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UFO Disclosure: Nope!

One question I’m often asked at conferences and on radio-shows is: “When do you think UFO Disclosure is coming?” And, yes, it is spelled with a capital “D.” Or, it is by those who near-orgasm over the “D-Word.” Well, the answer to this particularly thorny question is pretty much dependent upon two particular assumptions: (A) That someone within government, the military, the intelligence community, or a murky combination of all three, actually has an agenda to spill the alien beans in the first place; and (B) That there really is something worth disclosing!

Many researchers accept – utterly without question at times – points A and B as being entirely valid. But let’s see what we really know, what we can ascertain about this situation, and the ever-controversial issue of Disclosure. Or, as I like to call it, “The Truth Really Is Coming. Honest, it is!”-syndrome.

As I see it at least, there’s an unconscious tendency on the part of whole swathes of the UFO research community to imagine and conclude that if the world of officialdom is hiding startling data on UFOs (and, perhaps, even recovered craft and bodies), then this somehow means officialdom has all the answers as to who is visiting us, the nature of their agenda, and, hell, even the color of their underwear. But, is such credit due? I most strongly suggest not.

What does having in their possession the wreckage of a UFO that may have crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947 tell those tasked with examining it? And if that same craft was piloted by diminutive, large-headed aliens from some far-away world, and their pummeled corpses are, today, held in cryogenic storage deep below Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, what does that tell them? I’ll put you out of your misery: It tells them…not very much at all.

Being in possession of an alien spacecraft would surely be amazing, incredible even. And to actually get to see the preserved remains of entities born on another world must be a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring – perhaps even fear-inducing – sight. But, being in possession of technology and lifeforms from another star-system tells us absolutely nothing about the agenda of those same entities. All it really tells us is that someone – from somewhere far away – is skulking around in the dead of night, spying on us, watching us, and maybe – just maybe – even abducting us. And, of course, occasionally crashing and inadvertently revealing themselves to us in the process.

But, unless there has been some form of up close and personal, one-to-one relationship between the humorless, bug-eyed little gray chaps from…well, from wherever… and elements of the government, then the reality of the situation may well be that officialdom has no more idea of the actual agenda behind the UFO entities’ presence here than does the big-toe on my right-foot! Many people in Ufology expect governments to come clean because they assume those same governments have all the answers, and one day we will know those same answers when – finally – someone at an official level develops what is generally known as a conscience. A conscience? In government? Reeeeeeeally?

You should consider the following possibility, instead: Officialdom may have a lot of profound UFO reports that have never, ever seen the light of day. And maybe they even have bodies and craft. But perhaps that’s all they have. The significant answers to “who, why, what, and from where?” may still utterly elude them – totally. Do you really think any elected official, influential religious figure, or well-known king or queen is one day going to stand up before the entire world and say something like: “Yes, aliens really did crash at Roswell. But we have no idea of their origin, intent, or long-term agenda. We suspect they are kidnapping citizens, and their program seems to have a genetic link to it. But, we have no real answers. None. We’re as in the dark as you are. Thanks for listening. Good night”

It’s utterly ludicrous to imagine such a scenario.

Governments will only reveal the truth if (A) they have a substantial body of answers (not just a pile of debris and a few decaying corpses); (B) they have good news; and (C) it’s in their interests (not in our interests) to disclose. Bad news, no substantial answers, and no advantage gained by disclosing, will ensure one thing, and one thing only: NO DISCLOSURE.

As for the idea that getting thousands, or millions, of people to write to their congressman, representative, blah-blah-blah, etc, etc, and push them to seek Disclosure will somehow work: Does anyone really believe that asking the government to reveal a secret it has hidden for more than 60-years has even a remote chance of working? Please!!!! Such innocent naivety is downright tragic, sad, and pathetic.

So, at the end of the day, it’s down to us – that loose-knit rabble of misfits known as Ufology – to keep digging. Why? Because that’s the only way we might get at least some of the answers. Disclosure? Don’t make me laugh. Well, no, actually, it doesn’t make me laugh. It just annoys the crap out of me that people think it stands even the remotest chance in hell of coming true.

