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Episode 509 – Mysterious Universe

Amanda Prosser joins us on today’s show to share her own contact experiences along with the sightings of craft and entity encounters of her young students. The term ‘Indigo Children’ appears in the interview and use the opportunity to explore the label and its history.

New tales from the underground Dulce surface, along with a highly strange ‘alien hitchhiker’ in South Dakota, and Plus+ members join us on a dark venture into the occult infested Clapham Woods.

Show notes, video, and music after the jump.

Amanda Prosser

To get in touch with Amanda you can email Mysterious Universe through our usual channels and we will pass your information on to her.

Amanda writes for the UFOlogist

Special thanks to UFOPRSA


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Plus+ Content

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South Dakota man describes alien encounter

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Clapham Wood UK

Are audiences sick of being lied to?


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  • Dmon_man

    You guys totally nailed the Indigo Child stuff. It has always seemed to me to be a way for white, upper class parents to feel better about their children being a bit off/odd.
    These kids are totally being set up for failure.

    I love the Dulce Base mythos! Thanks for the story!

  • Anonymous

    I never expected to see South Dakota mentioned on MU, let alone on Plus. I have family that lives in that area so I have to drive that same road when I visit them and hearing that story only makes me want to drive back more often to hopefully see something one of these times. Thank you for including our state in your show and making me happy to be a Plus member.

  • AddadaySantaFe

    I’m a little worried about the hamburger headaches. Was it the lighting in the restaurant or was it the beef? Look into Prions. Maybe it’s a really bad thing to do to yourself. Also, yes, Indigo children is the worst sort of crap. Just what we need-more narcissists!

  • Steven

    There might be people in the world with special abilities, but I believe that these kids are just overly pampered spoiled brats that are going to have a really hard time in the real world when mommy and daddy aren’t around to tell them how special they are.

  • Spaceisland1

    Hello guys, the show was amazing, there were some really nice conclusions. I liked the talk of lady Amanda, it was in a way very calming.

    Thank you for all the red pills, keep it in the air!!

  • 8x10Monk

    Some of these male researchers sound creepy like they entice children with candy and “Wanna help me find my puppy?” questions.

  • Bad Weevil

    I grew up near the Clapham Woods in Worthing and can say the story is complete baloney. Sure a handful of people may have done pagan rituals in the past but this goes on everywhere and is nothing unusual. The rest is simply local youths hanging out, hence the beer bottles and litter in the woods. As for the murders in the 1970’s, Clapham Woods is the nearest area of woodland to Worthing (population 100,000) so it’s an obvious place to dump a body.

    See for a skeptic view on Clapham Woods.

  • Leaf

    Thanks for another entertaining show. Entertaining but frustrating.
    You guys are too kind. Why do you always try to walk some middle ground of relativism while discussing topics that are clearly false? ( and yes they are obviously false) . There’s a difference between being open minded and being so open minded that the wind blows between your ears.
    When you give the benefit of the doubt to flimsy subjects like indigo children and sasquatch films you just dilute the larger conversation of strange phenomenon that actually IS happening.
    Thanks for the work you put into the shows, but man I just wish you’d come out for once and call bullsh!t . It would be so refreshing.

  • Wait, I thought we did call out indigo children?

  • Diplomatic Steve, London

    Ben/Azz, would just like to say I really liked the way you edited the Prosser interview. It was almost in a sort of documentary format. It made it easier to listen to and was great that you guys are experimenting with alternative formats. I totally agreed with your sentiment on the subject as it also didn’t ring true with me but still was a good listen. I particularly enjoyed the Dulce stuff.

  • Doctornamtab

    Yes! Killer Klowns From Outer Space! I watched this all growing up. So hilarious. Starring the mean dean from Animal House…must watch….check that…must smoke and watch 🙂

  • kaia meier

    Amanda Prosser went to her doctor to find out what a mark on her leg was and the doctor said she had no idea. So instead of getting a 2nd opinion, she goes to a hypnotist to get a past life regression and then she decided it was an implant. Brilliant!! It must be true.