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Episode 316 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

We explore what’s in store for our physical (and post-physical) future with a discussion on “virtual doppelgangers” and the Norwegian folklore surrounding the Vardøger.

Also featured are cancer detecting canines, the effects of meditation of telomeres, and oh yeah, I nearly forgot, Aaron has a solitary seance inside a psychic egg.

Show notes, music, and books after the jump.

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Snail Memory

Dogs Detect Cancer

Meditate for Long Life

Mind-controlled Prosthetic


The Vardoger

Black Figure

Cat Vs. Shadow Person

Increase your Vibration…

Cow Caper


Submerse – Bubblin’ (Forthcoming Frijsfo Beats) via AbandonSilence

Beatsofreen – Plastic Bubble via Word is Bond

Teebs – Arthur’s Birds via The Passion of the Weiss

DJ Frane – Visions Of U via Silence Nogood

Little Dragon – Twice via earmilk


  • Spookchild

    As for the “vibrational energy” issue, I always wondered why fitness centers and gyms didn’t hook up generators to all those treadmills and elliptical machines. That is a serious amount of energy being wasted. They could at least use it to power the lights in the building, right?