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  • No offense but I think people are missing the obvious. There is no disclosure because there is nothing to disclose. There are no dead bodies, no alien crafts.  I know what you people are going to say but the lack of evidence, your suppositions, anecdotes and conspiracy sum up to a big fat nothing.

  • I really have no idea why people do not think disclosure is going to happen when in fact it is already happening. The Vatican tells us they believe in extraterrestrials, The UN tells us they believe in extraterrestrials, the UN opened and Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and appointed Mazlan Othman as Director for first contact. At least 22 countries have partially or fully opened (disclosed) their UFO files. If this is not disclosure then what is: It is happening at a fairly rapid pace and we have only seen the tip of the iceberg! 
    Connect the dots, wake up to the facts that are being presented to us! For more go to

  • Cchristopher o’brien

    There is no substitute for common sense. Thanks for re-stating the obvious Nick. In the 21st Century, conventional religions are outmoded and out of step w/ the times and “science” has attained such lofty heights that the average person is left with little to believe or trust. “Disclosure” (a bastard child of the UFO mystery) provides the more suspicious of the true believer crowd with a new religious belief system along w/ a convenient bogeyman (a new, revised satan i.e., the gvmt) to rail against. If there is any smoking gun evidence and understanding of so-called “alien technology” (doubtful) I’m sure it was sequestered within the Military Industrial Complex/aerospace communities a long time ago. 

  • Jeff Davis

    Disclosure is a joke and will NEVER happen. Disclosure starts with the premise that we are in full control of this information, which is again, an utter joke. We can’t even seem to control one another, or the fact that gas prices sore when someone farts on TV. I hardly believe we are in a position to “introduce” the world to extraterrestrial intelligence as we have a tough enough time just getting on with what little intelligence we possess ourselves. Within the possible realm of that which may represent nonhuman technology, certainly, if any introductions are to be successful, it could be only those responsible for the technological alternate that could introduce and integrate such a revelation among us.

  • Nick Tolman

    Just because people believe in something, doesn’t make it true. 

  • Jeff Davis

    So Rich, you consider basic social evolution and awareness as “Disclosure”? That’s a mighty far stretch Sir, and indeed, borders on delusion. “Disclosure” is, well, “disclosure”. That means something knowingly “hidden” is being revealed. We have seen ZERO instances of disclosure at this time. NOTHING you are stating as being “Disclosure” is in fact, disclosure of any sort. It’s just basic human progress and does not in any way represent a foreknown “disclosure” of REAL information.

  • Red Pill Junkie

    The problem is that most people are craving for Disclosure for all the wrong reasons…

    Sure, there’s the yearning for that chance to yell “I TOLD YA SO!!” to all the coworkers, friends ans family members who have laughed at us when they learn we are “into flying saucers and little green men”. Let the one who hasn’t fantasized with that scenarios *at least once* throw the first piece of Roswell wreckage 😉

    But, deep down, the desire for Disclosure stems from a desperation over our problems, and our feeling of hopelessness. It’s the idea that once the president of the United States goes on TV and says the magic words “we’re not alone” that THEN Papa ET and the Space Brothers Brigade will fly down and fix this mess so we can all live in a world of rainbows and Pleiadian unicorns —we’ll all have to watch over our heads in fear of unicorn poop, but that would still be a small price to pay, right?

    My feelings is that, even if the unthinkable were to happen and some type of official Disclosure came to pass, we would still have to deal with all of those problems ourselves! worse, we might have to deal with a shit load more now that the last shred of confidence in our institutions came tumbling down and crashed over all of us.

    So who knows? I’m not abhorrent to the prospect of an Imax THX Disclosure with the big-ass ship landing in front of the White House; but at the same time, I suspect that there’s going to be a very different kind of disclosure: a grassroots-type of disclosure, just as there has been a grassroots-type of contact with these entities.

