person getting her massage hadnt drank much that day and as she is relaxing her mind is hallucinating a small charcater. is she irish? ive found that alot of peeps resort to hallucinating irish symbols since we put alot of attention to that type of charcters.