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Alien Infiltration

Robert Dean, a long-time figure within the field of research into all things flying and saucer-shaped, maintains that while working with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the 1960s, he learned that NATO had conducted a secret study of the UFO issue. More controversially, Dean says that part of the study demonstrated that, at the time in question, NATO had come to the conclusion that we had four different civilizations – cultures, intelligences, if you will – that were present here on Earth and that were secretly visiting us and even interacting with us.

One of the most interesting conclusions of the report, and which struck a particularly strong chord with Dean, was that one of the groups – of the civilizations or cultures that were here on this planet – was identical with us; or rather, that we were identical with them. And that startling revelation, added Dean, made a vast and profound impression on the people involved in the investigations.

In 1994, Dean gave a lecture before an audience at the Civic Theater, Leeds, England, during which he elaborated upon his knowledge of the human-like aliens said to be present in our very own environment. Dean revealed that so similar to us was at least one race of extraterrestrial that “they could sit next to you in an airplane or in a restaurant in a coat and tie or a dress and you would never know. They could be sitting next to you in a theater like this.”

Most alarming of all, however, were the ramifications that all of the above reportedly caused amongst the highest echelons of NATO. “Back in 1964,” stated Dean, “this was a matter of great concern to the admirals and generals at SHAPE Headquarters in Paris. Some of the discussions which went on in the War Room were kind of frightening and some of them were rather amusing. One officer said: ‘My God, man, do you realize that these [aliens] could be walking up and down the corridors of SHAPE Headquarters and we wouldn’t even know who the hell they were?’”

Robert Dean is not alone in making such amazing claims; and neither are they confined to the heart of NATO.

Now well into her eighties, Marion Shaw worked deep within the Pentagon during the 1950s as a secretary with a high-security clearance. While there, she rubbed shoulders with some profoundly significant and well-known figures in the military arena of the day. She also heard a tale or several eerily similar to those related by Robert Dean.

According to Shaw, she was allegedly involved in the preparation of several classified reports on “flying saucer stories,” one of which referred to deep concerns expressed by the military that very human-appearing aliens had infiltrated certain elements of the U.S. Government. No-one seemed quite sure why, however, since there was apparently no concerted effort on the part of the allegedly human-like extraterrestrials to subvert or jeopardize the orderly, day-to-day operations of the U.S. infrastructure. Rather, it seemed, the aliens were there merely to observe – albeit in an overwhelming clandestine fashion.

We would do well to remember that in a world where popular-culture, TV, movies and the Internet have led most people to perceive aliens as small, diminutive creatures with large heads, huge black eyes, and spindly bodies – however outlandish and outrageous it may seem – our presumed other-worldly visitors may actually look just like us.

Who knows? Maybe some of us are actually them

And, if the stories are true, then perhaps such infiltration is not limited solely to the world of government. Maybe the field of Ufology has, itself – in a fashion utterly unknown to most of us – been infiltrated by human-appearing, cosmic characters, too. Now that would be a revelation!


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  • Ross

    28:16 that picture has already been debunked as the top of stage 3 of the appollo system, although I cannot track down the original picture the picture shown looks like is has been manipulated at the colour saturation and grain messed with to make it look more like a ufo.

    Ross a Plus memember loving the Plusage!

  • Stomp

    There are humans who serve this system and embrace the world who are demon possessed. So the aliens who look like humans are actually humans obsessed and possessed by infernal devils. 

  • Ragartragart

    Anyone using Google Earth 2011 version can just look beneath the waters near Iceland and see many, many NASA images of vast Cities. Who built them? How long ago? Are those lights in some of the windows?

  • mikeysnoni

    That would explain Nancy Pelosi.

  • Foadus


  • Foadus

    I watched it all and would like the guy in the blue shirt to talk about how hes been to mars

  • Many are foolishly waiting for benevolent aliens to intervene. It is not going to happen, read the Book of Revelations. I spent many years lost in new age age nonsense and UFO worship. Many are being led astray and many are going to board the ships of the greys, reptiles, and Annunaki. Jesus is the only way, if boarding alien craft piloted by satanic miscreants was the way, I think it would be in the Gospel of our Creator. 

  • Dielederhosen

    So you traded one fantasy for another fantasy?  Impressive.

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  • Wacker_jacks

    I am very skeptical regarding alien infiltration. It’s not impossible but the stories vary so much from person to person I have a hard time accepting it as anything but confabulation. UFO sightings, on the other hand, are much more plausible, in my opinion, just not all of them. There are just too many people out there pulling off hoxas.

  • Could “aliens” be a cover term for unofficial internal networks possibly related to enthusiast groups, so-called elite concerns, or corporate interests that are perceived as possibly threatening the integrity of the institution? These networks are clear as day today, but not so much in 1964. As for those that look just like us, probably those pesky Russians…

  • M.W.L. Gwynplaine

    The more I research this field, the more I’m inclined to believe this whole phenomenon is related to the Celtic fairy faith and the Islamic Jinn; both of which display the same behavior of playing malicious tricks on us humans and blow our minds with an undercurrent of absurdity in their antics. If you study the ‘fairy faith’, you’ll find they are not the cute little things popularized by Shakespeare. In fact, they are powerful beings capable of taking many forms, shape-shifting and have sinister motives.

  • The Alien Negotiator

    Yes, aliens are walking amongst us. However do not fear because they are benevolent and present no danger.

  • The Alien Negotiator

    God doesn’t write books and that is gospel.

  • Philly PA

    They said the same thing about Nazis and communists and look where that got Europe.