    Or maybe we will keep evolving and transforming ourselves and our society until there comes a time that we will realize we have finally learned how to detect *their* presence and their intentions. In that moment, there will be no need for official Disclosure, just at there’s no need to hear the Weather channel to learn if today is a sunny day or not —you just need to step out the door and look up 🙂

  • Lani Caprio

    I’m one of the people who believes “Disclosure” won’t be coming because the governments of the world have nothing to disclose other than being as bewitched, bothered, and bewildered by the phenomenon as we plebes. The only things I believe they’re covering up are ignorance and some really stupid behavior in the face of UFO incidents, as well as using UFOs as a convenient cover for activities they don’t want us to know about.

    Disclosure is like The Rapture. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it to come. 

  • Jeff Davis

    “I suspect that there’s going to be a very
    different kind of disclosure: a grassroots-type of disclosure, just as
    there has been a grassroots-type of contact with these entities.”

    This is delusional. This *IS* the problem with real UFO research. How long can we allow this type of nonsense to be mixed in with the observation of the phenomena itself? This is not supposed to be about tree forts, secret societies, or kids club houses. As long as credence is given to that which bears out ZERO supportive evidence, the real UFO research will never be taken seriously. I am firmly convinced that the most potentially attention garnering, the highest profiles consisting of this type of campfire nonsense, are in fact disinformation designed to specifically undermine and discredit an otherwise perfectly legitimate, hypothetical, scientific undertaking.  

  • Red Pill Junkie

    Sorry to disturb you with my nonsensiscal comments. But the fact remains that for as long as this phenomenon has interacted with humanity –decades, centuries, or millenia, take your pick– it’s the common man the often chosen to be granted visitation by these elusive entities, and not our society’s appointed leaders. Maybe they don’t choose to contact presidents or kings for the same reason our own scientists don’t bother with the hierarchical status of ants or lizards when they pick one up in the forest and conduct experiments with them.

    Or perhaps it is because they choose to let their presence be known, without overtly affecting the course of our own evolution, lingering in the periphery of our own awareness. Maybe –and once again a thousand apologies for my annoying proclivity to speculate– our patent acceptance of their existence would ruin the purpose of their observation on us.

    “We want you to believe in us; but not too much”. Those were the words said to UFO contactee Herbert Schirmer in 1967. These cryptic words may lie more truth than we realize.

  • Shadowclasper

    Here’s my feeling on the whole “Governments and UFO’s” thing >>
    1) once again, natural greed will trump just about everything else. The man who comes forward with ACTUAL proof that humans aren’t alone? Yeah. He’s just become the most famous man since Jesus Christ >>; History isn’t going to forget him. The government isn’t going to kill him off, because, HEY! He’s now in the very public eye.

    2) Governments tend to like to prove “hey, we did it first!” moon landing and space race is case and point. It’s for reasons like that I doubt NASA or any other agency on the planet has facilities on any other planet. Simply for the reason that “HEEEY! Look what we did! Isn’t this awesome! We’re better than all of you other guys!”

    3) Assuming the government DOES have this stuff >> (a dubious proposition at best… not when they were using the UFO craze to cover up secret flight testing during the cold war) I find it INCREDIBLY hard to believe that they have SOLID proof of POTENTIALLY hostile extraterrestrials, and they’re not DOING anything about it. Oh, Disclosure will NEVER come, not until they have HARD answers about intent and such. That much is obvious and I totally agree with. If the governments of the world have hard evidence, then the ones that do will NEVER reveal it until they have intents and implications. What I find ODD though is that IF they have hard evidence of this kinda thing… we’re not seeing, say, more efforts to put defensive satelites into orbit ah-la project starwars >> things that could be used as a first line of defense against potential extraterrestrial threats and reasonably explained away for terrestrial reasons that no one would look too deeply into.

