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Episode 310 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

New ways to deal with the dead, sending messages back in time, and skinwalkers on public transport are featured.

We also check up on the Egyptian antiquity black market and recount a terrifying mothman encounter near the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant.

Show notes, music, and Spielberg after the jump.

Atom Smasher Time Travel

Freeze your Corpse


Two Looting Lists: Official and Unofficial

A possible encounter with the Moth-Man, A very spooky sighting

Do Leprechauns Really Exist?

The Dangerous Man



Thriftworks – Hyacinth via Squeegie

Shlohmo – Things I Lost via ISO50 Blog

Devonwho – Dropping Gems Brushmetal via MOOVMNT

Knxwledge – Yellow.ig via Word Is Bond

Infinite Potentials – Lvesng.. via blahblahblahscience


  • Hi!
    Here’s a bigger image of the garden gnome and the sock… I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this image before quite a while ago, can’t remember where though.

  • I had no idea my death caused so much pollution. I’ll be sure and let all my enemies know killing me just hurts them in the long run.

  • Gibius

    That looks like a doll, doesn’t it? Not convinced, though it is amusing.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding the time traveling theory:

    It’s entirely possible that it can still happen. We already know that the universe, and more important physics has to abide by certain rules, and these rules cannot be broken. It’s safe to assume that there would always be laws regarding traveling through what we perceive to be time. One of those rules would obviously be “You can’t have a paradox”. Any time travel that’s possible, would always be paradox-correcting time travel.

    So, if in the next 5 years we discover “Hey, we can send a message back in time!, let’s try to send a message 5 years ago to tell them how to do it!”, something would happen where they were unable to send a message back to let them know.

  • Anonymous

    Re. 320kbps, I don’t see a need for it. You sound fine as is, and I don’t think the size difference is worth the smidgeon better quality. Of course, people with better ears may think differently…

  • Anonymous

    Re. Battle: Los Angeles. If you liked Independence Day, you’ll probably like it. If you hated Independence Day, don’t go see it. I enjoyed it (but then, I like action movies on the big screen with the great sound system). Not really a chick flick though. Of course, I find that most of what the critics hate, I enjoy, and what I enjoy the critics hate… Would I spend top dollar on it? No, but then I don’t do that for any movie these days, matinees is where it’s at.

    Plot holes galore, and they really need to shoot whomever decided shaky cam is the “in” thing to do these days. Still entertaining, and the hand waving and alien excuse for being there seemed plausible with a slight suspension of disbelief.