    Finally, and I say this with vehemence. UFO’s would have little to no trouble simply cherry picking humans from sources that could be untracable (heck, how many people live out in the middle of friggen NO WHERE as luddites? I doubt we even know any more, and that’s not even taking into account the populations of 3rd world and undeveloped countries) and still get an ENORMOUS variety of genetic information about us. Further, they must have come from WAY the hell away… presumably by superluminary means of some sort or another… they’re technology would be so incredibly advanced that I have trouble understanding what POSSIBLE benefit they could gain from studying a race on the cusp of true space flight >>; not when compared to the risks of backlash once the race figures out what the fuck was going on when first real contact was made.

    All this adds up to is that somehow I doubt we’re getting anything from the government, or that there’s really anything to GET at all -.-‘

  • Inta

    money prevents the goverments to come true about the ufo phanomenon because their technologies would potentionally bankrupt many coopetations because many are just money making machines when theres other better more advanced ways so sovle the problems which we pay money for.

  • Ragartragart
  • Liberty Valance

    Dont you think that with wikeleaks that some one would have leaked something by now?

  • Kwango

    We don’t need disclosure. Our human community is too diverse to be able to handle it. But I do personally believe that over the last couple of thousand years that human souls have been selected by a high intelligence for the purpose of the ultimate party in the universe. Kind of on the order of what the Bible talks about – but for real , and fleshed out. In that sense, Disclosure has already happened. You are either invited to the party – or – you’re not. Sorry about that.  It’s just the way it works.

  • COL D

    Listening to George Napp from 2008 today, discussing disclosure if Obama gets elected.  Well, look where we are now!!  Sad that so many followed that rabbit down that rabbit hole. Now we have the blind leading the blind and nowhere closure to hearing what we were waiting for.  I know what I saw and so do my friends.  I don’t need any government to reassure me.  

  • Iankearns01

    Absolutely right. all governments throughout the world only release information when its purpose serves them in some way. In order to be a head of government you have to be unethical and corrupt or you cant rise to that level, you cant get there by being nice.
    Therefore they would have a great deal of unreleased information being witheld as to release that information would turn the world on its head, they are protecting there privilaged position and spend half there time looking for ways to dumbing us down,
    Is there a conspiracy? Absolutely. Are they going to come clean? No way in hell.

  • Rich Goodrich

    I’ve been showing life on Mars, Life on the Moon, Giant skeletons on Earth miles long but not one word in the media. Not one will air the South Pole UFO in plain view on Google Earth. Why not? Pressure from the top.

  • Pthoege

    You are all complaining about ONE thing: Oppression. It’s time to fight and die again. It’s been 235 years, and it’s time again, for the common man to fight and die for his freedom. There is no other alternative. Asking politely, voting…just wont do it. 

  • Oatieoat

    they will only release info if it benefits them somehow.  Figure that out and then we’ll talk

  • Common_Sense

    Nobody needs to government to “provide” us with opinions. They have an agenda to push, and we can think freely based on what we experience.

    The thought so many people “need” to government to admit to something before it’s true, is ridiculous. Think for yourselves people.

    Just because someone experiences something that someone else didn’t, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    Can chimpanzees prove the experiments we’ve done to them? Or would it sound odd to other chimps to talk about it if they could?

    Own your experiences, regardless of what the government tells you to think about them.

  • Char Wallace

    it goes way past Adam & Eve and Mary . Think outside of the Book (box)! It does not make sense that we came from “clay”….dirt…and Eve came out of Adam.!!!!! There “is” a 3rd party okay. But we are NOT made of “clay”….dirt…Wouldn’t that thinking be EVIL?
    And you can only live in the Garden of Eden, (even though there is a whole world outside these GATES….!!!!)
    We need to know the Truth! And stop those who keep it from us,
    There are writings out there. But the Science/Gov./Religions want us to believe in them and “their” beliefs because it makes them money!
    We just want to know our beginning. We all know our ending,

  • david

    What benefit is there to the government if it discloses it has been in collabartion with alien races?
    Unless they get some benefit, financial or otherwise , there gonna do nothing.